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The Celestine Evolution Of Humanity

The Celestine Evolution of Humanity

The Prophecy of Mental Perfection

Before my transcendence to outer space in mid-1970s, being called before the Creator at the Center of the Universe, and celestial messages received, I was as short minded as most people, thinking of life more in material sense. I was deeply involved in doing research and writing, on the side of my main duties of teaching and administration, as the source of income for my livelihood and that of my family. I was at the time a full professor and the chairman of the political science department at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

The academic world, like other aspects of operation of society was based on the materialistic, tangible, and sensible approach to whatever was called scientific. No one was ready to accept my Celestine Prophecy, transcendence to outer space, experience with the marvels of the universe, and visiting other planets. When one enters the outer space known as matterless world, the time stops and one can travel millions of light-year distances in a matter of no time. That is also where one gets exposed to the total knowledge and can download it in one’s mind as much of it as one wishes, again in a matter of no time. I know for certain that all these are facts embraced by the Universe since I have gone through and experienced all. Our civilization is centuries behind the point I am in at the present. From this viewpoint, it is a primitive civilization, far short of the knowledge necessary to understand it. It requires several visions of transformation toward perfection of our mind until the impossible becomes, not only possible, but normal and usual.

At the present level of societal development, it seems very natural if I am asked: “How it came that you alone were able to achieve these visions to perfection as you claim it?” This is what this writing is all about. The question cannot be answered in a simple manner in a sentence or two. In reality, it is the story of my life that you are going to hear in detail, despite the fact that whatever I have written down about it far exceeds thousand pages.

I have been a curious person from my childhood about celestial knowledge, probably because of being exposed to people with such knowledge and their strange prediction about my future. I developed a desire to question the existence of the Creator, opposing and contrasting dogmas supported by major religions, the reason for their creation and continuation and finally the whole secrets of the creation and evolution of the Universe. Despites childhood and immaturity, likely because of that, I went after every lead which turned out to be a dead end. The two close school friends I had, continually insisted that I am wasting my time and instead I should devote my time and energy to my studies if I truly want to increase my knowledge and find answer for the things I have in mind. At this stage we were in 9th grade in high school. I accepted their advice, started a new school life and by the end of the year climbed from the bottom of the class list to number two and remained in top three for the rest of my school years including college. Each college degree I received did not satisfy me and I went after more, collecting four doctoral degrees. To achieve all these, I spent 16 years of my precious youth as a college student, spent my time extensively in reading and research in libraries. What you are going to read from here on is the result of all these years of hard work and individual thinking and creation of new ideas. All these are happening through several Visions leading toward mental perfection.

Vision I: The Idea of Massive Transformation

The idea of massive transformation of human society is not a modern one. It was crystallized and predicted centuries BC in several societies particularly in Persia under the teachings of Zoroaster the famous prophet, in around 1000 BC. And it was tried to materialize by the great Persian Emperor, Cyrus the Great in around 500 BC.

“What kind of transformation this was or is to be?” My friend asked.

“It is a kind of resistance in consciousness, occurring quite slowly. It is not religious in nature, but spiritual yet secular. It tends in discovering something new about human life, what all our existence means. It ends up altering human life and culture dramatically.” I paused for a second then added. “It is the real world that is changing. It involves so many elements each moving in its own proper direction yet all intermingled together, impossible to be visualized with a naked eye.”

“But, how?” she asked

“The transformation always begins with the First Vision, and this vision always surfaces unconsciously at first as a profound sense of restlessness and inquietude.”

“What are we looking for?” she asked somehow perplexed. “How this massive transformation is taking place?”

“A s I mentioned, there are so many elements involved that at first, we aren’t sure as to what is going on. We are starting to sense an alternative kind of experience. Everything in our life feels somehow different. The moments are more intense and inspiring. Yet, we don’t know the nature of the experience and how we could make it to last, or when it is going to end. As a result, we are left feeling dissatisfied, restless, and bore with a life that appears ordinary again.

“What is going to happen next?”

“We are becoming conscious of what we are actually looking for; what is the content of this other more fulfilling experience. When we grasp it fully, we will have attained the First Vision.”

“Okey,” she said. “What is this inspiring experience we are looking for? What is the First Vision?”

“It’s somehow hard to describe.” I responded. “It occurs when we become conscious of the coincidences in our daily lives, like having had a hunch of intuition concerning something you wanted to do; some course you wanted to take, and wondered how it might turn out. Then, by the laps of time, after you had half forgotten about it and focused on other things, you suddenly meet someone, read something or go somewhere leading you to the very opportunity you had wished for.” I paused for a few second to recollect my thoughts and suddenly my own experience came to my mind.

“My own experience may help you in understanding this complex concept. After my return from transcendence to the top of the hill in the farm next to my house, I descended the hill where I had meditated nearly every night and walked home for years. Night had just fallen. I was still amazed about what had happened to me in a very short period of time. I had an excursion around the Universe in a fraction of a second, actually in no time at all. But this seemed impossible since we humans cannot comprehend any event out of the framework of time and space. To us, no time means no possibility of action because in our belief, my action required a certain amount of time. For this reason it was incredible. It was impossible for me to understand and accept gaining such a vast wealth of knowledge, as I had acquired, in a matter of no time.”

“Did you finally find the answer?” she asked impatiently.

“I had no other explanation but to conclude that when my mind expanded outward from my body as a result of meditation, it became increasingly under the influence of its matterles nature and became timeless. It was only under this assumption that I could rationalize properly millions of light-years journey to the Center of the Universe and acquiring such immense knowledge.” I had a short pause and not being satisfied with my explanation, then continued.

“This conclusion was also fortified by the way I felt. I was sure that my assent was not a dream but an indisputable yet unbelievable reality. For evidence, I was suddenly in possession of an incredible wealth of knowledge and felt in me a living Super-energy, a mighty being, dominant yet friendly, powerful yet not suppressive, enormous yet accommodating, immense yet reclusive. This could not have been anything but my Creator and those of all other things. It was a wonderful feeling, a tremendous lift in life, yet it prescribed a keen caution in my behavior. Put all together, this was the First Vision I was going through.” I stopped with a laud laughter.

“What is going on in that mysterious mind of yours?” She asked with some curiosity.

“Oh, while thinking to find a better way to explain I suddenly remembered a parallel experience from my childhood.” Without allowing her time to interrupt I continued.

“When I was a child, I would try not to behave improperly when I was aware that my father was watching me. In this case also, like my father’s, I found Its presence an inducement not only for self-restraint but also for self-correction. Now, after learning Its rules and standards, I eagerly and earnestly desire to bring myself up to those levels. I had a strong feeling that I should and must provide proper and compatible directions to others so they could see and feel Its ever presence within them as I felt in me. Such feeling would compel them to follow the Creator’s desire for self-correction, eternal happiness and pleasure by becoming associated with Its essence and presence.”

“What happened to the First Vision?” She interrupted. “Where is the relevance?”

“I am getting there if you allow me.” I responded, and then continued.

“After my extraordinary experience through transcendence, I felt like I had been released from a cage, a prison. Free and boundless, I felt eternal. There was a new meaning to life and death. It seemed like passing from one stage of life into another. Passing from a life restricted to the little material planet and bound with my physical entity, into a life with immense freedom in a boundless environment. There was only one way to travel, as I just described. One had to discover the presence of the mighty Super-energy within oneself and keep conscious association with It. I was at the stage of the First Vision.”

“How did you know that you were at that stage?” She cut me off, still dissatisfied.

“To reach this stage, one has to be good to others and should not intend to harm them by any means; should help them to solve their problems and find proper direction in their life; guide them toward feeling eternal. All these were an incredible enlightenment to me. I never had such a complete feeling as to what all these values meant; I never was aware of obligation for essential actions in life to achieve these goals. Now, suddenly, I knew all. I felt relieved, jubilant, enchanted and excited. I wanted the whole world to know all. A coincidence was happening and I was in the middle of the First Vision.” I paused for seconds thinking about coincidences and continued.

“Well, as I visualize, coincidences are happening more and more frequently taking us beyond what would be expected by pure chance, creating the feeling that our lives had been guided by some unexplained force. The experience induces a feeling of mystery and excitement, causing us to feel more alive.”

“Where’s the First Vision?’ She asked somehow impatiently. “Can we feel it?”

“It is the experience that we have glimpsed and we are now trying to manifest. More people continually are convinced that this mysterious movement is real and something else is happening beneath everyday life. This awareness is the First Vision.” I paused for a few seconds for finding a simpler way to explain.

“The First Vision is a reconsideration of the inherent mystery that surrounds our individual lives. “ I continued. “We are experiencing these mysterious coincidences that we don’t understand yet, but we know they are real. We are sensing again and again, as we did when we were a child, that there is another side of life that we have yet to discover; there is another process operating behind the scenes.”

“Is this First Vision, as you call it, a new experience?” She asked curiously.

“Don’t misunderstand.” I responded. “The coincidences have been experienced before. The First Vision is not new. Individuals have been aware of these unexplained coincidences throughout history. It has been the perception behind many great attempts at philosophy, religion and politics. But the difference now lies in the numbers. The occurrence of transformation now is due to the number of individuals having this awareness all at the same time.”

“What do you mean exactly?” She ran into my explanation.

“What I was saying was that the number of people who are conscious of such coincidences would begin to grow dramatically in the next few decades and this growth would continue with an increasing paste until we reach a specific level of such conscious individuals, which we may call, a “critical mass,” where the entire culture will begin to take these coincidental experiences seriously. That means, we will wonder, in mass, about the mysterious process that underlies human life. The question will be asked by enough people, allowing the other Visions to enter consciousness. This will happen when sufficient number of individuals seriously question what is going on in life, we will begin to find out. The other Visions will be revealed one after another, and the culture will shift.”

I waited for more questions from her. She remained silent, at least in appearance, but I felt the storm inside her. I also thought we have arrived to the end of our discussion about the First Vision, it seems appropriate to conclude it.

“I think it is time to conclude our discussion of the First Vision.” I said before giving her time for more question. “In conclusion, the men of celestial knowledge who became the head of major religions as prophets, like Moses, Mohammed and Jesus knew all about the creator and secrets of the Universe, and the set of different Visions, but they were not able to explain these to their followers which were not advanced enough to understand them. Consequently, they explained them as different forms of dogma, to be accepted as the truth without questioning. I am quite certain that realization of the ‘prophesy of mental perfection’ wouldn’t in any way undermine any of the major religions principles, but will clarify exactly what is meant by these spiritual truths. The religious leaders would see this fact if they would try to see life as a mystery again and then proceed through the other Visions.

Dr. Reza Rezazadeh

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The Second Vision

My research assistant Jenny and I have been working together for over four years mostly concerned with the theory of evolution of humanity and mental perfection and their relation to real happenings in life. Most of this time, I would say because of her immaturity and young age, she has been oscillating between approval and disapproval of the subject matter of our study or discussion about it. Continuation of this behavior has made me to reach, at times the point of explosion.

“You know” I said finally, looking at her fiercely “I had thought you would be really excited by these ideas.”

“I am definitely interested. I guess I need some proof and evidence that what you say is true.”

“Experience is the evidence.” I responded briskly.

“What do you mean by that? ”She asked calmly and undisturbed witnessing my emotional outburst.

“I mean that our experience validates my statements. When we truly reflect on how we feel inside, on how our lives are proceeding at this point in history, we can see that my ideas make sense; that they ring true. Now, doesn’t it make sense?” I asked, and continued without letting her to respond.

“Everyone is about as restless as I am, and our restlessness results from the simple vision, the simple awareness built up for many years, that there is really more to life than we know, more than we can experience.”

“I’m not sure,” she said. “I guess I need some time to think about it.” Walking slowly out of a small roadside restaurant where we just had something to eat, we had entered its beautiful garden outside. Possibly to change the subject of our conversation, she looked around and said with a softer tone “What beautiful flowers.” I looked around; one could not help but admire the rows of petunias and begonias which bordered an outdoor sitting area for customers. “Doesn’t this remind you of a similar occasion we were in years ago when we had just become acquainted?” She asked.

Memories flooded my mind. A couple of years ago, when we lived in Madison, Wisconsin, we had routinely spent evenings together working and talking, taking a break here and there for relaxation and recreation. Yet, most of our discussions were about academic theories, psychological and mental growth. We both had been fascinated by the nature of our conversation and by each other. Yet, our relationship had always been purely platonic.

“Yes, now and then when we are together and I look at you, those beautiful memories become alive. I have always felt the same while we are working together.” I paused for seconds to gather my thoughts and continue our conversation and questioned “What were we talking about?”

“I think we were discussing the First Vision and I had questioned what it really was.” She said

“Based on my understanding, it is an awareness of the mysterious occurrences that change our life; the feeling that underneath all these appearances some other process is operating.”

“What do you think of the First Vision?” She asked.

“I really don’t know.” I responded and continued. “It doesn’t quite fit with our modern day common sense when we observe our surrounding, for a simple reason that history is not just the evolution of technology and seeing things as they are, but more so, it is the evolution of thoughts and ideas from far back. By understanding the reality of those who came before us, we can visualize why we look at the world the way we do; what is our understanding toward further progress. Likely, we can determine where we came in during the longer development of Civilization, shedding light to where we are going.”

“Wouldn’t you feel better dismissing the whole idea and getting back to thinking about practical matters?”

“Well, that is everyone’s tendency. Even though we occasionally have the clear vision that something more is going on in life, our habitual way of thinking is to consider such ideas unknowable and then let the awareness collapse altogether. That is why the Second Vision is necessary. It will help us to see the historical background to our awareness, making it appear more valid, and the idea of global transformation more accurate. In my view, the effect of the Second Vision is to provide exactly this kind of historical perspective; it places predictions in a longer context that makes them plausible as well as inevitable.”

“I have still a great deal of problem in understanding the First Vision, you have started now to talk about the Second Vision.” After a few seconds of pause, she continued. “Could you give me a summary of the Second Vision?”

“The Second Vision extends our consciousness of historical time” I responded. “It shows us how to observe culture not just from the perspective of our own lifetimes but from the perspective of a whole millennium. It reveals our preoccupation to us and so lifts us above it. We have just experienced this longer period of history, we now live in a ‘longer now’. When we look at the human world now, we should be able to clearly see this obsessive, the intense preoccupation with economic matters.”

“But what is wrong with that?” She asked. “It is what made western civilization so great.”

“Nothing is wrong with that. In fact, this preoccupation was a necessary development, a stage in human evolution. Now, however, we have spent enough time settling into the world. It is time now to wake up from the preoccupation and reconsider our original question. What is behind life on this planet? Why are we really here?”

She seemed perplexed and remained silent. I did not see proper to continue our discussion and told her we may continue in a more opportune time. I had some more complex matters concerning the Second Vision in mind. It did make our new awareness seem inevitable. We were reaching a climax in our cultural purpose. We were accomplishing what we had collectively decided to do, and as this happened, our preoccupation was breaking down and we were waking up to something else, I could almost see the momentum of the Modern Age slowing as we approached the end of the millennium. A four centuries old obsession had been completed. We had created the means of material security, and now we seemed to be ready even poised to find out why we had done it.”

With this attitude, science systematically had removed the uncertain and esoteric from the world. We had concluded, following the thoughts of Isaac Newton, namely that the universe always operated in a predictable manner, like an enormous machine, for the very reason that for a long time that was all it could be proved to be. Other events which happened simultaneously, it was believed that had no casual relationship but occurred by chance. Then came two scientific investigations which opened our eyes again to the mystery in the universe: those of the quantum mechanics and those of Albert Einstein.

Most of Einstein’s life’s work was to demonstrate that what we perceive as hard matter is mostly empty space with a pattern of energy running through it, including ourselves. Under quantum physics, when we look at these patterns of energy at smaller and smaller levels, startling results are seen. Experiments have revealed that when we break apart small aspects of this energy, what is called elementary particles, and try to observe how they operate, the act of observation itself alters the results--- as if these elementary particles are influenced by what the experimenter expects. This is true even the particles must appear in places they couldn’t possibly go, given the laws of the universe as we know them, two places at the same moment, forward or backward in time, and so on.

In other words, the basic stuff of the universe, at its core, is looking like some kind of pure energy that is malleable to human intention and expectation in a way that defies our old mechanistic model of the universe --- as though our expectation itself causes our energy to flow out into the world and affect other systems, which is exactly what the Third Vision would lead us to believe.

Dr. Reza Rezazadeh

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The Third Vision

At the conclusion of the previous essay we stated that the universe at its core looks like a kind of “pure energy” malleable to human intention and expectation in a way that defies our old materialistic model of the universe, seeming that our expectation itself causes our energy to flow out into the world affecting other energy systems. This is exactly what the “Third Vision” intends to create an understanding of it leading us to believe in it. Unfortunately, most scientists don’t take this idea seriously. They prefer to remain skeptical and wait to see if it can be proved by others.

Enjoying the beautiful flower garden and breathing the perfumed air it had created, I told Jenny that we should try to find a place away from people for our discussion and privacy. Showing her a notebook I had in my hand I said.

“I have written quite few pages of notes about this and some related subjects that I would like to discuss without being distracted, interrupted or disturbed.”

“We could walk to the other side of the garden, downhill until finding a suitable spot to sit down.” She responded.

What she was pointing at was the natural grass area going down some fifty yards reaching a stream of water moving down by passing around stones of different size spread at the bottom of the hill, creating waterfalls of a few feet high here and there. The ground was covered with natural grass of a foot or so tall. Here and there, next to the waterfalls small pools were formed, adding to the beauty of the nature before our eyes. There were small bushes around here and there. On the other side of the stream, the land rose toward what looked like another knoll with lots of bushes and tall trees.

“You are right.” I told Jenny. “Let’s walk down to the stream, find a passage to the other side and look for a place in the shade.”

It was somehow uncomfortable for her to walk through tall grasses. I offered my hand to rely on when needed. We had walked down for about fifty yards when we arrived to the water stream. We looked for a way to pass to the other side. It wasn’t difficult. Soon we found a short way to pass just above a waterfall. There were stones half way out of the water.

“I will go first,” I told Jenny “you hold my hand and follow me.” The distance to the other side was about ten feet. Several large stones were spread between the two shores. We carefully walked over those until reached the other shore. We were at the edge of a forest and the knoll before us was not a big one.

“I have an urge to climb to the top of this little hill where we may find a dry ground and better view of the surroundings.” I immediately added “That is, of course, if you don’t mind to walk a little further.”

“Don’t mind at all.” She responded. “In fact, I would like to climb up there, it is a good exercise.”

We were facing a forest where the gnarled oaks were spaced about fifteen yards apart and their wide limbs grew completely together at the top, creating a canopy overhead’ The forest floor was covered with a variety plants which stood four or five feet high, some with broad leaves. They were inter-spread with large ferns and bushes lush with white and soft pink flowers. The air which was slightly soggy was refreshed with fragrant coming from these flowers all around us.

When we arrived at the top, I was awestruck. It was another spot of incredible beauty from which we could see wide open view of the forest going up and down over the hills. There were lots of shady spots. Jenny selected one and we sat down. I opened my notebook and started.

“I have a note here which I think I should read as a base for our coming discussion.” Finding Jenny attentive, I continued. “It says that the Third Vision brings a transformed understanding of the physical universe, where humans would discover a new energy which forms the basis of and radiates outward from all things, including us.”

“Here, we go again” She interrupted. “I am having the same kind of difficulty I faced with other two visions.”

“I understand your problem particularly that here we have to deal with the complex concept of pure energy.” I said and continued. “But fortunately, I have a great deal of personal experience regarding this subject which may clear your mind in understanding of not only the third but the other two visions as well.”

“I would like very much to see that. I have been continually trying to free myself from doubt but have not been successful.”

“This is going to be a long presentation. You have to bear with me and also remain attentive all the time.”

“Don’t worry about that, despite my doubts, I have a keen interest on the subject of pure energy and anything related to it.”

“Good, here we go. In 1967, I was sent to Colombia, South America, to carry out some research for the University of Wisconsin Law School. It was concerned with the topic of “law in action, ” involving a multi-development process of local communities. In the midst of my research, the Colombian Ministry of Interior, because of an urgent need for action, requested me to go to the Amazon region in the southern part of the country, called Putumayo, and establish a municipal government there. Municipalities in Colombia are like counties in the United States, a large territory embracing several towns and villages. I was told that there were some 30,000 pioneers and some 200 Indian tribes living under a chaotic situation with no laws or government. There were also no roads leading to the area located in the middle of the Amazon jungles. At this time, I was quite involved in my original research on the development problems of local government and had spent several months in the City of Sogamoso, Province of Santander, for this purpose. I was not interested in interrupting my work and did not pay serious attention to this fantastic and unusual, once-in-a-lifetime offer.

One evening while I had just gone to bed after a hard day of work, the offer came to my mind. I started a mental struggle to make a decision. Suddenly, I felt uncomfortable. There were sounds of struggle in my mind. I got somehow scared. When the sounds subsided, I felt a voice inside ordering me. “Go to the Amazons.” I finally thought, maybe my destiny waiting for me there, in the Amazons, in the middle of nowhere. Then, I concluded. “If it was not so, why then in the middle of my original research, I would suddenly receive this amazing proposal with all expenses paid?” A few seconds later I decided “Yes, I will go.”

I spend over five weeks at the request of the Colombian government in the wilderness of the Amazons. I was submerged in dark nights, solitude, away from all amenities of the modern world. I was entertained and at times troubled each night by the sounds and cries of the creatures in the jungle surrounding me.

I stopped reading here and looked at Jenny who was attentively listening and said. “For better understanding of the three visions, it will help a lot if you pay attention to the occurrences in my story as you face them. Historical backgrounds refer to the first, present realities, to the second and the spiritual thoughts relating to the energy, to the third. p>“I never thought of that. Very good advice, it will give the story a scientific purpose and make it far more interesting. Please continue.”

The immense differences between the two worlds of modern-industrial and old-traditional-primitive had attracted my attention. In the peaceful and dark nights of the jungle, the extensive poverty, despair, fraud, and corruption I had witnessed in the so-called civilized world, along with, the worst of all, unrelenting human thirst for material gains, all had preoccupied my thoughts. With the passage of every night in the solitude of the immense jungle, I had become deeper and deeper involved in my thoughts and started to think why there was so much injustice in a world where there is enough for everyone to live comfortably. The sounds of the jungle had turned into some kind of message, cries for help, direction even despair. I was driven closer and closer to the primitive jungle life. I paid more and more attention to my surroundings and tried to extract some meaning from them. It seemed that the nature, through all its creatures, was trying to convey a message to me. On occasion, it took a form of firm command, penetrating my soul and creating a distinct feeling that I was not alone; someone was with me and inside me.

As the nights in solitude passed, my inner feelings became more and more vivid. Besides all the creatures of the jungle, I developed an increasing sense of a companion with me and within me. I was not alone. I had a clear feeling that I was being energized from nowhere. It was an extraordinary feeling. This companion not only accompanied me and directed me in my thoughts, but focused my attention directly on the primitive and natural world around me. The jungle nights became less and less frightful and the sounds of its creatures less horrifying or disturbing. Gradually within a few weeks, I began to look forward to the disappearance of the sun on the colorful sky of the Amazon horizon, gradual dominance of darkness, and the nightfall. I grew anxious for the companionship of my inner thoughts which not only became increasingly distinct from my own thoughts, but clearly responded to my thoughts and provided me with answers or, at least, a direction where I would find the answers. “Could this be my Creator which is pure energy thus invisible but present everywhere since It is not subject to time or space?” I asked myself many times. The answer each time was “who else could it be but the Creator,”

I had another companion, and earthly material being which I had acquired from a boy in the farmers market two days after my arrival to the Amazons. It was a four-inch tall mini-monkey of Amazon breed, called “piel roja” meaning red-skin because of its red skin. It was a pleasure having it around in the solitude of the jungle. It was always around , climbing all over me, interfering with anything I did including grabbing my pen from my hand and trying to imitate me by running the pen over pages of my research report I was working on, which were spread around the shack, and messing them up. This little jungle creature had become also my contact with the wilderness and how the whole nature operated in harmony and unison.

When I left the Amazons, I had developed a distinct feeling through my inner guidance, against the so-called civilized world and how by its materialistic drives it had disturbed and often destroyed the natural order and forms of life. It had polluted the air and water, devastated the environment, wasted and depleted natural resources, and above all, derailed and degraded human character and quality and their natural harmony with the fellow humans, the environment, and the rest of the nature.

Capitalism, based on materialism and drive for profits, seemed to be the prime cause of this devastation. In the environment of the Amazons, life was organized for its eternal existence. It provided materials for needed consumption by the nature’s creatures such as humans, animals, insects, plants, etc. and it renewed and restored deficiencies created by its use. In the civilized society, on the other hand, not only the natural resources that were used, were lost forever, but a tremendous amount of waste materials … garbage, industrial, toxic, and atomic wastes … were left in their place in an accumulative manner. It had affected particularly the air and water resources. The tremendous advance in knowledge had been channeled to make more money, create more waste, and destroy the environment rather than to create better harmony between the ever expanding human societies and the stability and well being of the nature in our sensitive and fragile planet.

Another occurrence was that capitalism had caused the wealth and resources to be accumulated in the hands of a few, leaving an immense sector of human race in poverty, despair, and servitude. They were denied equal opportunity of access to the same resources to sustain a decent living standard.

When I returned to my academic life in 1968, my inner feelings guided by pure energy or the Creator, had taken a quite different character. The United States did not seem to be one of the most free and democratic societies in the world as I had assumed to be until then. There was no true democracy, but a government well organized and smartly orchestrated by a small but extremely powerful economic elite, mostly sitting in the board of directors of major economic institutions. The main focus of democracy seemed to be political rather than economic where democratic components were also substantially missing in practice. I thought deeply about the inhuman and unjust conditions caused by the capitalistic political and economic systems and their devastating effects on the future of human societies. I became convinced that there must be a way to save humanity from the yoke of capitalism and other forms of dictatorships.

As a refuge, I became inclined to spend more and more time in the woods and hills of a one hundred acres farm I owned adjoining my house and the University. By no means did it replace the majesty and serenity of the Amazon Jungles, but during the sunset, I enjoyed sitting on the top of the highest hill, watching nature gradually plunge into darkness and listening to the sounds of the nature as I used to do in the Amazon jungles, the sounds that I had become accustomed to hearing through my Amazon experience, the sounds that could not be heard by ordinary people because of not having the required inner consciousness.

Before the Amazon experience, I had been many times around this farm, had walked in the woods and over the hills, I had never developed such feelings. Now, suddenly, everything had become different. The nature had come alive and was a part of me. I felt as being among friends. The trees, shrubs, animals with all other creatures were my people. I was created to rule them through my intelligence, to be just and fair in doing so. Gradually, it became clear to me that they felt my presence and I was welcome among them instead of being scared of my presence as they were before.

Daily retreat to the hills away from the treacherous world of human communities, and seeking refuge and comfort of mind among and around the trees, animals and other creatures had become a real pleasure. I would anxiously look forward to the evening, walk from my house into the woods, climb up to the highest hill and sit on the top of the sole rock among the greens and attend to my companions. This single rock among the grass looked like a natural throne from which I could see all my subjects, listen to them and express my feelings.

I considered them subjects because of being superior as a human being, I had command over them. I could chop a tree if I wanted to, like the old days where the king would order chopping of humans head, throw them to the lions, not for the purpose of rendering justice, but for pure pleasure and expression of power.

As human being, we are made the natural kings of the nature. What many of us humans have forgotten is that with authority goes responsibility. We must be fair and just, we must attend to the nature with all its components, protect and preserve it. This power is not for us to profit from it but to serve and protect the other living components of the nature. Animals and trees are also living creatures with their own right. But do they possess natural rights? Many of us would laugh at the idea of recognizing natural rights for trees, plants and animals. Let’s look at only one example and make a fair judgment. Here is a several centuries old tree in the process of being logged. We are actually in the process of terminating a life that has generously served nature, its climate and environment, and provided home, protection and food for countless animals, birds, insects and other plants for centuries. Now it suffers and screams under brutal penetration of the chain saw cutting its trunk from its ro ots, the source of its livelihood. Does the logger hear these cries or feels terrifying vibration of life, certainty of death and enormity of the crime he is committing against the nature and its balance? Of course he doesn’t care. The huge monumental tree falls. It feels its final separation from its all-faithful roots and screeches.

The cries of death,, not audible to the logger, are heard by other trees and creatures around and far away in the woods, announcing that a great life is brutally and unjustly terminated , and a massacre is on the way. Other trees and creatures observe the execution with horror. The older trees, their heads high in the sky, expect their turn to arrive soon, and countless animals, birds, insects and other creatures will remain without home, protection, food and support. How many of us will pay attention to these occurrences or be consciously aware of them when they cannot be normally or easily seen or heard? The answer to these seems to be within the domain of the Fourth Vision

Time passed yet the voices of the Amazon nights were still in me and would haunt me nearly every night. Sometimes, I felt that I had brought with me a spirit of the jungle, its creatures, its mission, and its destiny as prescribed and set up in motion by its Creator. The Creator was evidently and distinctly within me; I could not see It because its essence was pure energy, which was invisible but ever present everywhere, since pure energy is matterless and as such It is not subject to time or space. It has existed everywhere since eternity, To understand this and relevant occurrences we must into the Fourth Vision.

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The Fourth Vision

As concluded in the essay concerned with the process of the Third Vision, here we will be concerned with essence and the process of the Fourth Vision dealing with the mental and celestial aspects of visualizing the natural occurrences. The concept of pure energy as being the core of existence, creation and evolution of the universe and everything in it including we humans. Vision of the effect of this energy, its absorption, retention, and emitting to the surrounding and the nature as a whole during the daily process of life. The essay also illustrates the vital importance of meditation for transcendence to the future of humanity, fair and just way of life, sustaining global balance, happiness and leisure for the people.

Jenny and I were so absorbed by the beauty of the nature we were watching from the top of the knoll that almost forgot to continue our discussion by going through my notes.

“I am truly sorry to say this but we should get back to our discussion.” She broke the silence. “Not much of daylight left and we cannot achieve much when darkness fall upon us,”

“My God, You are right.” I responded like suddenly awaken from a sweet dream. “Let’s get going.” I picked up my notes, spent a few seconds thinking how to start. “I think the best way to present the case would be my own experience of going through this vision.”

“I think so too. It would be easier for me to understand when you talk about real happenings that present different occurrences.”

“Several years before my first transcendence” I started. “ often at dusk, I would have certain strange feeling within me, like someone or something was directing me to go out on the same hill, close to my residence, climb and sit on the same rock, and remain alone and focus on the horizon usually covered by colorful post-sunset clouds. In reality, I did not feel alone but among my natural friends. I had a feeling that they understood my need for solitude. Often, pressed by my inner inspiration, I would walk to the top of the hill and remain in solitude there for hours. I would try to concentrate and penetrate beyond what my eyes could see.

This was the way I was introduced to meditation. It was a pleasure and I continued for years to reach the unknown. I had no idea what that unknown could be. But I knew there was something there for me to discover, far beyond the colorful sunset horizon. At times in later years, I would feel like I was floating in the air, losing my hold on the ground. As the years passed, the feelings of anxiety and expectation developed within me which gradually reached a dominant level.

‘I am amazed how you could continue this every night for years without getting any sensible result or a tiny indication of success?” Jenny interrupted.

“It is easy to understand once you consider how many years it takes for a person to get a doctoral degree, Ph.D. for example, in a specified field.” I responded. “For a smart, intelligent and determined guy, it will take over twenty two years including twelve years of elementary and secondary education. In meditation, reaching the level of capability to transcend is comparable to a Ph.D. level of higher education.”

“But there are no educational resources, materials in libraries and other places or schools for such extended endeavor, as far as I know.”

“Yes, there are but not well organized and properly managed. Remember that this is a new scientific area not yet accepted as such by the scientific community. There is a wealth of materials and publications available. One has to go after them to find. There are also “fakirs” and other enlightened individuals with a few students each.”

“I am sorry for stopping you, let us continue.”

“The hours spent alone became increasingly exiting and a sense of inner fascination consumed me. As days and weeks passed, I developed a feeling, and much later a belief, that something extraordinary was going to happen and I was going to be part of it. Then, one evening, to be exact, on the fourth of October, 1974, after years of dedicated meditation and inner devotion, the moment arrived and my belief became reality, the door for the secrets of the Universe opened before me.”

“First, I felt like I was becoming weightless, then, I was removed from the ground and lifted up in the air. It was a pleasant but strange feeling. While in the air, I could see me still sitting on the hill. Suddenly, everything disappeared and I was plunged into an absolute darkness of space around me, moving with infinite speed. I was scared but astonished. From absolute darkness, planets would appear, and in a matter of no time, would become magnified to enormous size, bypass me, diminish in size and disappear in darkness. Soon the number of planets decreased and then no more appeared.”

“Now, I was alone, traveling through space and time in pure darkness. Not only I was not scared, but I had a feeling that somebody or something was with me, very close to me, and making me feel secure. Soon, I arrived in an environment that wasn’t dark but also without any source of light. I came to a halt. I felt exalted with lightness and joy in me. I felt the Creator’s presence, not only all around ne, but also within me. It had created a sense of enormous authority in an environment with a full sense of kindness and affection. Then in full clarity and authority it was suddenly revealed.

“Welcome to the Center of the Universe and My close presence. Here is the eternity, the ultimate in life, its purpose and existence.’

“These words were not revealed in the form of a spoken language, but in a way much more penetrating. The language was pure and perfect. It was not in the form of words but meanings. It emanated from the Creator, who was around and within me, and transcended my mind so deeply and so perfectly leaving no doubt as to its essence and total meaning.”

“Thinking later on, of this deep connection and communication, it became clear that spoken languages in the world had been initiated and developed through an extended period of centuries to satisfy the limited needs of people to communicate. Every language was impure and imperfect. Therefore, the exact essence of communication by the Creator could be only revealed to the people, the infinite ability of the conveyor without resorting to an imperfect and deficient spoken or written language.”

“Another obstacle, looking at the instructions and commands in all major religions, has been the limitation in spiritual and cosmic knowledge in different societies at different times. For that reason, in an intellectually primitive society, evidently Prophets and other religious leaders had to establish certain dogmas relating to the essence of each religion that followers had to accept without questioning. The explanation of truth would have been far beyond the level of understanding of the people. For example, one of these dogmas has always been related to the existence of God or the Creator; the followers had to accept without questioning.”

“This is even true today in highly advanced and educated societies like ours.” Jenny said intrudingly. “Every church has its own dogmas that followers have to accept them without questioning, which is, put together, the majority of population.”

“Yes, that is true. Even in highly technological and advanced societies of today, very few people truly understand the essence of God or the Creator which is the pure living energy, highly conscious and active, who has the full knowledge of, and control over, everything that there has been and will be in the future. The essence of the Creator is an energy that is the source of all the material creations, controlling their subsistence, evolution and transformation from the matter to non-matter and ultimately returning them to their original form of matterless.”

“Since those who knew the essence of God as a living Super-energy but could not disclose it to the people who were not capable of understanding it, they defined it as God, all-powerful and omnipotent, the Creator of the Universe. Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, to my knowledge, described God as the creator of all things, the entity who was matterless, spaceless and timeless. It was matterless and thus not confined to space or limited by time, It extended to infinity and eternity, thus ever-present everywhere, in everything including the mind and spirit. Accordingly, Muslims are quite at ease in connecting their thoughts and actions through their mind to the Creator. For this reason, Islam has no religious organization like churches and Vatican. Mosques are a place for education and public meeting. Religious leaders are only leader in knowledge of Islam each being a teacher and interpreter of religious commands. The Highest rank is Ayatollah, like Ph.D., and the lower rank is generally called Mullah. Simply, each Muslim has direct contact with the Creator without any intermediary as priests in Christianity.”

“At the time of my appearance before the Creator, Its essence was instantly and totally disclosed to me. The Creator was pure energy, matterless, timeless, and spaceless. Expanding into my existence, It knew all about me as I felt all about It. The Creator was enormously tender, affectionate, and heartwarming, yet, authoritative and all-knowing. It was a pleasure to feel Its presence, the presence that had always been within me but I had failed to discover it and feel it. The knowledge of whole creation including Its essence was instantly installed in me. As used in computer technology, the knowledge was downloaded in my mind. I was astonished of this instant transfer of an enormous amount of knowledge to my mind. It was not until years later when I encountered humans from a super-civilized planet, I found out that they, as human beings, can transfer an incredible amount of knowledge instantly from one mind into another and from a super-computer to a human mind.”

“This is truly amazing.” Jenny stopped me. “Does our mind have this power and capacity?”

“I am certain that it has. I am a good example. The knowledge transferred to me may exceed millions of written pages and there is room for millions more.”

“I have another question that has preoccupied my mind. It concerns the revelation you received which refers to the Center of the Universe, the issues of eternity, ultimate in life, purpose and existence.”

“This is a very important question but here is not the place for its discussion. It requires a long and complex discussion and it will take us away from our present one. It is a main part from the Fifth Vision. You will find the answers you are looking for when we get into that topic.”

“I am sorry. I can wait. Let’s continue.”

“When my mind was relieved from my material body and the physical environment, I became boundless, expanding to infinity. I was also freed from the element of time into no time but eternity. I understood the essence of the Creator. I had become one with the Creator emerging into Its essence. I could be everywhere and anywhere in a matter of no time but always with my Creator. It became clear to me that I could have reached this situation of unity if I had sensed Its ever presence in my material existence. I was given a mission to guide my people and was ordained to return home, into my physical entity, and carry on that mission.”

“Suddenly I felt returning to my physical body sitting on the top of the hill in my farmland. The sky looked the same as the time I had left it behind, the sun had gone down, leaving a trace of light still glowing in the horizon. Its reflection on the clouds far away produced striking colors which were getting darker and darker as the night was falling upon my surroundings. Looking around, I was astonished. The cloud formation and the horizon appeared exactly the same as I had left them behind. Nothing was different or changed. It seemed that no time has elapsed. Yet, I felt that my course of travel of the Universe was quite prolonged. It was like I had been traveling and visiting places in the boundless space for years. I didn’t realize in a matterless world, there is neither space nor time. In terms of time, I had started my celestial journey and returned back in a matter of no time. Yet, I had cruised in the infinite Universe distances equivalent of millions of light years and had stayed in places and learned things requiring, in general, many years of study and observation.”

“Didn’t you think that this whole thing maybe just a dream rather than reality?” Jenny questioned. “It seems so strange and unacceptable.”

“Yes, I did. For a moment, I thought this whole excursion might have been just an instantaneous dream. But soon I realized that it could not have been a dream. In the first place, all dreams required time, particularly for such an extended excursion and observation. Second, l found my mind full of new knowledge. I was not the same person sitting on this hill as I had been just a few seconds ago. I deeply felt that I had been at the presence of the Creator. In fact, I still felt Its presence in my soul in a way I had never felt before. Third, I had acquired an enormous and wide range amount of knowledge of the Universe, including its unity and organized life form its highest elements to its smallest particles. It was an organic existence with perfect balance of rejuvenation perpetuating its life process. Planets and all creatures on them were created, developed, matured, aged and extinguished. From their dust, new planets were created each following the specially designed course of life and extinguished.”

“Furthermore, the term Universe used among us, now suddenly had a different and minuscule meaning. I had witnessed a living and super-intelligent universe which was matterless and timeless thus boundless extending to infinity with eternal life. This was the true entity of the Creator. I had also witnessed the Material Universe, the universe in our term. Despite extending billions of light years in diameter, compared to the Matterless Universe, The Material Universe was just like a small star in the boundless morning sky. What I couldn’t figure out was whether there were other material universes besides ours in this boundless space, and whether the planets I had passed by during my excursion, were all of our Universe or some belonged to another.”

“One thing, definitely and astonishingly had changed, at least in my newly enlightened mind. The nature around me was not the same. It had become alive and dynamic. Everything, trees, plants, the earth and all the creatures were close to me, related to me as I was to them, I was not anymore a dominant human being who considered the rest of the nature subordinate to me. We all were equals with different and specified course of actions, complementing one another while designed to form a balance and harmony in advancing toward our naturally established destiny. We were designed to mature, to serve, reproduce, and pass away giving way to a new cycle of life to take over until the end of our Material Universe.”

“I stood up and looked around me, and slowly turned around and around to observe all that surrounded me. We now looked like a family, each being responsible to carry out a designed function concerned with the well-being and protection of the rest. This feeling of family had affected me during my Celestine journey while I was passing by other populated planets. I felt each planet embodied a highly civilized society where the concept of life rested on three words of “equality of opportunity.” Those three words were repeated over and over in my mind as a ruling principle of life in every one of these planets I had passed by. It was deeply imprinted in my mind that the application of this principle had organized and streamlined all aspects of life among inhabitants of each planet and had brought about peace, leisure, and harmony. This was a sacred principle. It was a clue for solving the life’s problems in a fair and just manner. It was the key to open the door to the gardens of happiness, to an atmosphere of stability, satisfaction, contentment, and pleasure. Adherence to this principle resolved the problems of diversity and inequality in ethnic, racial, social and particularly in economic spheres of life. Regardless of any of these diversities, everyone could follow the same course of life by having the same opportunity as others in every aspect of life. “

“As I found out shortly after, discovery of this principle of equality of opportunity was the most precious knowledge I had gained from my excursion. It became the basic foundation of my theory of a just, fair, and truly democratic society. The application of this principle would result in the elimination of social and economic classes; realizing the equitable distribution of wealth and natural resources, secure, stable, healthy, and pleasant life; and development of a highly intellectual and conscious population. Not only human but animals, trees, plants and other natural resources would be made subject to the application of this principle.”

“I was astonished with all this new incredibly vast knowledge installed in me. I was further amazed by finding out that most of these ideas were what I was looking for in developing of my theory of a future technological democratic society. For this unique and priceless discovery, I had no other explanation but to conclude that when my mind extended outward from my material body, it assumed its matterless nature and became timeless. It was under this assumption that I could rationalize properly millions of light-years journey to the Center of Universe as well as acquiring incredibly vast amount of knowledge particularly those relevant to my theory.”

“This idea was fortified by the way I felt. I found myself a dramatically changed person. I was sure that my assent was not a dream but an indisputable yet unbelievable reality. I was certain of suddenly becoming in possession of unimaginably large amount of knowledge. I felt in me a living Super-energy, a mighty being, dominant yet friendly, powerful yet not suppressive, enormous yet accommodating, immense yet reclusive which could be none other than the creator. It was a wonderful feeling, a joyous lift in life, yet demanding a proper caution in my behavior. It reminded me of the time when I was a child. I would try not to behave improperly when I knew my father was watching me. Here also I found the Creator’s presence an inducement for self-correction toward becoming a better person according to Its standards. The ultimate joy was my freedom to find out the Creator’s essence in my mind rather than accepting other concepts prescribed and forced upon people by others such as religions. I was sure that It was a secular being as a Super-Scientist and not related to any religion.”

I stopped, turned to Jenny and told here “We are almost done with our discussion of the Fourth Vision, unless you have some questions.”

“No, I don’t think so. This actually was one of your best presentations as far as my comprehension of the subject matter is concerned. I assume our next discussion will be about the Fifth Vision.”

“That is correct. We will be discussing the total structure of existence, composed of three universes, as far as we know, and their relation to one another. We will take a deeper look into the pure energy and its role in the whole process of life and existence.”

Dr. Reza Rezazadeh (B.S.M.E., L.L.B., J.D., L.L.M. Ph.D., S.J.D. )

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The Fifth Vision

Jenny and I, both had passed the night, with our clothes on and each rapped in a blanket leaning against the trunk of a huge oak tree. When I woke up, Jenny was already awake. It was a fascinating morning. Songbirds called one another from the trees. The air was fresh and pleasantly cool. As I looked toward the east, the very top of the sun breached the horizon; the color was spectacular. The sky was deep blue above the bright peach color horizon adorned with strips of pink and yellow clouds here and there.

I looked around, Jenny was not there. I thought she must have taken a walk. Fascinated with the beauty of the environment, suddenly heard someone walking toward me. I looked that way expecting to see Jenny. Instead I saw a man in his mid-fifties walking my way without noticing me. When he got closer, just about a few feet from me, he saw me and stopped.

“Oh, hello” he said. He was dressed in jeans and hiking boots and looked exceptionally fit and athletic. I responded with the same greeting.

“Sorry for walking up on you so suddenly. I am Paul.”

“You must be doing some research around here.” I asked.

“You may say so, but not in this place.” He responded. “I work with some colleagues for the University of Illinois. We are studying the rain forest depletion there, but whenever I get the chance I come over here for a break. I like hanging out where the forests are different and the environment is pleasant.” Looking around he continued. “Do you realize some of trees are centuries old? This is really a virgin forest. Everything appears in a perfect balance. This is more like an old forest would look like in a temperate zone such as in the United States. Unfortunately, only a few left untouched.” He looked around again with evident appreciation and said “Look at the energy in this place.”

“You can see energy here?” I asked.

“Yes I can” He responded without hesitance.

“Well, I have tried but haven’t been able to” I said. At this time a noise behind us broke our conversation. We both turned and saw Jenny.

“Is this the person you have been waiting for?” asked.

“Sorry for being late, the beauty of the morning here captured my attention beyond my expectation, but now, I guess, I know why. It gave you two a chance to talk. What haw you been doing?”

“I was trying to show him how to feel energy around here.” He said. Then, looking at Jenny continued.”Let us put our backs together. Maybe he can see the energy between us.” They stood back to back in front of me. I suggested they move closer and they stepped toward me until the space between us was about four feet. They were silhouetted against the dark blue sky. To my surprise, the space between them looked lighter. It looked yellow, maybe a yellowish pink.

“He sees it.” Paul said , reading my expression, then turned and grabbed jenny’s arm taking her slowly away from me. When they were about ten feet from me, their upper torsos was a whitish pink field of energy.

“Okay,” Paul said seriously. He had walked over and crouched down beside me “Now, look at the scene here. Isn’t it beautiful?”

I was immediately awed by the shapes and forms around me. I seemed to be able to focus on each of the massive oaks in a total way, not merely on one part, but on the whole form at once. I was immediately struck by the unique shape and configuration of limbs each displayed. I looked from one to the other, turning around. Doing this somehow increased the feeling of presence each oak exuded to me, as though I was seeing them for the first time or at least, fully appreciating them for the first time.

“Now, look deeply at the foliage and smaller plants and bushes all around you.” Paul said , holding my hand and extending his other hand toward the foliages. “What do you see?”

When I looked as he had asked I stepped back in shock. Around each plant within my vision was a field of whitish light, visible yet totally transparent, so that none of the plant’s color or form was obscured. I realized that what I was seeing was an extension of each plant’s unique beauty. It seemed that I had seen the plants first and then their uniqueness and presence; something had amplified in the pure beauty of their physical expression where I had seen the energy fields.

“Look if you can see this.” Paul said sitting down in front of me, facing a wild forest flower. A crest of whitish light encircling his body erupted outward and engulfed the flower. The flower’s energy field, at the same time, extended by several feet.

“O, my God!” I exclaimed, conscious of peculiarity of what was happening, something I had totally doubted minutes earlier. Everything around me seemed different. The plants, the leaves, the sky now, all stood out with a presence and visibly alive, with consciousness beyond our ordinary assumption. Suddenly I remembered to check the time. The sun was much higher in the sky and a light mid-morning breeze swayed the trees.

“I think we should be heading back before it gets hot.” I said looking at Jenny. Paul joined us. As we walked, I looked back at the forest. “That is a beautiful and marvelous place.” I said. “Too bad there aren’t more places like this in our country.”

“You will realize how enormously dynamic this forest is once you see energy fields in other places.”

I tried to focus on the plants and bushes along our pass, but being continually in motion disrupted my concentration.

“Are you sure I will see these fields of energy again>” I questioned.

“Absolutely,” Paul said “once you have experienced, you will be able to see them again, feel the energy, when you face them. Whenever I drive into this place, I begin to feel better. Everything is amplified even I feel stronger. I can think faster, yet more clearly. The visions I have into all these and the way it relates to my work in physics is amazing as well as surprising.”

“What specifically are you working on? I think you have told me about this but I am not sure.”

“Yes, I have told you this before.” Paul responded. “They are perplexing experiments in particle physics during which these little bits of atoms appeared to be wherever the scientists expected them to be.” After a few seconds of pause he continued. “I have tried to expand this idea a little bit by my own experiments in order to explore questions I have told you That is, to what extent does the physical universe as a whole, which is made up of the same basic energy, respond to our expectations, and to what extent do these expectations create all the things that happen to us.”

“The occurrences and coincidents you mean.”

“Exactly, think about the events in your life. The old Newtonian idea is that everything happens by chance. One can make proper decisions and be prepared for the consequences. But every event has its own line of causation independent of our attitude.”

“The recent discoveries of modern physics may allow us to ask whether the universe is more dynamic than what Newton visualized. Does the universe runs mechanistically as a basic operation or it also subtly responds to the mental energy we project out into it. “

At this time we had arrived to the water stream at the bottom of the hill and looking for a place easy enough to cross. I was still observing the colors and forms of the plants around me. I altered my focus and immediately saw the energy fields around everything in my view. Both Jenny and Paul had wide fields which appeared to be mixed yellow green except that jenny’s field now and then flashed pinkish.

Walking along the stream we finally found the passage by which we had crossed it the day before and moved to the other side. We walked up toward the restaurant. Jenny was holding my hand to keep her balance walking through tall grass. We soon reached the gardens and the outside sitting area of the restaurant and took a table.

“We are going to have something for breakfast,” I told Paul, “would you like to join us?”

“No, thank you.” He responded. “I must be going. They will be waiting for me and my car is right here.” We shook hands and he left.

It was a delightful mid-day, a light breeze moving around gently the air perfumed by the flower gardens surrounding us. Jenny and I enjoyed having our usual breakfast … whole wheat toast slices of cheese and jelly with Earl Gray hot tea.

“Would you like we stay here for a couple of days while working on our project and finish the Fifth Vision?” I asked Jenny.

“It is such a beautiful place, yes, I would love to stay.” Jenny responded without hesitation. “We could also experiment some of the things we have learned about the energy and its colorful transmission among all creatures of the nature. I am particularly excited about that. We may not see any natural and untouched environment like this for a while.”

“Is it okay if we spend the day doing the experiments you just mentioned and start our work this evening after the dinner?”

“It is absolutely wonderful plan.” Jenny responded with a great joy. “No wonder they say you are an expert planner.”

Enjoying her delightful exaggeration, I said smilingly. “Let’s go inside, reserve a room for tonight, put our bag someplace inside and get back to start our excursion.”

We went to the desk, I asked for a room to stay overnight,

“Is it okay if we take just one room?” I asked Jenny. She nodded positive. We got the room and took our bags in. It was a small room with two small beds. I told Jenny that since we need to be together to talk more and discuss things any time they come to our mind, it was better to be together , like we did last night. She didn’t show any abjection.

“Would you like we go out, take a table, order a hot cup of tea and continue our discussion from where we had left?” I asked Jenny.

“Good idea” Jenny responded. “I just love to feel the soft breeze, enveloped in a fresh and perfumed air.” After a few seconds, she turned at me and said. “Do you think I will be able to concentrate in our study?”

“For today, we take easy, mixing the work and joy of the nature. Anytime you stray away, I will bring your attention back.”

“Are you sure about that? Sometimes I go wild I want to enjoy life and nothing less..”

“That is one of your rare qualities which make you so lovable and a delight to be with.”

Jenny responded with a wide smile on her face “Well, don’t tell me later on that I didn’t warn you.”.”

We went outside, took a table at the outside sitting area next to flower lines where new could look dawn and see the stream at the bottom of the hill. It was early in the afternoon and no other customers were around. The waitress was at our table before we knew it. We ordered a pot of hot tea and sat back to enjoy the view. Soon the tea pot arrived and she filled our cup and asked if we need anything else.

“Not for the time being, we will let you know.” She left with a light smile. A few minutes later, I took out my notes and started checking to see where new may start our study, then I place them on the table. After a few seconds of pause, I addressed Jenny.

“You know, after my extraordinary experience of meeting the Creator, I felt like I had been released from a cage, a prison. Free and boundless, I felt eternal. There was a new meaning to life and death. It seemed like passing from one stage of life into another. Passing from a life restricted to this little material planet and bound my physical entity, into a life with immense freedom in a boundless environment. There was only one way to travel in this direction. I had to discover the presence of the mighty Super-energy within myself and keep close association with It. This was not a difficult thing to do if I had determination to succeed. I had to check continually my behavior, trying to lean toward goodness. First, I had to be good to myself and to my body by not overindulging in eating or doing things which would be harmful to health and wellbeing of the body .Second, I had to be good to my soul, spirit or mind by trying to discover the purpose of life and reason for my existence and source of my creation, the evolving environment and surroundings. This would be the most important and rewarding part of my consciousness. It would enlighten me to the concept of equality of opportunity in relations with the others. I had never thought of these things this assured way before receiving the Creator’s message. They were installed in me instantly after receiving the message. I had been transformed into a substantially different person.

“Excuse me for interrupting again.” Jenny said “Are we into our discussion of the Fifth Vision or these are some extra-statements you are making?”

“All these are a part statement of the Fifth Vision since all relate to non-material thoughts about pure energy and its effect upon me. They were an incredible enlightenment to me. Though I was brought up to be rational, conscious of others rights, and be democratic in my thoughts and behavior, I never had such a complete feeling as to what all these values meant. I never was aware of obligation for essential actions in life to achieve these goals. Now suddenly I knew all with deep feeling and commitment. I felt relieved, and was jubilant, enchanted, and excited.”

“With some meditation, dedication, and concentration, we can discover all about the Creator, the easy and delightful way It has left for us to develop ,mature, carry out our life with work, leisure, and pleasure; to feel Its infinite expansion and perpetual power over everything in Its domain and extreme attachment and affection to all Its creatures. The Creator embraces us tenderly and warmly, when we respond to Its easy and minimal directions. Though It can but never designs to control us. It lets us to be free to find our way toward It or run astray and face hardship through a harsh life here on this planet and beyond. Its way is always for our good. It does not need our purification, obedience or else. It has set us in a mission in our lives over which we are left alone to evolve, direct, succeed, or fail. It has no interest in result or outcome except our good and happiness. It has left the door open for all of us to join Its essence and enjoy the glory and joy of our eternal life on here and beyond. We, eventually, leave our physical body and move into a non-material universe pursuing another stage in our eternal life. “

“However the gate of eternal happiness is not closed in our face, it is always open. The Creator desires that we progress toward purification by our own efforts, by discovering the right behavior and proper direction. So, if we choose an improper way of life and leave behind a life that has been affected by harming others for our imaginary or temporary joys, accumulating wealth through exploitation of others, depriving others from equitable use of natural resources initially created for the benefit of all and not for a few, depriving others from their freedom of thought and action in providing a better life for themselves and fellow humans, without causing injustice, then, we ourselves, not the Creator, have mapped the way toward our torturous destiny.”

“After leaving our physical entity, our torture and hardships will be eternal if we don’t try to understand why we are lost in the boundless darkness of space. This is truly what the hell is all about. Even then we can save ourselves and discover the gate for eternal happiness by true remorse and correcting our values to the level of standards established by the Creator.”

“However, such corrections in the darkness of space may require centuries of self-purification. As we progress in our purification, our improved quality moves us into a series of stages with less and less harshness and then we enter into a neutral stage, where based on the extent of our improved quality we feel neither pain nor joy. During this stage, we face a very boring life until we become qualified to enter the heaven and join those lucky ones who had found the way during their short material life and had joined the Creator before or immediately after leaving their material life.”

“You are taking of so many stages, do you know how many stages are there?” Jenny asked.

“Actually, there are no specific stages. The whole process of improvement is in a Continuum. They could reach millions. The term stage refers to each specific point that a person has reached in his or her process of purification.” I responded and looking at her with a smile I added “You may be pleased to know that our discussion of the Fifth Vision has also been concluded.”

“What will we be studying the next?”

“We will be looking further into the essence and nature of Pure Energy or the Creator, and its role in our daily life if any.”

“This stage of our study has been the most interesting and enjoyable for me, and I will be looking forward to its continuation in our next meeting.” Jenny also concluded.

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The Sixth Vision

I opened my eyes when I felt the room full of bright light. Jenny was already up walking around the room and organizing our stuff for departure. She had just pulled open the curtains filling the room with the bright morning sunshine.

“What time is it?” I asked my eyes half open.

“It is about seven o’clock.” She responded. “We went to bed at about nine-thirty last night, and you had a good eight hours of sleep, because you were gone about ten minutes after going to bed.”

“How did you know that?”

“Because, there is only one small double-bed in this room and I slept next to you on the remaining one-third.”

“That must have been quite inconvenient. I apologize and am truly sorry.”

“It was okay, we women are used to be treated unequal by men. It is not your fault. It is the nature of manhood that you possess, I guess.”

“I won’t argue with you on that. Give me a few minutes I will be ready for breakfast.”

“Take your time, I will be waiting for you in the outside sitting area of the restaurant.” Jenny said while moving toward the exit door and not giving time to him for further response. She got out of the building and stood there looking at the nature, cool breeze, bright morning sunshine, lines of flowers all around the sitting area, trees and bushes, breathing fresh perfumed air, hearing the birds singing all marvelously put together in one whole piece. This was her new world after learning the secrets of life during her stay on the top of the hill.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting. ” A voice came from behind. “Let’s go and take a table close to flower line, where we can see the water stream at the bottom of the hill.”

“Good idea, I have just started to enjoy my new vision of the world and the nature.” She said walking along the flower line, looking down the hill until she stopped at a table, “I think here is what you are looking for.” He approached the table, looked down the hill.

“A perfect choice,” pulling back a chair for her to sit down, he continued. “Sit down please and let’s have a hearty breakfast, I am starving.” She sat down while thanking him for being such a gentleman. While pulling back a chair for himself to sit, looking at Jenny with some intensity he continued.

“You are such a wonderful assistant. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have you on my side. Of course it is a matter of fact that with your beauty and charming behavior it is also a delight to work with and be close to you.”

“You know that the feeling is mutual and I am also very much attached to you and enjoy your company the same.”

“Here comes our breakfast.” He expressed joyfully, and after the waitress served and left he continued.

“Do you remember the Fourth Vision about what has happened to us? We both observed that energy flows between the people and other creatures and wondered what it meant. Let us try to integrate the Fourth Vision fully. See how it fits together with what we already know. The Third Vision shoved us that the physical world is actually a vast system of energy. And now the Fourth Vision shows that for a longtime we humans have been unconsciously competing for the only part of this energy that flows between the people. This is what human conflict has always been about from small conflicts in the families and businesses to wars between the nations. These all happens because of feeling insecure and weak. We have to steal someone else’s energy until we feel secure.”

“But not all wars were fought for unjust reasons.” Jenny said. “They were for right causes.”

“Of course, but here we are concerned with wars where conflict cannot be resolved because of holding an irrational position for energy gaining aim. Understanding the Fourth Vision, it is said, is a matter of seeing the world as huge competition field for energy to sustain or gain power. Yet, as this Vision prescribes, once we understand our struggle, we would instantly begin to transcend the conflict. We would start to feel free from the competition over more human energy. We would ultimately be able to receive our needed energy from other sources.”

“This Vision presents a new understanding what has long been called mystical consciousness. During the last decades of the twentieth century, it stated, this consciousness would become publicized as a way of life that is actually attainable, a way that has been demonstrated by the more esoteric practitioners of many religions. For most, this consciousness would remain an intellectual concept, to be only discussed and debated. But for a growing number of people, this consciousness would become real through many experiences of flashes or glimpse of this state of mind during the course of their lives. The Vision shows that this experience was the key to ending human conflict everywhere, because through these experience, we are learning to receive energy from other sources which we will eventually learn how and where to acquire it when we need it.

“But seeking out the Visions clarifies further all this. They reveal that the thoughts of East and West, namely those material and those mental, can indeed be integrated into a higher truth. They show us that the West is correct in maintaining that life is about progress and evolving toward something higher. While the East is correct in emphasizing that we must avoid control with the ego. Simply, we can’t progress by using logic and reasoning alone. We have to attain a fuller consciousness, an inner connection with the Creator who is synonymous to pure energy. Because, only by doing this, our evolution toward something better can be guided by a higher part of our existence. It is also for this fact that when we visit a virgin forest, we feel the unity of the existence. We might also conclude that we should not accept spiritual and mental thoughts as a dogma, something to be accepted without questioning, but expect it to be intelligible and precise supported by clear thinking, logic and reasoning.”

“Have you experienced the Sixth Vision?” Jenny asked.

“Yes, and far more.” I responded.

“Is anyone able to experience higher visions as you have done?”

“It can be done only through meditation for transcendence.”

“Could you explain how you did it and what did you get out of it?”

“Yes, actually this is what I was going to discuss next.” He spent a few second paging his notes and then started. “When I arrived home from my out of space excursion, I had a thousand things in my mind, all new, some strange, and some fascinating. I was utterly confused. I needed to sit down sort things out, and organize my thoughts.

I was extremely astonished at my excursion. I knew that with all our scientific and technological advances we had not been able to discover anything substantial outside of our tiny solar system. What we knew outside our solar system was mostly based on scientific assumptions rather than solid facts. We had no solid evidence to know whether there were other planets in space with human civilization, or any other kind of creatures on them.

No wonder I was so astonished. I had been in none of those planets, and had passed by others with forests, mountains, seas of water, and apparent human civilization. What I couldn’t tell was their location and their distance from my tiny planet Earth. It seemed that our solar system was located in a little dark corner of the Universe. Then I realized that the space was infinite and had no corners. But it did not matter. Our planet was one of the privileged ones that had nurtured life and civilization.

I felt an urge to sort things out. I went to my bedroom on the second floor of my house overlooking the farm. From the window, I could see the hill where I was sitting a short while ago, and where I had suddenly risen to the infinite skies and transcended to distant places.

Night had arrived. The sky in the horizon still had a shade of light. I could see only a silhouette of the hill and trees around it. Everything was quiet and normal, a very different atmosphere from my turbulent mind which was enveloped in the storm of things I had witnessed and commands I had received. The environment around us appeared like that of the Second Vision and my mind was flouting in the Sixth and beyond.

My thoughts were jumping from one astonishing experience to another. My state of mind was like a little boy who has many toys to play, he takes one, but looking at other toys spread around him, discards the one in his hand and takes another, then another. He is not satisfied with the one he holds but wants to play with all of them at the same time. I had to organize them in order to be able to control them. The most important of my experiences seemed to be my presence at the Center of the Universe and the ensuing commands directed to me by the Creator. Now, I still could feel Its presence within me, yet it did not have the magnitude I felt when I faced It in the Center of the Universe. But, suddenly I encountered a serious problem. If the Creator is ever present everywhere, how could It have a center of residence? If the Creator is matterless and timeless, it could not be subject to time or space. My mental struggle, at the time, could not answer the question. I decided to let the issue rest for the time being until I had organized my thoughts and sorted things

I moved next to the Creator’s commands. I decided I would write down these commands to the best of my recollections and then I would study them, trying to organize, analyze and absorb them. For this decision, I was enchanted and enlightened, though, at the same time, I felt a heavy burden on my shoulders. I was ordered to carry the message to all people in the world communities.

Getting aware of immensity of the task, T thought as to haw I was going to do this, Iwas just a little unknown guy. Then I realized that besides my excellent and superb education, I was now endowed and entrusted with an enormous and unique knowledge of the essence of the Creator and the Universe. I thought of the past great messengers of the Creator such as Mohammad, Jesus, Moses, Zoroaster, and others. They all were unknown and all had started their spiritual knowledge from the scratch. They all had faced enormous difficulties and obstacles in the beginning of their work. Since their message came from the Creator and made sense for the betterment of human and community lives, gradually, it was accepted by more and more people and advocated by others. Spread to other communities, societies, and faraway places.

There was one essential distinction between my situation and those of other messengers. They were obliged to establish dogmas that followers believed in and accepted without questioning, and each dogma formed the foundation for their messages such as unquestionable acceptance of one Creator “God”, :Allah” in Islam, who was matterless and timeless, with Mohammad as the last of “His” messengers; the concept of Trinity in Christianity with The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit; the Ten Commandments in Judaism; and Ahura Mazda (God) and Ahriman (Devil) in Zoroastrianism.’

“You will have an awful time preaching your ideas if you have neither a dogma to be accepted without being questioned, nor the power of persuasion of the past prophets.” Jenny intervened.

“I was neither a prophet nor believed in dogma. I was a teacher and a simple messenger. My teachings all had to be based on reason and open to discussion and debate. Unlike the early messengers, I did not have a miraculous or dominant power base to force, or at least, induce people for acceptance. I believed that the Creator had commanded me to deliver the message and from there on it was up to the individuals to evaluate it, accept it based on a sound reason or reject it on the same ground. It seemed that it was clear to the Creator that since the message was the truth about the prosperity and perpetual happiness, the people, after its examination would find it to be true, accept it, become devoted to it, and strive to advocate it.

I made a very important and comforting decision. I would not start to spread the idea until I myself had carefully and extensively studied all possible angles for its acceptance or rejections. I would also put together the whole idea in writing to discover and visualize the gaps and missing parts and try to complete the message by seeking help from the Creator and searching my memory to find out if I had missed any parts or points already transmitted to me. At the same time, for the same purpose, I would search the wealth of relevant existing literature in the existing religions.

After this decision, I felt great, and became enthusiastic to start the arduous but exciting work right away. I came to pay attention to the facts and details of my excursion and whatever I had observed in the course of my travel into infinite space. I knew one thing for sure. These observations had had a direct relation to the commands of the Creator, documentation of the truth, and the rewards bestowed upon those who had obeyed and followed Its directions during their material live. Discloser of such observations would certainly help the people to visualize that the commands were experimented in other planets and had led to a happy, prosperous, resourceful material life and spiritual advancement.

However, I didn’t know much about the foundation of their thoughts or beliefs in eternalism, that human life was not finite but eternal. My knowledge, though enormously expanded through my transcendence, was quite incomplete. I needed more facts and documentation. I definitely needed another more extensive visit to the same or more advanced civilization. To achieve this, I had to resort to meditation for transcendence. I became excited and decided I would earnestly try again. The first transcendence took several years of meditation to materialize. It required determination, dedication, and patience, and spending of hours daily on it. For several weeks I concentrated my thoughts on this issue until I decided to try and go through. What was accomplished during this period is the subject of the Seventh and following Visions. They mostly deal with mental and spiritual occurrences and their effects on our daily life.

Dr. Reza Rezazadeh. (B.S.M.E., LL.B., J.D., LL.M., Ph.D., S.J.D.)

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The Seventh Vision

Concluding from our previous discussion, we have to attain a fuller consciousness and inner connection with the Creator, which is the same as Pure Energy, because only then our evolution toward something better can be guided by a higher part of ourselves. It moves us to discover a spirituality that is self-enhancing, that gives us a sense of adventure and fulfillment. In reality, we all have a spiritual purpose as a mission that we have been pursuing without being fully aware of it, and once we bring it completely into consciousness our life reaches its purpose.

The Seventh Vision indicates that we all have many relevant thoughts than we realize. We must take an observer position when a thought comes to our mind and ask why?” Why this particular thought came now? How does it relate to our life? Assuming an observer position helps us to release our need to control everything. It places us in the flow of evolution. To grasp the essence of the Seventh Vision and truly enter the movement of evolution; we must pull all the Visins into one way of being. As a result, the world would change for us. We wake up and see the world as a mysterious place that provides everything we need, if we get clear and get on the path. We then feel ready to begin the evolutionary flow.

To engage in the process, we keep our current life questions firmly in mind, watching for direction, either in a dream, or an intuitive thought, or the way the environment illuminates. Looking for direction, we then receive some form of intuitive guidance and idea of where to go and what to do until the coincidences occur to allow us to move in that direction. Each time these coincidences lead us into something new, we grow and become a fuller person. We become content and feel more knowledgeable.

Yet there are people with deep religious belief that consider the Visions undermind religion, everyone’s religious belief and conviction. They think that there is already a plan for the world and God is in control and assigns our destiny. Our duty is to obey the laws set by the God who creates the future the way he wants. Evolution is a myth, because to think that people can make themselves evolve, takes the will of God out of the picture. They think that their evolution is the important thing and the rational way rather than God’s plan. They think the idea of physical evolution is bad enough; to extend it to everyday life, to the individual decisions we make, to history itself is unacceptable. They believe such individuals will run amuck with this evolution, and relation between them will degenerate.

“What would it take for someone to be able to convince them otherwise?” asked Jenny.

“One would have to believe in the Visions as being the truth; one would have to know how individuals would be treating one another if everyone was following these Visions and evolving.” I responded. Again, I spent few seconds paging my notes and continued.

“How people would act toward each other is a part from the next Vision. Your question of why religious leaders were against the Visions has already been answered which in turn has evolved into another question.”

“Yes.” Jenny said thoughtfully. “We have got to find the Eighth Vision. Let’s get out of this place.”

“Not so fast.” I replied. “We must make sure we fully understood the Seventh before we go any further.”

“Do you think I grasp it?” Jenny asked. “Am I staying in the flow of evolution?”

“You will, if you remember to keep your questions always in mind, and attempt to see coincidences in retrospect.” I replied. “Respond to them and other questions as they arise.”

“Are you thinking of remaining further in here?” She asked somehow astonished.

“Not thinking but determined to continue our work here until I feel satisfied that enough has been done. We must assume that every event has significance and contains a message that somehow pertains to our questions. When it arises, we can see the answer, and it heightens everyday experience showing us that we were aimed to be here and here is where the additional answers are.”

“How do we go about finding these questions?” asked Jenny.

“In my opinion, the best way would be to go back to my past experiences relating to Seventh Vision and beyond. I think it will shed a light into minds of those who are looking around, checking the occurrences, facing questions and looking for answer.” I remained silent for a few seconds looking at her, and added “Unless you have a better suggestion.”

“No. As usual, your suggestion seems to be the best way to proceed.” Jenny responded again. I paged my notes for a few second until I found the relevant materials.

“There are certain serious gaps in the whole body of my thoughts I had developed. I felt that I needed spiritual help to discover the answers. Despite the fact that it did not make any sense, I went regularly, about dusk, to the top of the hill where I had my first assent. I sat there and as in the old days, watched the sun go down on the same familiar horizon. I tried to meditate with the intention of ascending my soul to eternity. I had in mind another journey to the Creator of the Universe where I had been once before. I remained in the state of meditation and returned home after being surrounded by a complete darkness of the night.

There were no results. Since I had succeeded once, I was determined to continue, conscious of extraordinary changes it had brought to my life, vision of the environment and the process of life. After all, the first ascent had taken years to materialize and this one was not going to be any different. Years passed, while on and off, I continued to visit the hill and attempted to meditate. After a while, with no results, I would be depressed and would give up. Then, I would feel inside me directing me to continue. I would go back and start all over again. Sometimes I didn’t have the concentration I needed for effective meditation because of repeated failures in the past.

When we entered 1980s, suddenly my my easy access to the familiar hill was terminated. I was obliged to acquire a new residence about half mile north of the farm. I still owned the farm but not the house. I lived alone in my new house and gradually transferred my meditation process from the hill to my home. Increasingly, particularly when winter arrived, I tried to stay home and continue with my meditation. Gradually, I felt that I could concentrate better at home. It was quiet and totally away from any disturbing sound.

I usually meditated at night, trying to guide my mind to endless skies and away from my physical body, terrestrial environment and relevant thoughts. Naturally, some nights after hours of meditation, I would fell asleep. For meditation, I used the customary stile of sitting down with my legs crossed inward and the back of my hands over my knees and my thumb and middle finger touching one another to ease energy circulation. Accidentally, I found out that by lmy thumb and middle finger touching one another to ease energy circulation. Accidentally, I found out that by lying down on my back with my legs still crossed and my arms resting on my sides, I was in a position to maintain a more relaxed body and mental freedom. More of my muscles were relaxed freeing my mind from keeping my sitting position in under control.

Meditation for transcendence is very different from all other kinds of meditation. Its aim is to join the essence of the Creator, the matterless world, if not the Creator itself. For many, it might be difficult to realize that transcendence is timeless since the mind, which is matterless, enters the timeless environment as soon as it leaves the body. This is difficult for many to understand. Moving millions of light year distances in a matter of no time, how one can go so far and so fast, visit and stay in so many planets. Before my first transcendence, despite being well educated in math, physics, astronomy, and understanding the theory of infinity regarding space and matter, I still could not comprehend the reality of timelessness. When I had my first transcendence and returned, after being around the Universe and visiting so many places, I found myself at the same moment of time that I hsd departed. No time had elapsed. I was extremely surprised, after my return, finding myself at the time of my departure. Despite this actual experience still was difficult for me to understand the concept of timelessness.

During many years of experience in meditation I had discovered that lying down with both hands on my sides, with the head pointing towards the North Pole, provide for a more relaxed position by using the least energy and allow a better mental concentration. Finally early in 1984, while meditating, I felt at times that my body was becoming weightless and I feel like floating in the air. By this time, based on my previous experience, I knew that it was not my body at all but my mind that was tending to rise extending away from my body, giving me the feeling of weightlessness.

It was a Friday night, I had returned home from the week’s work, had prepared my dinner and served, was pleased that didn’t have to go to work for two days. I could then meditate longer hours as I wished without any outside pressure and interruption. I was anxious to start and indulge myself in the world of unknown and wait for its mysterious gate to open.

If we have progressed in science nand technology to the point that in a fraction of a second a man-made machine known as computer, can can check and investigate many millions pf positions or situations and make a required decision for action, then our mind is able to do so in a much lesser time or no time at all. After my first experience in transcending time, matter and space, I had already discovered that my mind had reached this superior stage. The power is there and we have to learn how to employ and use it. In 1970’s, during my first transcendence, I had no clue as to how this excursion could have been possible. But today computers show that time is less and less important and can be discarded. Despite of not being able to understand this power of mind and unimportance of rime, I became sure of its existence.

On the Friday night mentioned before, after having my dinner along with a large cup of tea, to start my meditation, I took position on the floor of my living room covered with carpet. In America, people have not yet discovered the beneficial quality of a cup of good tea. Not only it has the quality to relax the mind and body, but more importantly, it sharpens the function of mind for about forty-five minutes after it is taken. For this reason, in older civilizations like China and Japan, tea is served with a particular ritual and strictly established manners. In other oriental countries like Iran, Central Asia, Pakistan, Turkey and territories from Russia it has been for centuries the main drink for relaxation and enlightened thinking. It has also many other health benefits which here is not the proper place to discuss them; there is a great deal of literature as to how to choose, prepare and serve tea and its varieties.

After positioning myself for meditation at about 9:00 in the evening, I started my concentration. I was excited because of the results of weightlessness of the last few weeks. By experience, I also knew that the results of meditation were cumulative, What you get from each session is added to those received before. Since this was happening on Friday night, I could continue for three nights and two days with short intermissions for food, drink and other necessities. Meditation is very complex process, details of which cannot be presented here;l readers are advised to refer to my writings on the subject and the wealth of literature regarding transcendence.

Soon, after about one hour, I became divorced from my environment and entered the domain of my mind. This was an important stage and yet a very difficult one to achieve. It was a status where the mind was released from its physical environment and was capable of expanding outward into space. But despite its capability to explore timeless space, nothing further had taken place. I had such experience repeatedly. It was at this stage that the mind was able to be relieved from the matter [my body] space [my environment] and time [ the Material Universe ] I was not sure how many hours I had been at this state of concentration that I felt it was happening. After a state of being nowhere, I was suddenly released toward my mental destination. My aim and purpose from all the years of meditation, since my first ascendance, were to complete my knowledge of the Universe and know more about the essence of the Creator. Once on my way, I was certain the purpose was to provide me with answers to questions I had been struggling to find answers for so long.

In the case of transcendence, one is transferred to the destination in a matter of no time regardless of distance. But tonight, I was being transferred from one planet to another and another without stopping in any of them until my final destination. I thought the purpose was to have a glance at each and grasp an idea of the Material Universe. All the planets were covered with vegetation, water, lakes and seas. In many planets the vegetation was predominantly yellow or red. Those color variation could have been seasonal or environmental, but I had no way of knowing it. All appeared to be inhabited by humans and other creatures. Buildings, where they were visible, appeared dome like and apart from one another. There was one exception, a planet smaller in size with no mountains, almost flat, and covered with vegetation yellow in color or yellowish green. The whole planet was covered with clouds, had no rivers, lakes or seas, yet it was inhabited by humans. There was no time to see more/ It was not until later on that I had the opportunity to know more about these planets and some of the others.

I was finally transferred to an apparently larger planet. The environment looked more like our planet Earth. The moment I was landed, I was greeted by the people near me.They approached me as soon as they noticed me. I was somehow afraid and cautious. In fact, I was quite in fear. These were humans smaller in size than those living on Earth. I estimated the maximum hight to be around five feet, but many were much smaller than that. A striking feature was that all, men and women, were slim, elegant, well mannered and courteous. They were all dressed in loose, colorful but elegant costumes. They were simple without any ornaments such as jewelry, gold chains and many other things we wear as a sign of status in our planet. To my amazement two men and two women who had approached, greeted me in English.

“ I am pleased that you speak English.” I said with pleasure while not hiding my state of being astonished.

“We don’t,” one of the women responded. Noticing my amazement, she added. “We just respond to what is in your mind.”

The explanation did not eliminate my amazement but increased my wondering as to what was going on and what she meant by saying that she just reads my mind. Noticing that I was almost lost and had not understood her explanation, she continued.

“We are able to read and absorb anything that comes to your mind. For example, at the presrnt you think in your tongue, you call English. We copy this knowledge from your mind into ours and then we become instantly able to communicate with you in a manner you desire.”

To make me feel comfortable, she continued. “On our planet, there are people with different languages of their choice and creation. This is a natural process here since we value diversity and individualism.. It creates no problem because when we meet we can read one another’s mind and become quite familiar with the language and thoughts of the others.”

Then they all laughed. “This may be strange for you.” said one of the men. “Actually, we don’t need to use spoken words to express ourselves, because whatever we want to say comes to our mind first. As soon as the idea appears in our mind, all those present and paying attention become aware of it. However,” he continued with a graceful and charming smile, “we enjoy conversation with spoken words. It is an art, trying to present exactly what we have in our mind. But oftenour words are not expressive enough of what we intend to convey. This, in itself, provides further enjoyment in acquaintances. It is interesting, educational, and pleasing when your companion knows , through reading of your mind, what exactly you want to say, but you are not able to create an expression to convey exactly what is in your mind. This usually leads to a literally interaction which for us is pleasing and creative.

Noticing my puzzlement, the other woman intervened with an enchanting voice. “In our societies, art, artistic creation, nature, and natural beauties are integral parts from our daily life. This is enhanced by the amount of leisure time we have to spend and enjoy our time together.

“How is this possible?” I asked with astonishment. “Don’t you work?” I added in order to make clear the purpose of my question.

“Yes, we do work,” answered the other woman with a smile and charming voice, “but only enough to sustain our living standards and by the things we need for this purpose.”

I was in the process of digesting these responses when one off the men, seemingly reading my mind and noticing my astonishment, intervened. “In general we spend about one-tenth of our daily time to provide for our needs, or to make a living as you would call it,”

“The rest of our daily life, “the other man added, “we do a good deal of volunteer work if we wish.”

The first woman intervened laughingly and somehow jokingly, “Everybody wishes to do volunteer work since most of it is artistic, intellectual, or is concerned with the preservation and beautification of the nature and educating of our children.”

The other woman added with the same charm. “This volunteer work is part of our pleasure since it provides for entertaining the others, such as concerts, plays and theater, artistic, poetic and intellectual productions.”

“We are going to eat , you must be hungry,” said the first man, “would you like to join us?” Then, after a few moments, he added humorously. “As you say in your culture, we invite you. You are our guest.”

“This is the proper time to stop.” I told Jenny. “The rest of the story concerns the presentation of the way of life in this planet, its physical and societal structure, cultures and its people’s daily life. These are the subjects of the Eighth Vision and beyond.”

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The Celestial Evolution of Humanity Prophecy for Mental Perfection

The Eighth Vision

Before going any further, it seems proper to clarify the meaning of a human being under the Celestine theory. It refers to the essence of mind called by some the spirit or soul. Since the mind is materless. It can expand to eternity since it is not subject to time and space. Its residence in the material body is the brain with full command over physical and mental operation of the body. When the the material body perishes and individual dies, the mind is released from its responsibility of caring for the body and its wellbeing. It enters another world which is non-material and about five times larger than the Material Universe. It is placed in its proper environment depending on its degree of purification and progress from there toward full purification and joining the essence of the Creator. Simply, human beings never die. They only move from one environment into another in the process of purificationuntil they are purified and join the essence of the Creaqtor.[1]

“People should not be blamed for their lack of understanding.” Jenny said. “With all discussion and studies I have been involved concerning this subject, even I am somehow confused. Our scientific knowledge is so primitive and our scientists so short sighted that I think I may not even see serious attention to this concept materialize during my life time.

“It may take some time, but time is in our side and the truth will be discovered. We will learn a lot during this Vision which will tend to remedy some of your confusion. I myself have confusions at times. I immediately look for answer, look around me for the truthand changes I have failed to pay due attention.

“Let’s go.” The first woman gently took my arm and we walked toward a building nearby.

On the way, the woman, while looking smilingly at me told me “In some ways, our meals are different from, as I read from your mind.” Leaving me, a few seconds, in astonishment, she then continued “But they are healthier and provide for the energy needed for our daily activities.” Looking at me again, she continued, “We don’t eat meat and we don’t kill animals. We consider that a barbaric behavior and habit. We gave up that habit long, long time ago.”

The other woman who was walking next to the first added. “We mostly eat grains, fruits, and vegetables and we make many different dishes from combination of these.” The first woman laughed and added humorously. “And we think they are delicious.”

“We use lots of spices,” added the man walking next to me. “They provide for a good test, desirable aroma, and are a source of healthy energy on their own account.”

We moved to enter a one story building. As we approached, the door to the main entrance opened automatically. We entered a hall with all kinds of furniture. There was a crowd of small groups of two, three, or more were sitting there and were deeply involved in conversation. One of the women said “This is the place where the people wait for their companions to arrive.” We passed through the hall and entered a place which looked more like a bathroom. “Before eating, we wash and clean our hands.” The same woman said,” leading me toward one of the units. “Water,” I said jubilant y, “this is something I am sure familiar with it.”

“But it is not pure water. Certain natural cleaning ingredients were added to it which would clean your hands without hurting your skin but nourishing it.” She said. There were no faucets to wash hands but spherical glass containers filled about one-quarter with light blue-color water. I saw other people plunging both hands into the glass bowl, holding them there for a few seconds and taking them out. What surprised me was that the woman accompanying me smiled and told me. “Put your hands in and you will understand.”

One thing became certain to me; I could not hide anything from these people. I put my hands in the bowl. As soon as my hands were fully in, there was turmoil inside the bowl. Water was moving in and around my hands with speed and pressure. It was not a rough action at all but pleasing. Then I felt the water machine stopped. I looked at my companio, she nodded her head indicating that I could take my hands out. So, I did; not only my hands were clean and dry, but I also had a pleasant feeling and my hands appeared relaxed. Astonishingly, I looked at my companion. Before I was able to explain the cause of my astonishment, charmingly with a pleasing gesture she said. “The bowl is covered by a shield which is not visible to you.” That was exactly had astonished me. While the water was whirling around with a high speed, nothing of it, not even one drop, had spelled out. I looked at the top of the bowl this time with care and curiosity, and moved my fingers in and around the bowl, I neither see nor feel a shield.

While leading me out of the room, she continued gracefully. “The shield is not material. There will be ample time for you to learn about these things and the way we live.” We entered a guge hall. There were lots of people all small and beautifully shaped and elegant. All, men and women, were wearing colorful attires. But what astonished me the most was the nature of the building. From outside it was a structure about fifteen feet tall, with no windows. Once inside the whole walls around building looked like a single piece of transparent glass, allowing the light inside the hall and connecting the interior environment with the beauty of the nature outside. Invited and guided by my hosts, to a large table with all kinds of dishes placed on it, I had no opportunity to question them about the nature of the building.

One thing that attracted my attention was the sound of conversation and laughter everywhere. I thought, if thrdr people can read the mind of their companions, what in the world they would like to express or question what they already are supposed to know. Seemingly reading my mind, one of the women serving as my host, said. “Oh yes, we like very much to talk, laugh and make a little noise. That makes the life dynamic, Pleasant, and charming. The interesting thing that drives us to talk, is though that we know what the other person is going to say, we don’t know how she is going to express it. This is an art with lots of pleasurable surprises. Everyone tries to master it. It is like making a poem but is instantaneous.”

“Life would have been quite solitary without such means of interaction,” Said one of men, who had stayed quiet for a while.

“I am personally thrilled that you would like to expre4ss yourselves in spoken words, particularly in my language English.”I said.”Otherwise, I would not have known how to communicate with you, despite the fact that you would have know what was going on in my mind.”

At this time we had arrived to the food table. Suddenly a strange thought struck me. I had no physical entity. How come, I wash my hands, I feel Hungry, and I interact with them as a physical being? Reading my mind, the lady next to me responded. “It is simple; though your physical body is not here with you here, you have not actually left your body, you carry all your natural feelings with you.” Her explanation s struck me again. She was right, since no time element was involved, my mind had not actually left my body. “Let’s not think about this now, as you go along, you will understand it better.”

“You are right, I feel hungry.” I responded, turning my attention to the food.

It looked like a buffet but varieties were not organized the way I was accustomed on Earth, such as salads meats, vegetables, etc. arranged together separately. I was sure that it had its own purpose for such arrangements. Reading my mind again, one of the women gracefully explained that the food was arranged according to its effect on the body. Each sector provides for certain needs of the body primarily, but not exclusively. Individuals choose one or more items from each sector since all sectors combined for what the body needs to produce appropriate daily energy.

“People use different amount of energy each day depending on the kind of work and activities they have” stated one of the men. “They consume different amounts s and different combinations of food to satisfy their daily need of energy.” None of the food was similsr to what I was accustomed to eat on my planet Earth. Though some ingredients appeared to be similar to rice, beans, and potatoes, I was already told that no meat is used in this planet. Under the guidance of the woman who accompanied me closer than the others, I selected one item from each sector. Each of my chosen items looked a combination of several things. Items in two sectors were served cold. Those that I could recognize as fruits, or plants were nothing that I could put a name on them or relate to the fruits we have on Earth. In another sector, ingredients looked like mixture of different plant roots or fruits,These were also served as cold dishes and were mostly grinded and mixed, The food was extremely delicious.

Witnessing this tremendously advanced civilization, it entered my mind that most of the ingredients of the food, If not all, must be synthetic and manmade. I started curiously investigating the ingredients. I was careful not to attract the attention of my companions. It was useless. I had already forgotten that they were able to read anything entering my mind.

I noticed not only my copanions but those sitting around us were smiling, not in a humiliating manner, but graciously.

“I am sorry,” I exclaimed as graciously as I could, “everything has been a surprise to me. Naturally, my curiosity forces me to investigate in order to comprehend and to find an answer.” I concluded.

“We understand,” responded one of the men companions. “Your thoughts and behavior are quite normal.”

“Long long time ago,” intervened one of the women, “in your time frame, we may say many centuries ago...”she then stopped for a moment. It seemed that she was trying to ascertain certain things , she then continued. “About seven centuries ago, we had moved into synthetic world. We thought we had discovered a better way to live, by producing our body energy needs synthetically, and getting away from the imperfect and wastful use of natural products.”

“We were wrong,” followed the other woman, “Soon, in your time frame, within a few decades, we found out the synthetic food could not sufficiently replace the natural products. It had caused several health problem, some fatal, by gradually destroying and agitating the balanced growth of the body.”

“However,” added one of the men “it was easier and cheaper to mass produce synthetic food, particularly when we had control over its taste and appearance,”

“Yes, it was appealing and tasty,,' said the first woman, “and it was very difficult to abandon it and go back to natural products.”

Laughingly, the other man added. “For so long we had been getting our needed foog synthetically so easily that we were reluctant to go back to the hard labor of natural production.” The other man added, “You may say that we had become somehow lazy. But the dangers of consuming syntetic food gradually seeped in and forced the development of a new consciousness. Studies made it clear that continuing the consumption of the synthetic food was leading our health toward disaster and our society to extinction.”

“Gradually, we returned to nature,” said the first woman. “It was hard but we had for the time being, no other choice. We were aware of the pitfalls of scientific agricultural production. We had already gone through it before moving into the world of synthetic goods. It had contaminated our soil and water and had caused irreparable environmental damage.”

“Certainly, we didn't want to go back to that situation again,” said the second man. “We had worked hard for a long time yo clean our soil and water and regenerate the environment. The question was how to go back to natural production without causing harm to the nature.”

“our choice was the organic production of food,” said the other man “and there was no assurance of high quality products.”

“We were, at the time, a highly advanced society,” intervened the first woman, “so we decided while the natural production was the way to go, we could turn it, through our scientific and technological knowledge, into a highly productive organic process. The nature produce the food, but we helped it ton overcome obstacles and elements affecting the quality and quantityn of production without harming the nature and environment.”

“Later on,” added the other woman, “through the advancement of genetic science, we were able to split or combine different genes to create vast variety of more beneficial vegetation and plants.” The first woman added. “And that it where we are at the moment. We have practically eradicated all major diseases and created healthy and happy society,”

“We sincerely believe,” intervened the other woman, “that a healthy body is an important source of happiness.”

We had finished our meal and we got up to leave. It was particularly relieving to me since the seats were made to fit the physical structure of the people which were about two feet shorter and much slimmer than I was. It was not a comfortable seat for a much larger body of mine. For the same reason, when I stood up, I towered over the head of the rest and was the center of attention. My first woman companion noticed and gracefully stated.

“They already know who you are and what is in your mind. They are all pleased having you around, since they know, despite of your huge body, you have no bad intentions and are friendky. Actually, they are happy having you among us.”

She then looked at her companions for a few seconds. It seemed that they were consulting each other on some important matter. She then turned to me and said smilingly. “Besides of our individual inclination to receive you as our guest, respond to your questions, and entertain you, we and others in the planet are directed to receive you and help you in visiting and understanding our way of life.”

Astonishment had become the usual way of my response since my arrival to this planet. “Who in the world ordered you to take care of me?” I questiooned them withnsurprise. Without giving opportunity to respond, I continued. “Who would have known of my arrival? Doyou have a king, a rulerthat controls you?”

As I became more and more definitive, they appeared to be increasingly amused. For a moment it entered my mind that maybe I have landed in a Big Brother's planet where everyone obeys him and follows his directions.

Reading my mind again, one of the men, still amused, responded smilingly. “No, we don't have a king or Big Brother ruler.”

The other man added. “In fact , we don't have any individual leader We rule collectively which in fact is no ruler at all in your meaning of the word.”

The first womaan interjected, “We have, of course a ruler, but It never intends to rule. It gives us directions we are not obliged to follow, but we, voluntarily follow after proper rationalization.” Another astonishment hit me. Ou refer to this leader as It. It means that your leader is neither a man nor a woman,” I expressed surprisingly.

“You are right,” she said. It is neither a man nor a woman.”

“Then, it must be a machine.” Without waiting for further explanation, I continued.”Oh, I know, with your suoer advanced mind and technology, you made this machine to servr you but it took over and has been ruling you.” I concluded.

They were very amused of my shallow mindedness and laughed for few seconds, then the first woman responded.

“Excuse usn for bring amused at your responses. We know your judgments and responses are on the basis of the level of knowledge and the way of dominant rulership in your planet.”

“But the level of knowledge and way of life are comparatively primitive in your planet. So, you are having difficulty in understanding our level of civilization and our way of life. We have a ruler, It is our Creator whom you call God. It is the same Creator you have , though its essence is highy misunderstood on your planet.”

“The Creator,” responded one of the men, “is neither masculine nor feminine. It has no gender. This is why we rdfdf to the Creator, correctly, as It. After a few seconds of pause, hr continued. “It is the creator of all the Material Universe with immense expantion and immeaserable systems and planets.”

I redmained silent without any response. I actually didn't know how to respond. In a few words, I was introduced to a world of new knowledge which I was not able to absorb and needed time for analysis and digestion.

“We know,” started the other woman after a period of silence, “that you need a quite extended period of time to learn and understand the essence of the Creator and our individual relationahip with it.”

One of the men added, “Your problem as I see it, is your lack of the knowledge of your Creator. Based on the level of your civilization, you have an artificial image of the Creator which is totally imaginary and has been the creation of your own culture..”

“In fact,” added the other man, “you have quite a few diffwewnt version of the Creatoe in your planet, all being the crearion of human mind rather than relating to reality. This is actually the continuation of the old conceptof God in your societies, when people worshiped material gods they created, such as god of sea, fire, lift, love nd so on. As your civilization developed intellectually, physical gods did not make sense anymore. They were gradually substituted by mental gods. These were gods that were the creation of some enlightened individuals and yet imaginary.”

Here we go again, I told myself, another surprise. These revelations were exactly what I had come to discover after years of studying religions. Then, I thought maybe they were stating whatever they read nin my mind.

“It seems that you are reading my mind back to me,” I responded. “It does not seems to be your true knowledge of religiom in my planet, but what yu read in my mined about it.” I concluded with some air of resemtment.

“Your statement is partially true,” said the first lady. “It is true that we see the facts in your mind, but we also have a profound knowledge of your planet,” she continurd/ “Our scholars have visited and studied your planet several times in different periods, but since your civilization is a quite primitive stage of development, we could receive no beneficial input from it except as a historical example of development. We could not develop any serious interest for further investigation.”

“You mean,” I responded with another surpeise, “that you have visited and studied my planet?”

“Yes the man responded, “the way you have transported yourself to our plsnet, our intellevtual groups were able to transport themselves to other planets far far away from ours. When they returned they transferrred the knowledge to our communication system, and from there, with not much of efforts, it is transported to each individual's mind.”

“How do you know,” I asked, “that your Creator is not also imaginary and not the creation of your mind?”

“Because, responded the second woman, “we all have a true contact with the Creator and can communicate with It.”

“I am your Creator, and you are in my presence in the Center of the Universe.” came to my mind. These were the words I had received so vivdly in my first visit to the outer space. Yes, I had met the Creator and now, I knew that was a reality. Here is the people of a whole planet that they have and can experience the same contact with the Creator as I had. Except that I had to try so hard for such a long time for just one contact. Then, I remembered I came from a primitive society and thrdr were highly advanced, particularly, from mental and spiritual viewpoint.

It seemed that all those present had traced my line of thought. Despite this fact, I asked. “Do you have any difficulty reaching the Creator?”

“If you are clean and your mind is clear.” responded the second man, “you should have no difficulty reaching the Creator. After all, there is no one closer to you than the Creator. It is part of your mind, your being. It is the one thst relates you to the rest of the limitless Universe.”

“What do you mean by being clean in body and mind?” I asked.

“The less you are concerned with terrestial and physical matters, the cleaner you are. The motr you are devoted to equality of oppoetunity with the rest of your fellow human beings, the cleaner you are in your mind.”

“You are probably familiar with this requirement,” he continued after moments of pause, “because your very presence here indicates that you had reached the Creator and to do that you had to climb to a higher levels of behavior and understanding in your life.”

He was right, and I had tried to clean my mind and clear it from worldly thoughts. And to reach the level of purification I had devoted so much of my efforts for such a long period of timr, on and off, for weeks, months, and years to reach this point of contact in matterless context.

Surprised again, I responded, “You are right. I had such a contact, but could you tell me why it is so hard to get in contact with the Creator?”

“It is not hard at all,” said the first woman. “It is immediate, instantaneous, and in fact, it is a pleasure, consoling, relaxing to be in its presence. Everything depends on on the level of physical and mental cleanliness, which is the only way to get yourself close to the essence of the Creator.”

The second man following her statement said, “You should consider that your planet is in its primitive stage of development and civilization. People are selfish, brutish, and primarily concerned with material things rather than spiritual and aesthetic aspects of life. Though you are an exception, you are physically and mentally, subject to your primitive and unclean environment and necessarily affected by it.”

The first woman interrupted graciously. “We can continue this discussion for a very long time. Let's quit for now and hsvr you get acquainted, somehow, with our way of life.”

“As they say in your planet,” interjected the second man, “you have now lots of food for thought about us and the Creator. And you have to have time, as you would say, to sort things out.”

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Celestial Evolution of Humanity Prophecy of Mental Perfection

Ninth Vision

“I have been enjoying your presentation and environment around here so much that I don't want our discussions here to end soon,” proclaimed Jenny in the evening while we were having dinner sitting outside sitting rea of the restaurant. We both were glad since the area was poorly lighted since it did not disconnect us from the stars and shadows of the surrounding, the woods, hills, even flowers just around us.

“Oh, it is so marvelous,” continued Jenny, “and so unique environment with all these shadows surrounding us, dark endless skies full of stars bright and dim and perfumed air we takem in,” she stopped for a couple of seconds, looking upward, exclaimed with a louder voice. “What could be more pleasantly mysterious?” Silently, looking around for a few more second, while gaciously sitting back in her chir told me slowly. ' cietation of your experiences appear mysterious like a child is put in bed and grandpa tells bedside stories with mysterious content until she falls asleep.”

'I don't agree with being considered as grandpa. But go alone fully with the rest of your statements. We will continue our discussions and studies here until the end of my story”

“Considering you as my grandpa was not at all in my mind. I look at you as a strong qnd healthy man with a unique personality, a gentleman and caring person. And that is why I am so much attached to you and enjoy your companionship.”

“I know how you feel about me, I was just joking. Would you like to spend some hours in this environment lestening to the rest of my story?”

“I would love to, it would be like a dream,” she joyfully responded. “What a wonderful idea!” she added.

Let's order a big pot of hot tea and continue with the story.” He then ordered the tea and started.

You remember in our last meeting that we had just finished the meal and walked out of the building with my four companions who were seemingly assigned to serve as my hosts.

“You may be anxious to observe our way of life.” said one of the men.

“It was very nice and interesting to meet you.” said one of the women.She then looked at me and continued. “Your name is Reza, isn't it?”

“Yes,” I responded with surprisingly, “how did you know my name?” She laughed and continued, “Let's say that it was written all over your face.” She then added “By the way, we were so much interested in meting you and involved in discussion that, in your case, we all forgot to introduce ourselves.”

“why my case was different from the others?” I interjected.

“Because, here we don't need to introduce ourselves+++, by reading our mind people know who we are.” She then continued”I am Bet, she is Liss, this gentleman is Suri, and your host is Zet. One thing you won't have trouble with learning or pronouncing in our society is our individual names. They are short and simple. Enjoy and take care of yourself. We may see you again in your next visit.” she concluded.

“How do you know I may visit you again?” l asked.

“Let's say,” she responded, “it is a constructive guess.”

Liss laughed and injected, “who knows, you may develop an attachment to our people and society.”

They all left except zet, mu host who kept my compsny. There were lots of people around us running after there business and daily chores. The streets were not as crowded as those of New York or other big cities on Earth.

The envirinment looked so strange. There were no means of transportation, and actually there were no streets as found in our communities. The air was fresh and clean and it was a pleasure to breathe it. A variety of walkways connected the buildings. They appeared around sixty to hudred feet wide skillfully landscaped with trees plants and flowers around benches, chairs and tables located here and there lookong like outdoor cafes or snack bars. Many of the tables were occupied and people were having something to drink or eat. They were busy with conversation, reading or just enjoying the nature, the fresh air, or the beauty of the environment.

We had started to walk. I was sueprised about the leisurly way of life.

“Don't people work in your planet?” I asked Zet. He smiled and responded, “Yes, we all work, but you have to define, what do you mean by woek.”

“I mean makimg money to buy thinks, make a living, yaking care of family.” Isaid.

“That is asking many questions at the same time,” Zet responded. “First we don't work for money as you know it,We work for credit. We gain a certain numbers of points for our daily work which are recorded under oue code or ID number in the place we work. and also in our electronic ID card. We use this card to buy things we need, more or less similar to credit cards you use in your planet. Except that the payment for things we buy is instantaneous. The card points corresponding to our purchase, are taken from our ID card and transferred to th seller. Those who sell things use the credit points they receive from the consumers to buy things wholesale. Each point we earn is like a unit of paper money you earn in your planet, when you work.”

“Second,” he continued, “for the purpose of earning enough points to purchase goods or psy for services, we spend about one-sixth of our daily time.” He paused for a second, looking at me he continued. “That is about four hours a day, within your time framework, exept tha hours here are are twice as long as yours. So, four hours of work here is equal to eight hours in your planet with your time frame.”

“How many hours per week do you have to work?”

“We don't have weeks as your, we are one day free after every five days of work. We have also sixty days of vacation eacch year.”

At this time we had arrived to a subterranean entrance with a large stairway going down along an automatic escalator. We started to walk down the stairway. I was again surprised that with all their technological advancements, they are still using the old primitive stairways.

Zet grapped my thoughts and smiled as usual and said.”Technology is not beneficial in every aspect of life. One of the marvels of technologyis the structure and function of the boddy itself. A long time aso, when we used technology to respond to nearly every activity or desire of life, we, as people, started to degenerate. Life became shorter, the body became gradually incapable of responding to daily activity requirements. By letting technology taking care of our needs, we had made our physical body practically idle and allowed it tp degenerate. The result was public consciousness about the negative aspect of the use of advanced technology. It ended in a technological revolution and its reorganization. The main purpose was to eliminate its dominance in daily life. Many practices of technology were discarded and the old beneficial ways of life were revived. Stairways and the expanded, intricate and beautiful walkways all over the community were some of those. Gradually we woke up and became aware that in order to save our decaying civilization, we must change our living conditions and subjectn the body to to its needed daily exercise and healthy environment. The result was the whole reconstruction of the community and elimination of technology in many aspects of daily life and going back to the nature and basics.

We had arrived in a large underground hall with rows of small vehicles, each having four seats. There were dozens of such rows and in each row ther were a number of these vehicles in line. Each row was composed of two ines of single rail uwsed like a guide. The air inside the hall was as fresh as the outside, and was lighted in a way that it looked like being outdoors rather than being underground.

We took one of the rows and enterred the vehicle in the front. Zet pushedn a few little buttons and then a large one. The vehicle started to move. We both sat down. The motion was quiet and snooth, like we were riding on air. Zet noticed my astonishment and responded brfor I had opportunity to question. “Yes, we are riding on air. The vehicle is a little bit detached from the ground through a strong magnetic field, and moving forward under the effect of the same force. The speed is controlled by a computer. For longer ditances, it will move faster. When it approaches the destination, it slows down and stopps when it arrives at it.

“How does the machine know where we intend to go?”

“Simple,” he responded, “You saw me giving our destination to the computer when we enterred the vehicle. It can also receives oral commands. You give the address and it will take you there. But since oral communication is not the usual way of conveying our thoughts, it is rarely used. If you want to get out before reaching your destination, push this stop button, it will stop at the next station.”

“We passed very crowded intersections, where many vehicles had to change rails in moving towrd their destination. What happen if there I an accident and traffic is jammed?”

“It is also simple but technologically quite complex. All the vehicles have computerized sensor system which control lane changes in intersections by which each vehicle follows the rule of first come, first served. I think because of this highly advanced system we never had accident in our railway system.

At this time we had arrived to our destination. We got off the vehicle. I followed Zet in the hall to the stairway. This hall, like the first one, looked more like a mall or shopping center.

“It seems that you have a two-level city, one over ground and one under.” I asked Zet. “It is true to some extend, but many stores that you see underground have also overground level. In fact they are two story shopping areas. One more thing you may like to know id that everyone of these stores not located close to a station, have their own transportation system, cnnecting them to the main network.

We had arrived to a stairway and started to climb up. All together I counted thirty-four steps except thst each step was about one third less in hight than those on Earth, likely because of shorter physical structure of the people in the planet. We entered a beautiful square wuth trees, flowers, and people. This was the planet of little people. Zet's head barely reached my shoulder level. Many others looked even shorter than him. With my 5'10” height I felt like a giant among little people.

Of course, I was immediately noticed by everyone, and was also known, since all those around had read what had passed throughy mind. However, people didn;t flocked around me. Despite curiosity, people went after their business leisurely Anytime my sight crossed theirs the outcome was a soft and sweet snile with some shyness and respect.

Despite all friendly reaction toward me, I did not feel comfortable because of my size, my ignorance, comparatively primitive culture and knowledge particularly for not being able to hide anything from them eveen my most private thoughts. Yet, I could not know anything about them except whatever was disclosed to me by them orally or otherwise. Zet had noticed my preoccupation. “Don't disturb yourself by being somehow different from us,” he explained, You are totally among friends and everyone wants to get acquainted with you, but they don't want to disturb you.” After a short pause, he continued. “If you lived among us, you would have lots of friends.” He then smiled and added, “Particularly, I see a special desire among woman to get acquainted with you.”

“Women?” I said surprisingly. “Why women in particular.”

“Women are the striking part of our society. Not only they are equal with men in every aspect of life, but their tenderness, intelligence, inner and outer beauty invite respect, admiration, and gentlemanly courtship from men.” He paused for a moment and added with a lower voice,They enlightentheir companions, family life and our society. It seems that life would have been quite monotonous without them around. They create excitement, romance, diversity, entertainment, and marvelous companionship in our life.”

I was truly trilled, but before I could say anything, Zet continued.”The adorable part is that despite all voluntary privileges they receive, they never tend to take advantage, but sustain themselves at equal level with men with all extra privileges granted to them. They are totally free to selevt their companion.” After a moment of pause, he added with smile, “I see that many of them have favorable thoughts about you.”

After a couple of turns to right and left in walkways, we had finally arrived to Zet's place of residence. There wee only a few people on the walkways. We stopped in the front of a door and Zet pronounced a word that I could not understand and the door slid open. Zet noticing my amazement sad, “The mechanism of the door Is sensitive to my voice. I ordered it to open and it opened.It closed automatically after we passed through It also notices strangers passing, but if they are accompanied by a family member, it will have o response, otherwise, it will notify thenfamily member and the security officer.”

We entered aa qurter which looked comfortable. First, I was pleased to see that the ceiling was about eight feet from the floor. I had expected it to be much lower. A beautiful young lady approached us with a charming smile, extending her hand to me. I took her hand, gently brought it to my lips and kissed it lightly.

“Oh,” she shrugged, “a forgotten but beautiful custom, how nice, thank you.”

Zet then introduced her as Izi, his companion. At this time, a beautiful girl, a shade smaller than Izi, approached us with a shy smile. Extending her hand toward her Izi introduced her to me. “This is our daughter Sue.” I saluted her by bowing my head a little, and stated with a sigh of releif and satisfaction. “Well, here is finally a name fa,iliar to me from home.” She appeared to be pleased. I was led by Izi to a sofa. I appreciatively sat down. Zet sat across from me on a fauteuil. Izi sat next to me and Sue on a chair next to her mother.

“Iam very pleased to meet you Mrs...Ms...”, then I paosed for a moment and continued. “I don't know how to address you.”

“Juat Izi,” she responded with a soft smile “We don't use any titles here.”

“Iam very pleased to meet you Izi and you, Sue,” turning my sight toward her.

“The pleasure is ours,” Izi responded, “after all we don't get many visitors from other planets. May I ask you,what brings you here to our planet?”

“I don't know exactly, but I am so pleased to be here. It is more likely that I was directed here or brought here. And, I have no idea hpw and when I am going to go back.”

“Do you have to go back?” Sue asked like a child who suddenly has come to like me and does not want mr to leave.

“This is a wonderful place to live. I never dreamed of even visiting such a place. Yes, I continued, “I would like very much to live here, but it seems that within me there is a force or, at least, a strong feeling directingme to return to my planet.”

Izi was attentive and asked, “Do you have certain attachments that oblige you or at least direct you to return?”

“No, first, I live alone and have no companion that we call girlfriend or wife,” I responded. “Second, as I have heard repeatedly from your people, and rightly so, we are a primitive society where friendships are often attached to certain conditions of the material life in which we live, thus, I have no true friends.”

“I paused for a few seconds to collect my thoughts and continued, “It seems that I have been directed to assune the responsibility of leading my people out of their ignorsnce and direct them toward the kind of life they are destined to reach.” By this time everyone had become interested and all were attentively listening. “I am somehow certain that I am under the command of the Creator to carry out this mission, and since I am ignorant of the process as well as the purpose of my mission, this visit to your panet appears prearranged in order to acquaint me with the type of life the Creator has in mind for my people.” Then I turned to Sue, “you see, Sue, I have no choice but to return,” Then I added jokingly, “Whether I like it or not, I will be taken back to my planet,”

“Are there other people in your planet with your ideas of an advanced civilization?” asked Zet.

“I am sure there are individuals with more oe less the same thoughts as mine, but their number is negkigible and their activities are often suppressed. Unfortunately, in a substancial part of my planet, there are societies that are considered relatively developed. They are governed by a brutal primitive economic system known as capitalism. It is a system where a small economic elite rule by subjugating the rest of the society to serve them and produce for them. Any movement undermining the authority and prosperity of this elite is brutally eliminated..” I paused for a few seconds, everyone was silent and attentive.

“It is a modern form of slavery,” I continued, “and under the traditional form prevalent a few centuries ago, the master, who owned human beings as slaves, was responsible to feed, clothe, and shelter them in return for thrit ptoductive labor. Under the modern form, the master, called the rmployer, has abandoned these responsibilities and has left the laborers to take care of their problems on their own. In return, the master pays them a survival wage requiring a high and profitable production in return. Even though, in theory people are free to work or not to work for their master, they hsve no choice, because of their need for survival, they have no choice but work for one employer or another.” I paused for a moment and addded “Yes, in the past there had been great leaders such as Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, Budadha and others, who had tried relieve people from the yoke of this economic elite, and had devoted all their life for hunanitarian purpose.” I paused for a few seconds and continued, “All of these leaaaders had scors of folloers.”

“What happened then?” Izi questioned.

“As the time passed, their ideas were diluted and skillfuly manipulated to fit the prevalent economic and cultural systems. The original ideas were practically discarted and capitalism in its differennt forms continued to prevail. Today, inn appearance, nearly all modern capitalistic societies are and keep the authority of followers of Christ in many different forms. In practice however, they are capitalists rather than Christian. The foundation of these societies is based on exploitation of labor and discrimination on account of wealth, race, gender, religion, and national origin. None of these is cmpatible with with the teachings of Christ. Therefore they are not really Christians but they have molded Christianity to tolerate their economic and social injustices and to accommodate them within the framework of the religion.

“Don't people have enough mind of their own to realize the directions are deceit?” questioned Izi.

“Practically, no,” I answered, “The ruling elite of which the ruling clergy is a part of or under its influence, has subjected the religion to certain dogmas that followers hve to accept without any questioning, such as Christ being the Son of God or is the Holy Spirit. Through the enforcementof these dogmas, the church has benn instituted in the mold of capitalism. The church has to earn money in order to be able to operate and exert power. Spiritual leadership with its strict hierarchy, has been established to rule within each Christian denomination. Highly strict and restrivtive rules are instituted to keep followers under control and keep the authority f cherch protedted and secure. People following the religion think within nthe framwork of these dogmas and restrictions, nearly all favorable to capitalistic trends. No freedom of thought fundamentally in conflict with established principles is allowed to fleurish. Ex-communication is the punishment which deprives the follower from umortant social and economic opportunities.” I concluded.

“This is truly irrational and primitive,” stated Zet.

“Yes, capitalistic materialism has caused tremendous in our docirties. It has created class stratification and poverty. It has denied equality of opportunity in health care, education, employment, and nealy in all social, economic and political life. It has brainwashed people of legitimacy of capitalism as a democratic process.” I responded, “and that is the obstacle I have to face to expose and activate thr Creator'swishes.”

“Are these wishes that you refer to any different from what we practice here?” questioned Zet.

“I really don't know what your basic principles of life are. I definitely would like to find out about them.” After a thouthful pause, I continued, “I am quite certain that at least, one reason of my visit to your planet has been for this purpose. But I am sure that predominance of reason and openness of debate about every aspects of the Creator;s essence and directions is the foundation of my mission.”

“These have been and are exactly the sourse of our relationship with the Creator,” imterjected Zet. “It has caused a logical development of deep beliefs in the Creator and soundness of its directions.” “The peaceful, friendly, cooperstove, and happy dociety we have today has been the result of openness of thinking and debating on the basis of reason and logic.” responded Izi.

“I suppose that this is the kind of people and civilization the Creator wants me to materialize in my planet.” I paused for a moment and continued “Now, I understand the reason for my visit to this planet. I was brought here to observe what was expected from me to achieve. But I am not sure that I have the capability of achieving such an enormous task.”

“If you allow me to internene,” said Sue after remaining silent during all of our conversation, “I don't think you are expected to establish such civilization.”

Surprised of the intervention of this little girl in our somehow complex philosophical discussion, I asked, “What do you mean? If I am not expected to establish such civilization, then what is my mission?”

Smilingly and calmly she responded, “I think your missio is to plant ans sowe the seed of the idea and let the reason and logic take over from there on and deelop the foundation of the future civilization compatible with the aspirations of the Creator.”

I was again surprised about her knowledge, logic, and intelligrnce. Her response was perfect and logically well sustained. To me, she was a girl of ten to twelve years ol, more ikely at the middle school education level. “Marvelous, marvelous,” I responded, “What kind of education do you have?” It seemed that she haad difficulty answering the question. Maybe fordome reasons unknown to me the qustion did not make much sense or was even inppropriate. She turned to her mother with a uestioning look.

“We don't have the classification of educational lecels as you have in mind, or it is used in your planet.” Izi reponded om behalf of her daughter. “in your time framework, she I about a year and halfr old.” she added.

“A year and ahalf!” I sshrugged with amament. “At that age, in my planet, a child is just a baby and barely is able to say afew words. How is this possible?”

“Well Reza,”Zet intervened. “this may be ery diffivult for you to understand. I may not even be capable of explaining to you the process of birth and growth of humans in our planet since it has been the result of milnia of reesearch and development.” he paused for a few moments. It seemed that he was seeling a simple way of explaining to me an extremely complex sientific process to life and death on his planet. “Through thousands of yrears of research and development,” he continued, “we have been able to develop a super-breed of humans. We have studied human genes for centuries and continualy have created a higher quality ones, mainly through combining of different genes. Our process was accelerated after our scientist were able to split genes and use parts from them in fifferent combinations.” “Do you understand?” Izi asked.“I understand what you are talking about,” I responded “But I don't understand how it could be done. “ After a pause, I added,”On my planet, we have just started reseasearch genes. Our people and government are concerned about it. There is an impression that we might end up with something new which may be out of our control or we may end up creating evil things desastrous to our civilization.”“We had the same problem here centuries ago when we had just studying genes and interfering with the setup of our creation our people beliieved should not be touched or disturbed.,” explained Sue by interjecting heerself into the conversation that was tobe of those educated and informed adults.

I was again truly amazed “How in the world a baby, only eighteen months old, knows the history of humankind on her planet with such detail?” I asked myself.

Reading my mind Izi tried to enlighten me. “Sue knows as much as we do about everything as a matter of fact,” she explained, “she only lacks experience in logic and analysis which comes through maturity.” She then smiled and continued, “remember thst she can read not only what is in your mind but what is going on in the mind of her own parents. Actually,” she continued, “this is the main process of education and learning in our planet.”

“We don;t have a rigidly srtuctured system of education, the way you have in your planet,” Zet interjected. “Here it is the parents responsibility to see that their child is exposed to different sources of knowledge during the first year of life. From there on the accumulated knowledge in the child's mind will guide him or her for further acquisition of knowledge and its proper use. The parents job from there will be to provide experience for their child in the laboratory of daily life and help him or her to defelop the proces of logic, analysis, and reasoning in dealing with fact and situations.”

“In your time framwork, this development may take another year.” Izi added.

I wasn't able to absorb the icredible disclosures. I was obliged to interject with amazement. “You mean when Sue is two and a half years old, you as parents are through with her upbringing and she starts on her own?”

Zet lauphingly added, “Simply she is old enough to take care of herself and behave properly based on our well established cultural norms.”

“From the sources of knowledge availabe to her through our media and her parents, she has already learned the basic principle of life in our society and and its application through logic and reasoning.” Izi added.

“This single principle,” Zet continued, “is theequality of opportunity in every aspect of life.”

“How about if she doesn't want to apply suchn principle?”I questioned.

“That is impossible,” Sue jumped in the conversation, “first, I have come to believe truly that this principle is the essense and foundation of the proper and just life in our planet. My parents have taught me how to use logic and reasoning in each encounter in life, so that this cacred principle is not disturbed by my action. Furthermore, since I live in a society where everyone adhers to the principle of equality of opportunity, I won't be able to go against it, if I wanted to. My improper action would be discovered and prevented, not y force but through logic and reasoning.”

I lauphed jokingly, “And you are only one and a half years old.” Then I added, “You behave and reason like a person of vast knowledge and visdom in my planet of which we have only a few.”

She responded with somehow shy smile. “I am sorry that I have diappointed you.”

“Disappointed? No,” I responded with a great deal of affection that I had already developed toward this little angel, “I am flabergasted I am astonished, I am amazed. I have No proper word in my language to express my feelings.” Then I pauseed for a moment and stated with a much lower and impressive voice,“I am honored to know you Sue, and also your parents.”

“It seems that you are quite surprised about the way we live here.” said Izi.

“Surprised is quite a light expression relating to my feelings,” I responded, “I am sure you have more surprises in stor for me here.” They all laughed. After a pause I questioned, “Is sue the only child you have?”

“Yes,” Izi responded, “Most families here have anly one child, a few have two.”

“How come no families have more than two?”

“Because, our planet, in your system of numbers, has a population of about five billion, which is thelevel our resources could allow full comfort and support. We would like to sustain this level of population.” After a pause, he added, “Of course, this requires limitation onn the number og children.”

“Who imposes such a limitation and how it is enforced?” I asked.

“We elect national and local counils , who, among other things regulates such matters.” Zet responded.

“However, we as the people have decided this policy as being an appropriate way of carrying out a prosperous and comfortable life in our planet.” Izi added. “The council and other social organizations setup the general guidelines, by which this and other policies chosen by the npeopoe are carried out.”

“Here the people govern,” interjected Sue, “Any change inn the substance of policies must be approved by the people.”

“You surprise me again Sue,” I responded, “Now, I am starting to believe that you know everything like your mother and father told me before.”

“Thank you,” she responded wwith a charming and somehow shy smile.

“What happens if a family gives birth to more than two children?” I questioned. “does the mother has to have an abortion?”

“We would never allow abortion,” responded Izi, “because it amountd to destruction of life. Human life is the most precious thing in our society and is highly protected.”

“Then, how do you avoid population explo0sion?” I questioned.

“Here is the biggest surprise to you,” Izi stated laughingly “Fsmilies here don;t produce children as it is done in your planet.”

“But wwe practiced your way thousands of years ago,” Sue interjected. “It was a primitive way of producing children.”

“Sue is right,” said Zet. “It was also unhealthy and burdensome. It did cause population explosion accompanied with diseases, defects at birth, and disabilities.

“The population explosion obliged our leaders to impose restrictions in population growth.” said Izi. “An important policy was birth control which was adopted and enforced. Birth control devices were used and when the results were not satisfactory, abortion was required.”

“For a long time, we had a chaotic situation. Abortion was objected to by some groups,” said Zet. “technology was not advanced, the population explosion, improper governmental policies, desire for accunulation of wealth, and other factors jointly had caused a highly dtratified society.”

“A very large number of our people were poor and hungry,” interjected Sue, “To survive, they were often obliged to act improperly and cause harm upon others.”

“This sounds very much like the kind of society we have in my planet.” I responded. “And you said,” looking at Sue, “this was thousands of years ago.”

“Yes,” responded Sue, “to be precise, it was about two thousand years ago in your frame of time.” After a short pause she added. “Thinking of what you said about your society, I am sorry to disappoint you,” After another pause, she continued. You know that social and cultural habits and mores take a long time to change. People usually don't like to part from the ways that they have been accustomed to for a long time.”

“Thank you Sue,” I responded, “you are exactly right, I could not have expressed it better.” I paused for a moment lookin at her and admiring her knowledge, intelligence, and behavior, and then continued, “you don't have to be sorry at all. You did not disappoint me, you gave me a good education for which I should thank youn again.” A smile of satisfaction appeared on her beauful and delicate face.

“We need a brake,” Jenny interrupted the chain of my sweet thought. “We have benn on this subject for hours, though it is vry interesting and stimulating, I feel somehow tiered and ned to stop everything and get some fresh air and relax.”

“You are absolutely right,” I said I get so deeply involved on this subject that oftentimes I forgetthetime even the environment we are in.” Before I could continue Jenny jumped in.

“You know how keenly I am interested on the subject of thechnological democracy, particularly your story which shows the theory in action in a highly advance civilization. So, That is not the issue, I just feel exhousted and need some frewh air.”

“Everything is going to be fine Jenny,and you are going to get your rest.” I said, “I think we have reached the end of the Nineth Vision and seems proper to stoppwhere we are, take a brake and start the next vision when we have regrouped our energy and feel ready to start.”

“what is the subject matter of the next vision?” Jenny questioned.

“Very important,” I responded,”We are going to take a look into the actual process of daily and family life in a thecnological democratic society.”

“I would like to thank you for accomodating my physical and mental, including sentimental, needs which gives me additional pleasure any time I think of the extreme level of care and love you have toward me.” Jenny expressed.

“Just as you said, it is a matter of love.” I responded affectionately.

“You know well that I love you too.” Jenny expressed with a shy smile and added with a softer tone, “In fact a lot.”

Dr. Reza Rezazadeh [ B.S.M.E., LL.B., J.D.., LL.M., Ph.D., S.J.D.]

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Prophecy for Mental Perfection
The Tenth Vision

As suggested by Jenny, we took off work and decided to go back to the nature and energy fields to enjoy the natural setting and rejuvenate our energy It was a life out of this material world. The third day, while resting on the top of the hill where we had just passed the night together with the nature, tall trees, open sky along with all other plants and creatures around us, Jenny opened the discussion.

'This life is so wonderful that I never want to quit, but we have job to do and I wonder where you want to start and what areas of celestial life are intending to cover?” she asked.

“Well, it seems that there is some kind of spiritual connection between us,” I responded, “I had in mind to start the same question with you today. In this vision I am intending to cover the most important part of my experience in Zet's planet which covers the process of daily and family life in his planet and how by application of a single principle of equality of opportunity the society has moved itself from a primitive civilization like ours to a the chnplogocal democracy, mainly through developing a full consciousness about this principle by questioning every related occurrence and trying to find answer through logic and reasoning.” I took out my notes and paged them for a few moments to find a starting point, and then I started.

“As you remember, it took about two thousand years , according o Sue, hat heir lane moved from is primitive stage of civilization like ours to their present advanced position. When we stopped the discussion, Izi was about to say.

“After erveral centuries, following Sue's expression, graduslly the problem was resolved through consciousness of the people about social defects. Among other problems, the question of population control was gradually resolved mainly through technological and scientific advancements.” “Today,” Izi continued, “mothers don't bear children. There are scientific factories that produce our children for us.”

“you mean that our children are machine made?” I interjected with amazement.

“Not exactly,” Izi said, “this need a little explanation for you to understand, and I will try to explain it the simplest way I can. When Zet and I decided we wanted to have a chid,we referred to what we call the child institution. A sample of our gene was taken by the lab, then we left and were told to return in six weeks to receive 'seed' of our child.”

“What do you mean by 'seed'?” I asked, somehow horrified that I was dealing with a machine-made society and my host and others were not real real people. II was starting to get worried. Noticing my inner feelings, Izi continued. “Were real people as real as you are, if you allow us a few moments to explain and clarify the situation, we hope that your worries will go away.”

“Okay,” I said, “but you should know that it is extremely difficult for me to accept all these as a proper way of human life.”

“Your worries are well justified Reza,” Zet said. “It may be helpful if you consider that you are thousands of years behind us and you, by the level of your civilization, process a primitive mind and prohibitive culture.”

“Once upon a time, “ interjected Sue charmingly, “our civilization was more or less like yours, I think where we are today, has been a natural process of development of a civilization within a long period of time. Reading your mental condition and presence, I can understand why you feel the way you do. You appear to be quite an intelligent person despite being uninformed as far as knowledge is concerned,” she continued, “This fact makes me certain that you will feel much at easeonce my parents explain more about our reproductive system.”

“You know Sue,” I responded, “You are so beautiful in and out and your words are so carefully chosen that, as an expert psychologist, you create an immediate atmosphere of mental relaxation and acquiessence.” With out allowing any response, I continued, “you amaze me anytime you enter the conversation. I thank you again for bringing understanding and comfort to my mind.”

“You are very kind,” responded Sue with a soft smile. “But nothing is out of the ordinary. What is accepted and done here is the result of our democratic thinking, advanced and accelerated by the help of science and technology.”

“Trying to make a complex process, simple,” Zet sad, “let's take our own case, and our daughter Sue. She was not created through theold-time traditional way, as is the case in your planet, as was in our planet centuries ago.”

“She was not created through a sexual intercourse by injecting [ejaculating] my sperm in Izi's body.” Zet continued. “Sue was not created or developed in Izi's womb, she was created initially in a lab and then taken care of by us, her parents.”

“How she could be your child if she was not the result of your mutual efforts to have a baby?” I asked curiously.

“In theory, it is quite simple.” Izi intervened. “When we decided to have a child, our genes, Zet's and mine, were taken by a special child development laboratory. Both genes were carefully studied and analyzed through an authentic computerized process. Usually, different analysis are made regarding different properties of each geneseperated and dissected. For example if there were hereditary diseases, disbetes, cancer, chemical defects, or psychological or mental problems, which were all deleted from the genes.”

“Our technology is quite advanced in splitting genes, and recombining different parts from different genes.” Zet interjected.

“However,” Izi continued, “the basic properties of the genes are maintained and not altered. These are those related to the basic characteristics, physical, mental, and psychological parts of our personalities.All these specific properties are discussed with the expected parents and receive their approval. Alternatives re also presented. Therefore, the expectant parents have a great deal to contribute to their future child without causing any substantial change in his or her personal characteristics. If such basic changes were allowed, the child then would not have been the biological one but Accordingly, our two genes were combined to form s new genewhich was the basic foundation of the personality of our child.” Izi concluded.

“Then came the most complex and difficult part of the process,” Zet followed Izi's explanation. “The new gene was placed inside an egg filled with nessacey food for nourishment and growth of the gene into a fetus. This egg was somehow larger than the size of an ordinary chicken egg, except that it did not have oval shape but was spheric, about three inches in diameter. The incubation process occurred in the lab under carefully suoervised envirunment, and the child's development was continually checked automatically and recorded. After about twenty days, when the development process ws considered complete, thegg was broken through pressure from inside, under the observation of the experts in childcare. A fully developed would appear about eight inches tall, using your system of measurement.”

“This is fascinating and unbelievable,” I stated with amazement.

“It is fascinating but not unbelievable,” Zet responded, “this has been the process of life in our plsnet for centuries. It gives us children of high quality that are biologically ours. It controls population growth, at the level of five billion we have at this time. If for certain pressing reason we have to decrease or increase the size of the total population, a policy is recommended by the computerrand the situation is remedied by decreasing or increasing the birth rate. Such policies are automatically and voluntarily implemented by the people since the policy is for the good and well-being of the society as a whole, and everyone desires and helps in implementing the policy.”

“At certain situations it may be necessary to have more than two children,” Izi interjected. “It occures usually when there is decline in population.”

“An eight-inch tall baby must be fragile. How do you take car of it?” I questioned.

“The food is pre-prepared,” responded Izi,,”similar to baby formulas you have, except that nutritionally it is quite advanced.”

“You know,” interjected Sue, “the baby grows very fast during the first six months. Fpr this reason the food must be appropriate to provide support for such eapid growth..”

“How fast is very fast?: I asked with amazement.

“During the first few week the growth is about one inch per week,” explained Izi, “and gradually it slows down.”

“Within the first six months the baby reaches the hight os about thirty inches and weighs about twenty-five pounds.” Zet added. “Then physical development slows down, while mental development accelerates.”

“At six months of age,” Zet continued, “The baby not only recognizes the members of the family, but knows quite a bit about each of them. It understand, to some extent what we have in mind, and communicate orally, though, not fluently.”

“You mean a six-month old baby reads your mind and can communicate orally in your language?” I questioned.

“More or less that is true,” said Izi, “parents are usually well informed about all-around development of the baby and see to it that it does not fall behind in her education, learning process, and storage of knowledge.”

“The capacity to learn is almost limitless, but at this age the child has not developed the qualities for logic and reasoning.”

“This is absolutely amazing. How long do you have to care for physical needs of the chid?” I asked curiously.

“By the age of six-months, the child becomes independent physically,” Zet explained, “it walks, talks, eats, and drinks and take care of itself, nearly as an adult.”

Assuming that it is a boy, he is matured in many aspects of physical life. For example, he knows the dangers such as heat, height, and avoids harming himself or others.” Izi explained, “but he is still a child and needs supervision and monitoring.”

“Despite the fact that he is a child,” Sue interjected, “he is able to help other members of the family in many of daily chores.” After a short pause she added smilingly. “I remember, I did help Mom a lot and even Papa sometimes.”

“Children are a pleasure to have,” said Izi. “Actually no family has only one child around,, Sue brings many friends here. They expend quite an extended time together. She vidits her friends the same way. They are all well behaved, even helpful when needed.”

“Helping others is an integral part of our life,” explained Sue. “This is based on the concept of equality of opportunity, which children are taught about and grow with it in their daily life experimentations. It is a naturally expected behavior.”

“Consequently,” interjected Izi, “the concept is fully applied and implemented in family relations among all members of the family.”

“This whole thing is incredible. It looked like an ideal world and perfect civilization,” I remarked.Though I am observing the real life here, it seems more like a dream rather than reality..” After a moment of paose, I continued. “In my planet, which is full of evil thoughts and actions and it is dominated and ruled by a selfish elite, we call the capitalist, it is impossible even to think about the possibility of comparatively just society, let alone a perfect one like the one you have here. They will laugh at me even if I try to explain what I have seen here,” I continued. “Based on our values, not only this idea is impossible but ridiculous in the minds of those in power.”

“Long, long time ago,” responded Zet, “We had the same evil society as yours. But whether it is noticed or not, part of us as humans relates to the Creator. It means that there is something inherently good in the essence of every human being. At times this good part may become overshadowed, even suppressed, by evil thought and deeds, which mostly are the result of one's devotion and attachment to worldly goods and materialistic desires. The good in us is permanent. It is the only part that remains with us when we leave this material world. For a far better life beyond.” Zet then passed a few moments in silence. Others did not attempt to interrupt him by interjecting themselves into conversation as they had done it before.

“Ultimately the good has to come out,” he continued. “When the evil things persist, people who have become subjucated to them, start to develop gradually and often slowly,a contradictory feeling within themselves. They start a critical look to the existing conditions and norms and question their corresponding results and validity.”

“The seed for consciousness is sowed and an opposition movement starts developing. The movement may take centuries to mature, during which the evil system uses everything with in its power to stop it. Such actions may even ensue alteration or modification of the evil behavior in order to sustain it. The outcome and results have always been one step toward a better society.”

“As the opposition movement becomes strong, organized, and active, the corresponding modification in the evil behavior and norms become sharper and even radical. The issue for the evil forces become a matter of survival.” After a few moments of thoughtful silence, Zet continued. “We went through this process and we did finally uprooting materialism and attaining, as you call it, a just society. Today we earn and use material things strictly for our daily and long range needs. We don't desire to accumulate wealth beyond these needs. We consider it an evil behavior since protection and preservation such accumulated resources impose a useless burden in our daily life. We use the resources as we need them and leave marginal personal material belongings behind when we leave this planet. Anything left behind reverts to the people as a whole, except the personal belongings which go to the family members.”

“I feel enormously enriched by everything I have been exposed to actually or through your explanations.” I stated, “However, there is one thing I would really like to observe and take with me. That is the manner your children are produced and human eggs are created..”

“That is a complex process and may not be easily possible to observe and understand.” responded Izi. “but it might be possible to arrange a visit to one of production institutions and the nursing process of children as they are produced.. But I don't promise anything at this time.We were not allowed to see our own child for weeks until the required nursing process by the institution was completed.”

“I would be indebted to you for life if such visitation could materialized.” I said with excitement.

They all laughed until Zet interrupted laughingly, “We will do our best, but we have to eat now.”

The meal was was simple but delicious and specially spiced. It did not have the type of hot spices we often use in our cooking at home. It was light with a reat aroma and taste. Of course, no meat was included as an ingredient.

We ate leisurely and continued our conversation about cooking which seemed like an art among these people. Its preparation did not belong to one gender or another; everyone participated to the best of his or her ability, knowledge and experience. I was told that often the older members of the family have the highest experience in preparing meals, but they guide the younger members to prepare and learn the delicate angles of this artistic production.

I was surprised to find out that the tea was the favored drink among these people and a special emphasis was placed on the manner it was prepared and served, It definitely tasted great with an appealing aroma and particular delicacy. I had to ask for a refill and still desired even more, but hesitated to ask for more.

“Now that we are all, hopefully, well nourished and rested,” said Zet, “It is time to take our guest to observr what he has asked for, our procreation process.”

We left the house for the square and descended underground to the transportstion station. We took a magnetic car toward our destination which Zet had punched into the guidance system of our auto-car. It was a pleasant trip. We passed the underground street full of a variety of stores lighted like daytime overground.

“It looked like daytime here, like we are over ground rather than underground,” I stated, “where is the source of such light?”

“This is an advanced lighting system that it would be difficult to explain without understanding of its system.”

“In a simple manner,” explained Izi, “we may say that the light is reflected by the molecules of air with a measured degree of humidity. It is a molecular transfer of light from its origin which is not visible to the eye,”

“The source of energy in our planet, is through atomic consumption of a combination of a certain specifically selected matters.” added Zet.

“You mean all your electrical and other sources of energy, are the product of atomic energy?” I questioned.

“Not all but most, the sun is also used as a significant source.” responded Zet.

“This is quite interesting to me,” I responded, “because, we have started to use atomic energy but have the grave problem of disposing of atomic waste with its highly radioactive and destructive properties.”

Izi laughed and said smilingly. “This is a primitive way of using the atomic energy. We had the same problem about its residual waste.”

“But that was a very long, long time ago,” Zet interjected. “We use a completely different process now. We call it atomic consumption by which atoms are processed and consumed totally in producing energy.”

“How do you dispose of the residual waste?”

“There is no residual waste. The consumption is a very long process and is total.”

“It is amazing.” I responded curiously.

“Yes,” responded Zet. “We consider this as the most marvelous achievement in our society. It has changed most of the ways we used to live.”

“This car that you are riding on now, is just one example,” said Sue smilingly. “It runs on an atomic battery.”

“that is true,” said Zet. “You can buy any kind of atomic battery in the market, and they are not expensive.”

'Tp give you an idea of its power,” interrupted Izi, “this car runs by an atomic battery the size of an ordinary egg which would last for about thirty years.”

“The battery that runs a large factory, is not larger than a shoe box,” interjected Zet, “and the cities uses three to five of them to supply the needed energy for the city.”

“All our gadgets and lights in the house operate by atomic batteries,” explained Sue. “It is such a marvelous thing.”
 “You then must have neither central energy producing systems nor wiring and pipeline to transport energy.” I stated questioning with amazement.

“This is correct,” responded Izi, “it has helped a lot to beautify our natural surroundings.”

At this time the car made a short turn to the right and stopped. We left the car. We were in a well lighted square, with a few people around. Noticing my curiosity, Zet said. “This somehow a restricted area for health reasons. This is just outside the procreation labs, and the idea is

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The Celestial Evolution og Humanity The Prophecy of Perfect Mind

The 11th Vision [Part II]

We all approached a transparent rectangular table. There was a plate of prepared meal for each person. “You sit there, Reza,” Izi said, indicating a chair. We all sut at the table and started to eat. “It is not much food,” Izi said smilingly, “It is our customary evening snack, I hope you will like it.” The food seemed something like a combimation of vegetables and fruits blended together with a kind of sauce. Despite my initial hesitation, it was delicious. I got busy finishing my plate. Zet, noticing my initial hesitation, and covert curiosity, said, “It is not easy to get used to, let alone enjoy the kind of food you have never tried.

“Yes,and no,” I responded. “It is true that somehow, it id difficult to try an unfamiliar food for the firdt time. One doesn't know how it will taste, and what it is made of. However, this is not the firsst time I am eating your food. Thr extensive meal we had today, despits of all my hesitent tendencies, proved to be delicious, enjoyable and light.” Then focusing my sight on my plate I continued, “This is unquestioably delightful.”

“We will somehow miss you, after you are gone.” Said Sue, looking at me with a world of feelings. The word 'somehow' cought my attention. What does she means by using such word? I seemed having different connotation compared to the plain expression of “we will miss you.”

“Well,” I responded, “from your expression, it seems that you will somehow not miss me. So, I think that wil help you to forget me soon after I am gone.”

“Mo, no,” she replied seriously, “It is because we will be in touch with you after you have gone.” I opened my eyes with surpeise and said.

“Young lady, from the first moment of our meeting, youhave been hitting me with surprise after surprise. This must be your last ditch before I leave.”

She replied with a smile, “This has not been my fault if my ordinary statements have surprised you. I think a whole environment of our planet had been full of surprises for you including thr way of our thinking, knowing, and interacting.”

“Sue is right in her statement about missing you when you are gone,” said Izi, trying to clarify the issue. “Not only we will escort you to your destination tonight, we will be also visiting you, now and then, through our meditation process.”

“You mean I will see you occasionally on my place on Planet Earth?” I questioned, of course with surorise.

“Not exactly,” responded Zet, “you may not see us, but you may feel our presence in your mind.”

“We will be able somehow to communicate with you,” intervened Sue and then added immediately, “Forgive me again for the use of the word somehow.”

“She means that there may be times that you may not be able to feel our presence despite our efforts to communiate with you.” Izi added.

“This will be nobody;s fault,” said Zet.”The reason for the lack of communication, will be the result of your lack of advanced concentration and ready capability of contact with outer space.”

“Our community has offered you a gift, very precious from our viewpoint,” Izi intervened with a mysterious smile and look, “It will help you to keep in contact with us and at the same time, learn much more about our history, way of life and thoughts.”

My eyes were wide open again. “What kind of a gift can render such a service?” I questioned and then added. 'It must be one of your high technology devices.”

“You might say so,” responded Sue smiling, and again, as usual, with a teasing tone, “isn't it so Mom?” she asked Izi.

“It is true,” Izi responded, also smiling without losing her mysterious tone. “It is one of our near perfect technological achievements.”

Anxious to find out more about it, I asked, “When are you going to offer me this gift?”

They looked at one another, all smiling. Observing my great anxity, Zet finally broke the silence. “In due time, Reza, in due time.”

“You are making the situation more mysterious, and me, overanxious to discover more about it.” I responded, insisting on more information or disclosure.

“It is time to clean up and get ready for resting,” Izi declared. Turning to me, while holding a toothbrash, she added “After using several high technology devices, we have returned to the oldtimr toothbysdhes to clean our teeth. It is fun and humane,” she concludd, with an air of satisfaction.

“Let's go to our rest area, wwhat I think you call it the bedroom.” Zet invited me.

Weentered an area with lihjt blu alls and ceiling. The structure was made of somekind of thick glass like material similar to those of other rooms and most of the buildings in the community. The only difference was colors and textures, somr transparent, some opaque..

Over a neat floor, there were two large mattress-like pads, each about 10 by 7 feet and a fre inches thick. In our earthly account, this would be considered the bedroom. It was a large room. I was guided to sit on the first mattress.

“Reza,” offered Izi, “you sit on this one here and wait. We will be back in a fewmminutes.”

They then entered an adjoining compartment and returned after a few minutes. They had changed their clothes into long comfortable garments, apparently used for sleeping and rest hours. They were loose and looked like robes.

“Izi and I will get the othr mattress, and Sue will join you on yours, that is if you don't mind,.”

“Not at all,” I responded joyfully, “I will be delighted rest next to such a wonderful and chrming young lady like Sue,” I then added humorously, “You never know, she may have in store some more surprises for me.”

They all laufged. Sue cane and sat on the mattress a couple of feets from me. “We all take the same position, in the same direstion,” she told me. “Please follow the saame position as mine.” We sat on the mattress with our legs crossed, each foot touching the opposite thigh, and then lay down on the mattress, our arms, our arms at our sides resting on the mattress.

I knew that the rest time was to follow, but I didn't know how we were going to proceed. Sue broke the silence, without looking at me, her sight remaining in the direction of the ceiling. Her tone of voice sounded humorous.

“Reza, you didn't have to change your clothes, because in reality, you have no clothes on.” She said laughinly also teasingly. Zet and Izi joined Sue laughing, and I suddenly became conscious that I was not in my physical body. I had left it behind in my planet, and I actually did not have any clothes on. I suddenly felt very uncomfortable, noticing that all all this time I had been naked, not only at the presence of my friends but among all the people. Having no other choice, I joined the laughter.

“Before we start our meditation,” sid Izi, “we would like to thank you for allowing us to be your host during your stay here in our planet.”

“I have bee honored,” I responded, “I am the one that should be thankful and grateful for your kindness in devoting your time to show me around, and convey to me invaluable information and knowledge about your planet, your customs and your daily life.”

“It was a pleasure to get acquainted with you,” said Zet, “We know that you have to leave. We will help you to get home safe and sound, as your people would say.”

“That is right,” ingerjected Izi, “We will all meditate together. We will take you and the surprise gift we are going to offer you, to your home.”

I looked around and said curiously, “But I don't see any gift around here.” “It is a surprise gift, You will see when the time comes.” Zet sat, mysteriously looking at Izi.

“Reza,” joined Zet, “this iss an extremely precious gift; we are immensely fund of it. Please promise that you will tak goodcare of it and enjoy it until you are ready to return it to us.'

I was astonished, I was going to receive a secet gift, keep and enuoy it, but I have to return it when I was ready.

“Please excuse my ignorance,” I responded. “I don't understand anything about this gift. First, you don't tell me what kinf of gift this is, and then you say that I have to return it; then you tell me that I have to return it to you when I am ready. I am perplexed. Could you enlighten me a bit please.”

“What is wrong with you, Reza,” responded Sue again with her usual teasing smile. “If you know what the gift is, it won't be a surprise gift anymore, would it?”

“You have to wait, Reza, until you get it.” interjected Izi, “and then all your questions will be answered.”

“I know I have to leave you,” I said with a sad tone. “and I will be badly missing you all,” I continued after moment of pause. “It seems that I have known you and enjoyed your friendship for years. That is the way my heart feels.”

“But, Reza,” responded Izi, “our separation is not going to be forever. We will vissit you now and then.”

“Then,” I responded joyfully, “will I see you again?”

“No,” said Izi, “you will not see us, but you will feel our presence, our thoughts, and feelings toward you. However,” she added, “you may be able to see us and converse with us if you also were in transcendence.”

“Let's start our meditation now,” said Zet, “Goodbye, and have a good journey, Reza.”

“Goodbye, Reza, “ said Sue lying next to me with her teasing smile present, “hope you won't forgrt me.”

“How could I?” I responded. “You will always stand out in my thoughts. You have brought me so much pleasure and joy.”

“Goodbye Reza,” said Izi, “we will remember you the same.”

“Lie down like us with ease, and let's start our journey.” said Zet, “We won't need any cover since the room temperature automatically responds to the needs of our body.”

I was already lying down as directed by Sue. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate, while letting my mind fly to faraway distances seeking my homr planet. I felt that I wouldn't be alone in the darkness and chill of the space, and I was going to have the company of my friends. Soon I felt like falling asleep. Itried to remain awake without loosing my concentration. I told to myself that it was no time to sleep but to transcend. It seemed that my efforts were in vain and soon, found myself in deep but very pleasant sleep.

Back at Home Planet

I had no idea how long I was asleep. I even did not care, because, the environment that I was in and could not comprehend, was so pleasant, I had no desire to wake up. When, I finally woke up, I found myself in my living room in my house, exactly the way I had been lying down on the floor to meditate, when I left. I felt some great sense of relief finding myself in my body and my home.

The room was dark, the same as the start of my meditation. I got up half-waylooking at the furniture, the shadow of paintings on the wall, and other things in the room. All looked familiar. Being sue that I was in my home, I sat down and immediately started to think about the events I had gone throiugh. The beauriful planet I had visited with its wonderful people, an all marvelous moments I had spent with them. All seemed so real and vivid. It was not certainly a drea. B ecause, hpw it could be a dream where I had not slept? The time at my VCR's clock shoed only a laps of fouty minuts from my start of meditation, barely anough for me to transcend to outer space. I had a long journey, even if it was a dream it would have required hours. Finally if I had slept, I would have felt rested. I did not and was exhausted, tiered, and very sleepy. I decided to go to bed nd soon I was deeply asleep.

When I opened my eyes, it was a sunny aytime, I felt rested, but still felt somehow tired and worn out. It seemed like I had gonr through a tremendous physical strain and a good night of sleep was not enough to replace it. As a routine, I did a few minutes of my morning stretch exercise, put water on the stove to boil for my morning tea, went to the bathroom, shaved and cleaned up and sat on the stool to relieve myself. What was on front of me on the floor of the bathroom made me so afraid that I started to tremble and was near fainting. I tried to hold my consciousness and not to pass out, my eys wide open, looking at the little object in front of me and within my reach. It appeared to be a round egg as big as a tennis ball, exactly the same as those I had seen in my host planet. It made certain that I had not dreaned all this but it was real and I had truly been transferred to another planet. Collecting my senses and energies, I extended my still trmbling hand to touch it. When my hand got about one inch from it, I couldn't move it further”What if it is real?” I thought.

Ultimately, after much mental effort, I moved my hand forward and touched the object. To my astonishment and surprise, it was real. I took it in my still trambling right hand and lifted up. It was as heavy as a bug edd. The shell was not white as any ordinary egg but bluish as I had seen in the procreation Institute. So, this was the secret gift in store for me, by my host friends.

“What am I going to do wth this?” I asked myself wondering. I knew it wouldhatch, there would be a baby which would grow rapidly. I knew the egg needed a steady warm temperature, baby proper feeding,caring, and protection. My friendss were right. This was a surprise gift. Suddenly, I had become the parent to an extraterrestral child.

“What a responsibility,” I thought. “How am I going to raise the child?' Iasked myaelf. “Would it be safe in this environment?”uddenly, I remembered that I must one day return the creature, a girl or a boy, to my friends. At least, this was what they tol me and were expecting that I would do it on my own. This thought terrified me and made me aware of my enormous responsibility regarding the are and safety of the child.

While holding the egg carefully with both hands, I got up and went to the dining room. I placed the egg on a small plate on the dining table, sat down on a chair and placed my elbows on the table, my eyes fixed on the egg. I continued my thoughts, this time more seriously and constructively relating to my new parenthood and things I had to do receive, nurture, and protect this wonderful creature in this world of uncertainties.

The first thing to do was to provide a conveniently warm place for the egg. Fortunately it was the month of August and the weather was warm. I found a shoebox, placed in it a folded towel and covered it with a new heat pad from the kitchen. I put the box on the dining room table, took the egg and put it on the soft pad in the box. I sat down again without being able to take my eyes away from it. I felt that I had already developed certain sweet and [leasant affinity to this creature. It was a kind of a feeling of a mother soon giving birth to a child. It was, at the same time, a feeling of a father soon to receive a child.

I had to cover the egg with something to keep it warm. I lppked around to find something suitable. Finally, I covered it with a soft witer wool scarf I had available. I also decided to keep the box on the dining room table which appeared to be a safe place for the time being. I suddenly noticed that it was about two o'clock in the afternoon. I felt quite hungry, remembering that I even had no breakfast.

After lunch, I spent all the afternoon in preparation for my task of raising an extraterrestrial creature. I did not think, even for a moment, that this might be just an egg or somethimg like an egg from our own world. Observing the human production process on planet Zoraz, and the eggs used in that process, had left no doubt in my mind that this egg, exactly similar to those I had observed, waas from that planet. Thi belief was further fortified b y remembering the surprise gift to me, promissed by my friends to me just before my departure. But what I was wondering abou the most was, how in the world, they could have brought with them a solid egg like my house? Tey had transcended, as I had, leaving their physical body behind, and this is not just an image of an egg, but a real solid one. I could not find an andwer except that they were in possession of knowledge beyond what was exposed to me in our communication, namely the knowledge of transcending physical properties through the space, millions of light years away from, from their planet to mine, in a matter of no time.

I didn't have much of a problem as long as the egg didn't hatch. I only had to keep it at a steady temperature, close to my own body temperature, and take care of safety measures for its preservation. But the problem seemed to be enormous after it was hatched. I had seen those in the procreation Institute when they had just hatched, and the little babies had come out of each shell. But I didn't know how and what to feed it and how to take care of it until the time it could take care of itself. I remember being told that this would be about four months. Finally I decided I will get infant formula to feed our newborn and try it to see how it works.

I went to Wal-Mart to buy a can of baby formula, and encounntered a variety of food for babies, and not knowing what to select., and finally I bought some thinking to be the most appropriate. While browsing for the baby food I saw also a lot of baby clothing on the shelves around me, which reminded me of another big task I will face woyld be clothing the baby and keeping updated since I knew it will grow rapidly, including diapers cleaning facilities and other relevant necessities.

After a whole day of worries and excitements, when the time came to go to bed, I couldn't lave the egg in the dining room. First, I left the box on the dining room table and went to bed. But, I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking of the egg, and what may happen if it hatched and I was away in my bedroom. I, finally, gpt up and brought the box with egg to my bedroom. Put the box in different places in the room but I didn't fing safe if the egg hatched. Finally I decided that I would place it between two pillows in my king-size bed, one pillow to put my head on to sleeo and the other one on the other side of the box holding it in place and preventing itm from moving away. I put my head very close to the box, thinking that I will hear the tiniest sound in the box and sense any movement. I slept soundly, since I was extremely tired, mentally in particular.

As much as possible, I did not leave the box out of my sight. When the door bell rang or a visitor came in, or I had to go out of the house for a while,I would place the box in a drawer in the drawer chest in the bedroom which I had prepared for this purpose. Every day, I would carefully examine the egg to see if there was any change.Six days passed without any event. Every day, I went to my office only for couple of hours to take care of urgent matters. It was the end of the summer session and I had no classes to teach.

The main proplem was to keep this extreterrestrial creature out of public sight,including my relatives and children that visited me now and then, sometimes without prior notice. I was pretty certain that raising this child accompanies innumerable problems that I have to face and each time try to do my best to resolve them.

It was the fifteenth night, about one o'clock in the morning, I decided to go to bed. As usual, I took the box containing the egg to my bed and placed it between the two pillows. After repeating the same thing every night, this process had become somehow routine. I took a final look at the egg and then covered it with the part of the soft cloth the egg was on it, and soon fell asleep.

I had no idea how long I had slept, that ssuddenly, a jeer next to my ear woke me up. At first, I was horrified since the jeers were very much similar to those of a mouse either in stress or joy. I jumped out of the bed and turned the light on next to me. Jeers were coming from the box and something was moving under the cover. The idea of nthe mouse still in my mind, I cast aside the cover. What was exposed to me was astonishing and unblievable. A little beautiful baby, about eight inches long, was lying on its back, with legs and arms in continuous motion.

Through my attention to this little creature in continuou motion,I had discovered tht it was a girl. The shape of the body was, more or less, was the same as any newly born baby except that it was much smaller and slimer. Her face was adorned with a pair of beautiful black eyes, a tiny nose, and a small mouse barely about one-half of inch wide. Her hands and feet were fluffy, and her stomach was soft and straight with no belly button since apparently, it was not connected to any source of nourihment like those of terrestrial babies.

I still had difficulty of bringing myself to touch despite the fact that it came to my mind repeatedly that I hd to clean her box, otherwise, she may be harmed. I finally folded a clean diaper I always kept at hand on my bed, and looked at the baby for a few seconds, trying to decide how to hold and lift her up. Then, I slowly and yet hesitantly, took the baby out of the box.

As soon as I took her in my hands, and her sight contacted mine for the first time, her eyes suddenly remained focussed on my face, and she stopped her continuous motion and jeers. It had an inexplicable electrifying effect on me. It made me tremble. I put her on a clean cloth diaper and covered her with part of it I emptied the box of all its content which had become wet and dirty. After placing it in a plastic bag and throwing it in the garbage can, I returned to the bedroom. To my surprise, the baby was not moving anymore and everything was quiet. I got worried thinking that maybe something hd happened to the baby. I harriedly removed the cover and found her motionless with her eyes closed. For a moment, I was horrified. I thought maybe she was dead. I touched her very tenderly. The baby was warm. I slowly lifted up the cloth diaper with the bby in it and placed it in the box. She made a couple of soft motions with her hands and legs and then remained motionless and sound asleep.

Still was hard to blieve that I was in possession of an extraterrestial being, baby far more beautiful than any thunkable in my planet, which was to grow unbelievably fast and mature in a matter of a few months to the level of those consideree adults on my planet.

'Was she going to be the same knowlegeable as those I had observed in her planet? Or, by not having access to the resources in her planet, was she going to be comparatively primitive and ignorant lok us?” I questioned myself. I simply forgot that at least, she will know, at any given time, watever goes on in the mind of those present, which would be a tremendous advantage.

I knew she had to return to her planet, but I didn't know, how this was going to be possible, since she was a material being, made of so-called flesh and blood, not able to transcend several millions light years from here to her planet. But I was told by my friends from her planet that it will be done when the time comes. I had also been witness to transfer of solid matter, her egg, from her planet to mine. But an egg is quite different from a full-grown human being.

I finally selected a popular Persian name of Ziba which implies “beaautiful in everyn sense,” which I thought to be a nice and proper name, even in her society. I was sitting at her side and could not take my eyes away from her. I certainly had a beautiful baby girl from another planet in my home. “What a sensation she would be if the outside would be aware of her presene on Earth.” the thought horrified me. “I must do everything I can to keep her away from public eyes.” I told myself. “This would be my most important task. Until she is able to communiate with me. After that I would seek her advice and decide accordingly.”

She suddenly started to move and her eyes opened, looking at me. I moved her cover to see if she had wetted her bed. It was dry. I covered her again, leaving only her head and arms out. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of milk I had prepared for her and had kept slightly warm.

Her mouth was not bigger than one-half of inch. I brought the nipple in contact with her mouth to see her reaction. I didn't know whether she would be a ble to eat from such a big bottle. To my surprise, she grabbed the head of the nipple with her little mouth and started suking the milk The nipple being too bit for her mouth, the milk sipp out of her mouth and I had to use some klinex to dry what was coming out so, she would not wet herself and her bed. Overall, I was extremely pleased to see that she would eat and apparently like the baby formula.

Thinking that in a few days he would be moving around and walking, I bought a crib to keep her in it and take the crib around the house when I had to spend time in one room or another. It was a large one since I knew haw fast she was going to growup; it was also folding type so I could fold it when I was going to take it from one room to another. It also provided a new environment for her and a new world to discovr and cope with it. Furthermore, it would protect her also from outside invaders, cuts, dogs, mices and other little but dangerous creatures.

Despite all these protection measures, shortly after using the crib, one day when I returned home from the office, after a short absence, I heard noise coming from the bedroom. I rushed to see what was going on, I found her turned on her side, screaming and horrified. Her eyes were wide open and hern sight was fixed on the opposite corner of the crib. I approached and looked at the other corner, I was terrified. There was a big centiped, about three inches long and half as much wide, motionless in that corner. I grabbed a towel which I usually kept in the crib and pressed against the insect hard enough to kill. I took the dead insect and lifted it up. It was horrifying to see even a dead one I took it to the baathroom, threw it in the toilet, and flashed it down. I returned to the bedroom. She had already calmed down but was still horrified. I lifted her with the piece of cloth that had covered her and took with me to the living room talking softly to her. She seemed to feel out of danger , and protected, returning to normal. The centiped, the kind I founf in her crib, was rare around my house, but once in a longwhile was found around. But never so big in size.

After just a few days, only two weeks old, she had doubled in size. One day when I returned home from my outside chores, I found her moving around the crib on her stomach. She was able to lift her head and chest halfway up by the force of her two arms placing her hands on the floor of the crib. To my surprise, she seemed to understand the purpose of the screen over the crib. I could see the sign of satisfaction on her face. For two daays now, she had started making sounds like she was trying to talk and say some words. But despite my closest attention, I could not make any sense out of them.

For the last three or four days, it seemed that she understood my presence around her, and my attention to her. Three days ago, looking at me, a beautiful smile appeared on her face for them first time. It was such a delightful sight. It was a true reward to all my services to her, and my worries about her. Since that time, I was greeted by a smile most of the time, when I approached her. It had caused me to develop a special affection to this beautiful creature. I felt sorrym for the rest of the earthly humans who were deprived of seeing her and enjoying her beautiful, charming and amazing existence.

From her friendly behavior towards me, and those occasional smiles, I wondered, only about two weeks old, if she was able to read my mind. A few month ater, when she was well grown up. Considered an adult in her planet, she told me that though she could not speak any words, she could still read my mind, not composed of words, but images of the things I had in mind. For example, when I came home with a bag full of things I had bought for her, as doon as I took one out ,from its reflection in my mind, she would know what it was and what was its use and purpose. At that time what I would buy for her included baby cloths whch I would select from the store's doll house since even the smalest baby cloth was too big for her.

The purchase of the crib was a very nice idea. When the time came to go to bed, I took the crib to my bedroom, and I let her to sleep in the crib. I cleaned and arranged her little bed in the corner of the crib, and put her to bed. She seeeeemeed to be very satisfied with the arrangement I had also bought a loose baby doll dress, for her bedtime outfit similar to nightgown. When I put it on her at bedtime, she looked very pleased.

Soon, the baby was thirthy daysb old. About a week ago, I found her sitting up withouth leaning against anything. I was really surprised. She was then less than four weeks old. A few days later, she was able to stand up by holding the wall of the crib, and had started to talk. Despite of my close attention, I wasn't able to make any sense of th apparent words.

I couldn't keep up with the pace and speed of her growth. Soon, she was two months old, twenty-three inches tall and had a tender tan-color skin like a white person who had a suntan. In dresses that I had bought for her, she looked like an adorable doll. She could walk in the crib without nholding on to anything. She could say some words including her name, Ziba, but still couldn't talk. However, to my amazement and surprise, as usual, she seemed to understand whatever I said comprehending what was in my mind rather than the exact meaning of the words.

A couple of days later, she wanted to get out of crib and walk around the house. I knew this was going to comr. I took her out of the crib and let her to walk arounf the house, but before doing that I made sure nthat she won't touch anything without my permission. She smiled and nodded her head affirmatively. I took her around the house, showed and explained to her all about dangerous items such as electrical outlets, oven, stove, hot plates, heating and air-conditioning controllers, and other things that she was not supposed to touch. I also made it quite clear that she should never open the basement d= or house entrance doors. Then, I asked her :Did you understand all the dangers I just explained to you?” “Yes,” she suddenly said to my surprise, and and said again. “Yes.” and smiled.

Though, for few days she had been talking withou me understanding their meaning, this was the first clear word I heard. It was clear to me that whatever comes to my mind she reads and understand but now I also discovered that she also remembered and memorised the words.

A couple of weeks from her first use of “yes”, we could communicate with one another quite clearly. While I was extremely surprised about the level of her intelligence and capacity to learn. I was also vry pleased because she had a musical tone to her voice and it was a joy to hear her to talk.

Now that we could communicate, she would continuously ask questions about thingd she wanted to know and were not reflected in my mind. And then,often I didn't have to continue explaining because she, immediately after the qquestion would know whatever would come to my mind about the subject without further explanation.

Ziba quickly grew to be four months old. I prepared a special dinner with a birthday cake for her fourth month. She was thirth-six inches tall. Sooon after her second moth, when she started to talk, seeing me everyday, reading newspapers, magazines, and books, and spending several hours a day writing at the computer, She wanted to learn how to read and write. I was truly amazed and perplexed. She was not even three months pld yet. She spoke English quite fluently. She had not learned all from me but from television. She even didn't have my foreign accent. To my amzement as usual, I had found out that she could even read the mind of personalities on television, but only when they looked at her direction.

Just a few months old, her intelligence nd capacity to learn was, not amazing but unthinkable. The firt day I taught her the alphabet, from the Webster's Dictionary, immediately she started to read. She had only occasional problems in understanding the meaning of some words. I directed her to the dictionary and showd her how to find a word she wants to find its meaning, She was extremely pleased. The next day when I returned home, she told me that she was very pleased since nshe could learn the exact prononciation of the words.

“How did you learned that?” I asked with surprise.

“Easy,” she answered showing me the introduction part of the dictionary, “all are here, well explained.” But this was not all, she had also read and learned parts relating to grammer, punctuation, pronounciation, etc., in just one day. In a few days, she had learned how to write well also. To open the door to her immense desire to read and learn I took her to the basement, where my office and library of thousands of books and computer were located. She was so fascinated that for the first time, she jumped at me embraced me and kissed me. Holding her in my arms, for the first time, made me feel that she was well grownup with appealing features, and I would say, unexpectedly heavy. Her learning capacity and drive were so extensive that in a matter of about two months she did learn English, French, Spanish and my native language, Azeri Turkih fluently,nin addition to immense knowledge in different field information for which was available through my library resources. In addition, possibly more extensively, shhhhhhhhe was genetically downloaded the knowledge available to her people in her planet, plus whatever was in other people' min that she could read.

The rest and main part of her story is an amazing one which cannot be told her. I would refer the readers to my two books about her and her people's life in two distinct planets one ultra-advanced and another with a primitive civilization. These two books are: Passage to the Heaven: Secrets of the Universe, Life and Happiness. And, Passage to a Just Society: Secrets of a Democratic Life,Leisure and Happiness.

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Cultural Evolution in a chaotic Universe

The Twelfth Vision


In responding to my interest relating to the issue of the Creation and Evolution of the Universe , Zet, my host from the planet Zoras, when I was still there, started to comment. “From the moment the Pure Matter was created by the Creator in the peaceful environment of the matterless Universe, the turbulence, instability, and chaos has been the nature of the Material Universe. In the beginning, when the Pure Matter was created, its thirst to absorb energy from the matterless environment, ultimately caused its saturation and explosion known as the Big Bang. It created the Center of the Material Universe with incredible electromagnetic force with an environment of immense black hole and gravity. It caused throwing outward the pieces of the Pure Matter rock exploding afterward, The smaller pieces created by these explosions,exploded further which is still continuing on today. Each of these billions of explosions created its own outward forces sending its parts in different direction. So today the environment of the material universe is highly chaotic and turbulent. There are small spots of quiet and peace waiting to get the storm and be swept away.” Zet told me that this peaceful environment amounts only to eight percent of the whole material universe. “Your solar system and ours are fortunate to be small parts from it.” he told me. “but our turn will arrive too. It may take even a million years which is like a blink of eye by the universes's time frame work.”He concluded. After a pause, he added. “Of course you know that the whole expansion of the material universe is strongly under the influence of the gravity power from the Center. For that reason, outward movement of the universe is slowing down, contrary to the view of your scientific community, that thinks it is accelerating outward, but the reality is that at the end everything will be absorbed by the Center and becoming matterless, like it all never happened.”


“Yes, I know it in detail,” I responded, “It was disclosed to me during my first meeting with the Creator.” At the sane time, I felt a vacuum in my heart and daily life. I had been missing the companionship and contribution of Jenny for quite while, since her departure some three weeks ago to visit her family as well as having some mental relaxation, recharge her spirit as well as rest.


Her parents lived in northern Wisconsin in a densely forested region which was also her favorite environment. Being heavily educated in cultural matters, I thought that besides my desire for her companionship, I also needed her contribution on the subject. Some instant urge I felt to call her the coming night thinking that it would be more likely she will be home. My guess was correct. I was elated to hear her voice, and she seemed delighted in hearing mine. She told me that she loved the heavily wooded forest and spends time there along with the nature, exchange of energy and vision and feeling a variety of energies emanated from the trees, plants, and other creatures with different color and motion.


“Give me couple of days to get prepared to leave.” she said with joy. “and I will be with you then.”


Jenny arrived even a day or two sooner than I had expected. I embraced her fully as she let herself go also. With soft voice, I whispered to her.


“I have missed you so much all this time you were gone.”


“I have missed you more than what you think, and thought of you even more.” she whispered back, “but be careful, we don't want public exhibition of our feelings.” she added.


“Let me take you to our room. You rest tonight and we start our work tomorrow morning with our breakfast.” I explained while picking up her luggage.


During the night, we talked about everything except our work. In the morning siting outside next to flower lines that circled the restaurant's outs ide sitting area, we ordered our breakfast.


“Before we start our study and discussion, of curiosity, I would like to know your response to what I am going to say about our romantic relationship.”


“I would like very much to hear about it.” She responded with smile and joy.


“According to the Eight Vision, some kind of power struggle arises in romantic relationship. It says that one may wonder why it causes the bliss and euphoria of love to end suddenly and turn into conflict. It seems to be the result of the flow of energy between the individuals involved.”


“But I have no such feeling.” interrupted Jenny.


“Let me finish please.” I stopped her from saying anything further and continued. “When love first happens, the two individuals are giving each other energy unconsciously and both of them feel buoyant and elated. That incredible high feeling is called being “in love.” Unfortunately, once they expect this feeling to come from the other companion, they cut themselves off from the energy in the universe and begin to rely even more on the energy from each other, which soon there doesn't seem to be enough, and so, they stop giving each other energy and fall back into their drama in an attempt to force their companion's energy their way. At this point the relationship degenerates into the usual power struggle. They won't be able to integrate their opposite sexual side.


Interestingly, because the female partner thinks that this energy is really supposed to be her own, thus, she should be able to command it at will, she wants to direct it as if it was part of herself. She thinks he is magical and perfect and able to supply her energy need. Dramas are formed as she learns to posture herself in order to manipulate him into giving her the energy she desires.”


“But in ideal relationship like ours,” Jenny interjected, “the man would continue to relate honestly, and have enough energy to supply her unconditionally, even though he can't do everything she asks for.”


“In terms of our ability to evolve consciously,” I responded, “we are faced with a critical situation. According to the Fourth Vision, when we first begin to evolve, we automatically begin to receive our opposite-sex energy. It comes in naturally from the energy in the universe. But we must be careful, because if another person comes along who offers this energy directly, we can cut ourselves off from the true source and regress.”


“You mean that would be the end of our close relationship?” Jenny interjected again.


“Oh no, we can still have romance,” I responded, “but first we have to complete the circle on our own. We have to stabilize our channel with the universe. That takes time, but afterward we are never susceptible to this problem again and we can have what the Vision calls a higher-relationship. When we then connect romantically with another person, we create a super-person but never pulls us from the pass of our individual evolution.”


“It seems to me that there is an emerging culture here.” Jenny said.


“Exactly,” I responded, “this way of consciously relating, in which everyone attempts to bring out the best in others rather than to have power over them, is a posture the entire human race will eventually adopt. Think of how everyone's energy level and pace of evolution will increase at that point!”


“Right,” Jenny said, “I have been wondering how human culture will change as the overall energy level rises.”


“To answer this question,” I responded, “I think we should refer to the Ninth Vision, which explains what will happens as the culture evolution moves on. We get closer to the Creator, meaning the matterless energy, our consciousness increases, and that in turn gets us closer to the source of endless energy.”


“The Ninth Vision, shows how the human culture will change in the next millennium, resulting from a conscious evolution. It demonstrates a quite different way of life. In a few centuries, for example, we will let intentionally the trees, plants and forest to grow, so they can mature and create more energy. By the advance of civilization, guided by their own intuition, everyone will know precisely what to do, when and where to do it. It would fit harmoniously with the actions of others. The life will become something quite different. Our sense of purpose will be satisfied by the thrills of our own evolution, by the elation of receiving intuition and then watching closely as our destiny unfolds. The Vision depicts a world where everyone has slowed down and becomes more alert, vigilant to the next meaningful encounter that occurs. People will know that it could happen anywhere.”


“As I give you energy, for example,” I told Jenny, “you become ever more eloquent and inspired with my description of the new culture. I personally, have no doubt that the vision was describing, was an achievable future. Yet we also know that throughout history many visionaries had glimpsed such a world. Consider Karl Marx for example, and his idea of communism as a perfect democracy. Yet no way has been found to create such utopia. With all kinds of efforts, communism was never truly materialized and become a tragedy, because of being a highly valid concept.”


“But, the Visions imply that our natural pursuit of the truth, will lead us there,” Jenny said and continued after a pause. “When the Visions begin to come on a global scale, I think, the human race will first experience a period of intense introspection. We will apprehend the beauty and spirituality of the real natural world. That means, we will see trees, rivers, mountains to be held in reverence. Those closest to this environment will find alternative solutions to the pollution problems because someone will intuit the alternatives as they seek their own evolution.”


“You are absolutely right,” I intervened, “This will be when people start to receive clear intuitions of who they really are and what they are supposed to be doing, on time they discover they are in a wrong job and they have to seek another type of work in order to continue to grow. This is the part from the first great shift that will occur, being a dramatic movement of the people from one job to another.”


“The Vision says that during this period, individuals are moved sometimes to change their career several times during their lifetimes.” Jenny interjected again.


“Correct,” I responded, “the next cultural transformation will be the automation of production of goods and services with intention of running the economy more efficiently. But, in practice, as intuitions becomes clearer, they will visualize what the automation is actually doing is freeing up everyone's time to do other things. We will realize that the truth we have to tell, and things we have to do are too unique to fit within a usual job setting. Accordingly, we will find ways to cut our work hours to pursue our own ways.


I looked at Jenny; she was listening intensely and appeared jubilant. Then, she said.


“Yes, I can see that clearly. If we all were participating, we would be giving and receiving constantly, and this interaction with others, amounting to an exchange of information, would become everyone's new business, as our new economic orientation.”


“We would be paid by the people we got in contact,” I interjected. “This situation would allow for material support of life to become fully automated, because we will be too occupied in owning or operating these systems. We would desire the material production automated and operate like a utility. We would become free to expand what is already the information age.” Jenny looked somehow bewildered and uneasy in her participation and finally opened up.


“How can we have secure and enough supply of energy for the communities of humans somehow in a universal way?” She questioned.


“If you pay a little deeper attention, you will notice that if everyone were participating, we would be receiving and giving constantly amounting to an interaction with others and some sort of exchange of information. It would become everyone's new work forming our new economic orientation.” I replied and then continued.


“We would be paid by the people we touched, which would allow the material support of life to become fully automated and run like a utility. The situation would free us up to expand further what is already known as the information age.”


“But wouldn't we need a reliable and cheap source of energy?” Jenny interjected with apparent mental struggle.


“Yes, fusion, super-conductivity, artificial intelligence the operation of all of them I have witnessed personally during my stay in the planet Zoras. Here, in our planet the technology to automate, is likely, not very far away now that we have the knowledge of how to do it.”


“You seem to be correct and the question of energy appears to be a two-way street and a give and take process requiring everyone to participate and contribute.” Jenny interjected herself again.


“You have guessed right,” I responded, “the most important thing is to see the truth about this way of life that we have. In reality, we are here in this planet not to build personal power and control, but to evolve. Paying others for their mental and physical contribution will start transformation, and as more and more parts of economy become automated, currency will disappear, as it had happened in Zoras, by becoming useless, a credit-point system will take its place. And, if we are correctly follow our intuitive guidance, then we will take only what we need.” and after a pause to gather my thoughts, I continued. “With a little more attention, we will understand that the natural areas of our planet have to be nurtured and protected for the sources of incredible power that they are.”


“I have not studied all the twelve Visions that we have discovered up to this point,” said jenny. “I remember you telling me how important they were in understanding occurrences going on continuously around us formimg our way of life. But even though I haven't studied all the visions, I do understand the importance of keeping the automation in harmony with the energy dynamics of the Earth.”


“You may not know, that my interest has been forests and the part they play in the ecosystem. I know that it has always been so since my childhood. The late visions say that as the human race evolves spiritually, we will voluntarily decrease the population to a point sustainable by our planet. We will be committed to living within the natural energy systems of the planet. Farming will be automated except for the plants one wants to raise personally and then consume them. The trees needed for construction and other industrial uses, will be grown in specially designated areas which will free the remainder of trees to grow and age and mature into powerful force and dense forests. More human beings will live in close proximity to them in an energy filled delightful environment.”


“It would accelerate the pace of our evolution.” said Jenny.


“The more readily we have energy flowing into us, the more mysteriously the universe responds by bringing people into our lives to respond to our questions.” I continued, “and anytime we follow an intuition, some mysterious encounters guide us forward increasing our vision.” After a few seconds of pause, I concluded, “We will continue to achieve higher and higher level of energy and mental vibration.”


“It may be also that we will be able to absorb more and more energy from the Creator, the essential source of energy, and ever-present within us, by becoming more and more purified.” Jenny said.


“That is absolutely true,” I responded, “we should never forget that the Creator is the initial source of all energies in different fields of operation and existence. Thank you for reminding us where all these come from.” Jenny was elated and by showing a bright smile and somehow proud of her contribution.


“The transformation of the planet, mainly through purification effected by the outside occurrences,would create a totally spiritual culture and would raise human beings to higher and higher vibrations and consciousness which would lead to different occurrences.”


My thoughts raced through the events which had transpired since we came to this fascinating environment. I knew the visions had finally merged in my mind into a single consciousness. I had become alert to the mysterious way my life had evolved as revealed by the First Vision. I knew that the whole culture was sensing this mystery again as well, and we were in the process of constructing a new world view, as pointed out by the Second Vision. The Third and Fourth had showed that the universe in reality was a vast system of energy and the human conflict had resulted from the shortage of energy and its manipulation.


The Fifth Vision revealed that we could end this conflict by receiving an in-pouring of this energy from a higher source. For many, this may had become a habit. The Sixth is that we could leave our old traditional ways and try to find our true selves; and the seventh had set in action the evolution of these newly found true selves through questioning, and intuition of how to go about finding an answer. Pursuing this way was seen as the secret of happiness.


The Eight Vision is about knowing how to relate, in a new way, to others in order to bring out in them their very best. This was the key in keeping the mystery operating and the answers were disclosed or questions resolved.


The Ninth revealed where this evolution was taking us. Work is essential for the operation of society but its primary aim is not to make and accumulate money and wealth. It is while providing for a modest living style, it is to serve others aiming at producing a friendly, democratic and friendly communities and betterment of self and others.


The Tenth Vision relates to spiritual connection between the people directed for development of the single principle of equality of opportunity toward full consciousness toward its vital importance in developing a highly civilized society with a democratic, free, living with happiness, leisure, and prosperity. It is an era of logic and reasoning, and the application of the principle in daily life would bring about many questions requiring solution and answer. Celestial connection with the Creator through transcendental meditation would enter the daily life providing for a direct individual contact to receive directions.


The eleventh Vision is about the family and community life with celestial dimension and contact with the universe beyond the material world and how to live a life with a universal dimension, including the ability to download knowledge about the past as well as the future, raising and developing children and making them independent by the age of two, and having a family life with lots of free time for reading and leisure and happiness. Meditation each night would be not only for sleeping and relaxation, but for transcendence and mental separation from annoying material thoughts.


The twelfth Vision refers to the effect of all traditional culture of different societies upon daily occurrences around us, arising problems in our daily life, seeking answers within a highly automated and advanced technological environment with its own modern cultural style affecting every aspect of daily life requiring development of a new consciousness and compliance with its new values and way of life.


Finally, if we try to investigate carefully, we find out that all the visions had been integrated into a consciousness resulting in a heightened sense of alertness as well as expectation. For a comfortable life style, all of these visions must be read and understood as a single body of knowledge. They would clarify, for a long time to come, religions being the main source of conflict and friction. They would help religion to fulfill their promise, which about humankind finding relationship to one higher source. They speak of a perception of God within, a perception that makes us to feel more than we were. Then they became corrupted when leaders were assigned to explain God's will to the people, instead of showing them how to go about finding it on their own. The visions reveal that sometime in history there would be individuals grasping the exact way of connecting with God and Its source of energy and direction; they then would guide others. The number of these leaders would constantly increase until in a much advanced and progressive civilization nearly everyone would have the possibility of connecting with the Creator every night through transcendental meditation and travel to outer space.


In conclusion, as humans we are the culmination of the whole evolution. Beginning in a weak form our world increases in complexity, element by element, species by species always evolving into a higher state of being. During the early stages the tendency for evolution is material and as human mind progresses it moves toward non-material and from there to spiritual and finally evolves into celestial. It is expected our societies to reach this final stage of perfection during the third millennium.



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