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Meditation and New Ideas

Meditation Made Easy: How to Meditate for Transcendence

Meditation has never been easy for beginners even for many of those with long experience. Here, I attempt to present a way that with my over thirty years of experience, I consider to be the easiest and more effective way to succeed. There are a variety of methods proposed by experts such as concentrating on one subject or on counting your breathing from one to four and repeating it. All these methods are aimed at clearing your mind from any other thoughts causing a degree of mental relaxation. As you choose and advance in any of these methods, you would be able to bring down or totally eliminate your mental depression, bodily pain, anxiety as well as fatigue from your daily work whether it is mental or physical.

It won’t be easy to achieve these aims. It requires years of serious practice. It demands absolute concentration, unshakeable discipline, continuity and determination for success. These are necessary because unconsciously we have given our mind a total freedom of thought on whatever, whenever and wherever it may desire. It won’t be easy to harness its floats and restrict it only to one thought, one place or one situation. It has become like a disobedient boy doing everything possible to escape any restriction we try to impose on his accustomed unrestricted freedom.

The meditation methods mentioned above, if mastered, may achieve the goals mentioned above to different degrees. These goals all are related to our mental, physical and material world. They also discipline our mind and bring it under our control. The latter is the most resourceful attainment we may achieve. However, none of these practices extends the mind beyond our material environment and mental conditions associated with it.

The mind, which is the same as the soul or spirit, is a matterless entity with incredible capacity to expand beyond our body and our material planet into the materless world which also embodies the whole of the material Universe. The mind resides in our brain, as sitting in a pilot’s cockpit with innumerable switches and buttons controlling our physical and mental functions. To reach any distance beyond our planet, we must transcend our planet into the unlimited outer space including the whole universe. It is the only way we can reach galaxies, stars and other planets and have contacts with other civilizations. The idea of being able to travel physically to other planets outside of our solar system in the search for other civilizations is nothing more than just a wishful thinking. If we consider a spaceship with an incredible speed of 200,000 miles per hour, equal to ten times going around our planet in one hour, will take 2,200 years to travel a distance of just one light year which travels with an speed of over 180,000 miles per second. The closest star to our planet is many light years away. For the same reason no being from any other planet is able to visit us by any kind of spaceship and the UFO stories do not make sense unless they are of our own creation. Therefore, meditation to transcend is the only way to reach the extremities of the Universe. This is possible because once the mind expands beyond the material world, the elements of time and space disappear. within the sphere of the extension of the mind you can be any place in a matter of no time. This means you may travel thousands of light years at a glance so to speak.

This was the sole purpose of my attraction to meditation. The idea didn’t come to me from nowhere. Based on the experiences of my childhood and further studies when I became older, I knew there were likely thousands of individuals in this planet capable of transcending to outer space and some landing in other planets with its own civilization and they have been able to communicate with them and were continuing doing so. I later, by my own experience, learned that there are very many beings from other planets here on Earth interacting with our people and helping them to a better way of life as much as they can. Under the present limited scientific knowledge, this is almost impossible to understand. When you transcend to another planet with human civilization, you may live there and interact with its people, appearing under our standards of time as extending to many years, but when you return to your body no time has past from the time of your departure. I know it is almost impossible to understand but I know it is true because I personally have been in such a situation.

Now that I have described my purpose and mind set for meditation I can explain the process by which I started it, improved it and reached the best and easiest way that it can be done. From my childhood I was familiar with the extraordinary results of transcendental meditation since my father had oriental friends, particularly from India who visited him now and then and stayed with us for a day or two. These were people called fakir who through meditation had been able to gain the power of seeing the future of an individual by just looking at him or her. It was one of these fakirs who after looking at me pointedly, when I was in the process of serving tea for him, told my father that I will gain access to the world beyond ours and cause transformation in the civilization and way of life. I was only eleven year old and did not really understood the meaning of his statement at the time. I didn’t know what my father thought of this but he later on told me to forget what the man had said, it didn’t mean anything. I did forget all about it until about a year later a gypsy fortune teller came to our house, in my step mother’s invitation, to tell her fortune and by my mothers insistence she also looked at mine. To my surprise and amazement, by opening and placing her fortune-telling cards one by one on the floor, she ended up telling me nearly exactly the same prediction made by the Indian fakir. My mother dismissed her claims which made the gypsy quite upset. Leaving the house passing by me she murmured “You should believe and remember what the cards have revealed.” My step mother later on told me laughingly “ Don’t pay any attention, they just say these things to make some money.” However, I never forgot their predictions. It remained an important force in directing me to meditation and fortifying my determination to continue and go back to it anytime I had quit in desperation and lack of success. Some fifty years later when I first succeeded in my transcendence I realized the truth about their revelations.

Initially, I had chosen to go to the top of a hill in the farm I owned next to my house. It was surrounded by threes and plants. There was a rock on the top of the hill and I always sat on it in the evening concentrating on the horizon until the sun would go down and darkness would envelop the surrounding.. I continued this practice, for twelve years, on and off, without success. In 1968, when I was in Colombia on a research project in helping the municipal governments to modernize their administrative and financial sectors, I was asked by the Colombian government if I would go to the Putumayo Amazons and try to establish a municipal government for some 20,000 frontier people and incorporate in it some 200 Indian tribes. I found it an opportunity to visit a rare region of the world untouched by modern civilization and technology. I accepted and was send to the destination by a helicopter since there were no roads for other kind of transportation. The name of the community I created was Puerto Aziz at the bank of Putumayo River which now has over a quarter of a million population.

I spent over five weeks in the wilderness of the Amazons submerged in its dark nights , solitude, away from all amenities of the modern world. I was entertained and at times frightened each night by the sounds and cries of the creatures in the jungle surrounding me. The immense differences between the two worlds of modern-industrialized and old-primitive-traditional had attracted my attention. In the peaceful and dark nights of the jungle, the extensive poverty, despair, fraud, and corruption I ad witnessed in the so-called civilized world, along with unrelenting human thirst for material gains, all had preoccupied my thoughts. With the passage of every night in the solitude of the immense jungle, I had become deeper and deeper involved in these thoughts and started to think why there was so much injustice in the world where there is enough for everyone to live comfortably. The sounds of jungle had turned into some kind of message and cries for help and direction. I was driven closer and closer to the primitive jungle life.[1] I paid more and more attention to my surroundings trying to extract some meaning from them. It seemed that the nature through all its creatures and way of life was trying to convey a message to me. On occasions it appeared as a form of command penetrating my soul and creating a distinct feeling that I was not alone. Someone was with me and within me.

As the nights with solitude passed, my inner feelings became more and more vivid. Besides all the creatures of the jungle and its total being, I developed an increasing sense of a companion with me and within me. It was an extraordinary feeling. This companion not only directed me in my thoughts but focused my attention directly on the primitive and natural world around me. The jungle nights became less and less frightful and the sounds from its creatures appeared normal and less disturbing. Gradually within a few weeks, I began to look forward to disappearance of the sun on the colorful sky of the Amazon horizon, gradual dominance of darkness and the nightfall. I grew anxious for the companionship of my inner thoughts which not only became increasingly distinct from my own, but clearly responded to my thoughts and provided me either with answer or directed me where I would find one. “Could this be my Creator?” I asked myself every time. I was left each time with the same answer. “Who else it could be except the Creator.”

When I left the Amazons I had developed a distinct feeling, through my inner guidance , against so-called civilized world and how by materialistic drive it had disturbed and often destroyed the natural order and balanced forms of life. It had polluted the air and water, devastated the environment, wasted and depleted natural resources, and above all derailed and degraded humans character and quality, and their natural harmony with their fellow humans, the environment and the rest of the nature.

Capitalism, which is based on materialism and drive for profits, seemed to be the prime cause of this devastation. In the environment of Amazons, life was organized in its eternal existence. It provided materials for the needed consumption by the nature’s creatures--humans, animals, insects, plants, etc. and it renewed and restored deficiencies created by the use. In the civilized society, on the other hand, not only the used natural resources were lost forever but a tremendous amount of waste materials – garbage, industrial, toxic, and atomic wastes – where left in their place. Furthermore, capitalism had allowed the wealth and resources to be accumulated in the hands of a few, leaving an immense sector of human race in poverty despair and servitude. They were denied equal opportunity of access to the same resources to sustain a decent living standards.

When I returned to my academic life in 1969, my inner feelings were quite different. The civilized world did not look the way I had visualized before. The voices of Amazons nights were still in me and would haunt me nearly every night. Sometimes, I felt that I had brought with me the spirit of the jungle, its creatures, its orderly mission and its eternal balanced process of life. As a refuge, I became inclined to spend more and more time in the woods of my farm, ending at the top of the hill, sitting on the rock more like the old days but with quite different feelings. By no means did this replace the majesty and serenity of the Amazons, but during the sunset, I enjoyed sitting on the top of the highest hill watching the nature gradually plunge into darkness. I listened to the sounds of the nature as I used to do in the Amazon jungles – the sounds that I had become accustomed to hear through my Amazon’s experience; the sounds that could not be heard by ordinary people.

Before the Amazon experience, I had been many times around this farm and walked in the woods and over the hills. I had never developed such feelings. Now suddenly everything had become different. The nature had acquired a new life and become a part of me united with me. I felt among friends – trees, shrubs, animals and all others. I had a feeling that they all felt my presence and I was welcomed among them.

Years passed and during this time, often at dusk, I would have certain strange feelings within me, like someone or something was directing me to go out in the farm, climb the hill and sit on the same rock and remain alone and concentrate on the horizon. Of course, I did not feel alone but among my natural friends. However, I had a feeling that they understood my need for solitude. Often, following my inner inspiration, I would remain in solitude for hours. All this time I would try to concentrate and penetrate what my eyes could see on the horizon.

This was the way I was introduced to meditation. It had become a pleasure and I continued for years with the aim of reaching the unknown. I had no idea what that unknown would be. But I knew there was something there, far beyond that colorful sunset horizon, to discover. At times in later years, I would feel I was floating in the air, losing my hold on the ground. As the years passed, a feeling of anxiety and expectation developed within me which gradually reached a dominant level. The hours spent alone became increasingly exciting and a sense of inner fascination consumed me. As the days weeks passed, I developed a feeling and much later a belief that something extraordinary was going to happen and I was going to be a part to it. Then one evening, to be exact on the fourth day of October, 1974, after some sixteen years of meditation with dedication and inner devotion, the moment arrived and my belief became reality and the door for the secrets of the Universe opened before me.

First, I felt like I was becoming weightless, then I felt being lifted from the ground raised up in the air. It was a pleasant yet strange feeling. While in the air, I could see myself still sitting on the hill. Suddenly, everything disappeared and I was plunged into the absolute darkness of space moving with infinite speed toward a destination I knew nothing about. In the extreme darkness of the space, I was not scared but astonished. From the absolute darkness, planets appeared, and in a matter of no time, became magnified to enormous size, bypassed me, diminished in size and disappeared in darkness. Soon the number of planets decreased and then no more appeared.

Now, I was alone, traveling through space and time in pure darkness. Not only I wasn’t scared, but I had a feeling that somebody or something was with me, very close to me making me feel secure. Soon, I arrived in an environment that was not dark but also didn’t have any source of light. I came to a halt. I felt exalted with lightness and joy in me. I felt the Creator’s presence, not only all around me but also within me. There was in the air a sense of enormous authority and an environment of full kindness and affection. Then in full clarity and authority it was suddenly revealed. “Welcome to the Center of the Universe and My close presence. Here is the eternity, the ultimate in life, its purpose and existence.”[2]

The Creator is a totally secular being and has no relation to any religion practiced today. Even in highly technological and scientifically advanced societies of today, very few people truly understand the true nature and essence of the Creator. It is the pure living energy, highly conscious, creative and intelligent, labeled erroneously as “Dark Energy” by the scientific community but Its true nature has not been “so-called scientifically” discovered yet.[3]

When my mind was relieved from my material body and the surrounding physical environment, it became boundless, expanding to infinity. I was also freed from the element of time which is connected to matter. I fell into an environment where there was no time only eternity. I could be everywhere or anywhere in a matter of no time and always with my Creator who had the same characteristics and essence. Right after revelation, suddenly I felt myself in my physical body, sitting on the top of the hill on my farmland. The sky looked the same as when I had left it behind. The sun had gone down, leaving a trace of light still glowing in the horizon. Its reflection on the clouds far away produced striking colors which were getting darker and darker as the night was falling upon my surroundings.

I was astonished. The cloud formation and the horizon appeared exactly the same as I had left behind. It seemed that no time had elapsed, yet, it was like I had been traveling and visiting places in the boundless space for years. I found myself full of new knowledge. I was not the same person sitting on this hill just a few seconds ago. First, I felt the Creator’s presence in my mind in a way I had never felt before. Second, I had acquired an immense knowledge of the Universe, its unity and organized life from its highest being, the Creator, to its smallest particles, and how the creation, evolution and life of every part were in harmony, connected and depended on the rest. I had no other explanation but to conclude that when my mind expanded outward into the outer space, it assumed its boundless and matterless, and thus, timeless nature.. It was under these circumstances that I could rationalized traveling millions of light year distances and being downloaded with such an immense knowledge not discovered by our scientific community yet and may not be discovered for many decade from now.

A year later, l sold the farm and moved into a new house and after a year of experimentation with different forms of meditation I selected my present form which I found logically and otherwise more appropriate and preferable to all other forms used at the present. If you decide to meditate or have been already practicing, this is the form I would recommend to try. I lie down, preferably on a carpeted floor than a mattress, head toward North and feet pointing to the South with my arms resting on my sides. My body lies in the direction of the Earth’s magnetic lines in a way that minimizes their effect in the body. This position also allows the body to use much less energy than any other position making concentration easier. After taking your position close your eyes and clear your mind of all thoughts. Simply make it blank. This won’t be easy in the beginning; all kinds of thoughts would invade your mind. You should close all the doors and not let any enter it. First try to keep your mind blank for a few seconds and then add more seconds. One of the best way to practice this is when you go to bed every night. lying down on your back and your arms on your sides try to empty your mind of all your thoughts. This practice would have also some collateral benefits it will reduce your anxiety, depression, fatigue and mental pressures; it will provide you with a sound sleep. Often time you will fall sleep while trying to make your mind blank. Soon you will learn how to maintain your mind blank for an extended time. I started to practice this type of meditation in 1979. It was effective for relaxation and reducing pain and stress but my purpose was to transcend into outer space as I had done it once before. With this aim I faced failure after failure but without giving up because I knew it can be done. It took over five years until in 1984 which I finally succeeded. I want just to show the extent of determination and discipline you should have in order to succeed. Once you succeed the next one will be easier but still may take a substantial time and the same determination and discipline.

I would like to present one of my successes under this form of meditation details of which with the whole story can be found in my two books on this subject.[4] My purpose was to meet a girl by the name of Ziba who was temporarily gifted to me by her parents who were also my host and hostess on planet Zoras which I had visited a year before. She had lived with me for about eleven months and was taken back by her parents to her planet because of mounting possibilities of her being discovered here by authorities and becoming subject to unaffordable hardships. She had promised to look for me every Tuesday in outer space and helping me to transcend.

On the night of meditation I had several problems utterly disturbing my mind making it extremely difficult to concentrate. I prepared myself for meditation, turned off the lights and lied down on the place I had prepared for this purpose in the middle of the living room. The time was 3:10 a.m. keeping my mind blank, I tried to send my mind out into the boundless space in absolute darkness searching for Ziba. It was a night of big mental struggle. Despite my undisputed devotion and love for her, it seemed so difficult to move totally away from the painful events of the day. I would kick them out of my mind but they would turn around, reclaim and repossess my thoughts. I don’t remember exactly when I was finally able to empty my mind of all thoughts and concentrate my efforts to transcend, or how long I had remained on this stage of meditation that I entered a world of fantasy. Colorful figures were moving around me with delightful and soft sounds of music. They did not seem to be human figures but rather multicolor silhouettes at times appearing as humans and then changing shapes, being always in motion. I felt joy and was pleased by being surrounded by such wonderful creatures in a delightful environment. Gradually, the bright pleasing colors transformed into darker combinations. I became conscious of changes when colors slowly faded into darkness, and musical melodies into silence. Soon I was submerged in total darkness which I felt extending to infinity with a cool and chilly environment and total silence. I felt afraid. Suspended in the air, I could move around but every point of pause was the same as before, an environment of total darkness and absolute silence with a sense of infinity. I got the feeling that regardless how fast and in what direction I moved, I wasn’t going anywhere. Despite this feeling, as a human being in desperation who would resort to any means to survive, I tried to move in one direction and then in another without any result. I had no hold on anything and felt suspended in the space. I screamed and screamed for help but no sound came out of my throat. Shivering from cold, I thought this was my end, to banish in darkness and silence into infinity without leaving a trace behind.

I remained at this stage of suspension and had reached a level of total helplessness when suddenly I saw a vague light in the horizon. Actually, because of boundless space there could not have been any horizon. But in a desperate stage I was in, there was no time for this reasoning. I was overjoyed despite the fact that it did not promise any relief. The vague shadows became brighter and brighter and dark environment lightened gradually, ever expanding and approaching while turning into a combination of colorful moving and intermingling clouds. I felt warmth around me, the chill had disappeared. But all this transformation formed just a spot approaching me. The rest of the environment remained in total darkness.

Gradually, I was engulfed by the clouds. I felt conveniently warm. Slight aroma of a perfume was in the air, the kind that one smells when walking in a garden of flowers. I felt that some beings or things were touching or moving closer to me. But being relieved from that awful darkness and suspension was such a joy that I was not much concerned yet with such movements around me until I felt someone or some being softly and delicately held my hand. I turned around and could not see anything in the thick fog that had surrounded me, but I felt my hand still being held.

“It is me Reza,” a delicate voice exclaimed, a voice very familiar, a voice I could never forget, the voice of my beloved Ziba. “Ziba!” I cried with utmost amazement “Is it you? Where are you? I can’t see you.” I continued looking while turning around and around. The hand in my hand sure felt like that of Ziba; the hand that I had held a thousand times before. I pulled her closer, I could feel her but I couldn’t see her.

“Where are you? What is going on?” I questioned. “I can’t see you. I know you are here. I feel you fully, but I can’t see you.” There was a long conversation between us which is not relevant to the subject presented here [5] Then it came time to say goodbye.

“I have to go now, Reza. I will guide you to my planet and my house in our next meeting. It won’t be so hard.”

“But, how would I know that you are here waiting for me?”

“Every Tuesday, Darling, every Tuesday.” She repeated while embracing me and kissing me goodbye. I didn’t want let her go but she just evaporated right between my arms. I opened my arms and was engulfed in the same dense fog as before but in a little lighter environment.

While I was quite astonished of sudden disappearance of Ziba and pursuant changes, the fog around me had gradually cleared. To my great surprise, there was a huge door, more like a gate, right in front of me. The outer surroundings were still submerged in darkness. Fearful of falling into the state of darkness as I had experienced before I was pleased to see an exit regardless what I may find on the other side. I thought it could not be worse. It looked huge and heavy. I put my hands on both parts of the door to push it open but as soon as my hands touched the gate it opened readily half way. I was anxious to see the other side. It was also dark with one exception. I was facing the night sky with many stars blinking in far distances. I couldn’t step in a boundless sky. The fog and the light had disappeared on the other side and a full darkness had taken its place. I realized that either way my chance of survival was quite slim. At this moment the gate started to close. I desperation, I tried with all my power to hold the gate open. My efforts were useless and the gate kept closing. It was during this helpless struggle that I became conscious, finding myself lying down on my meditation mattress in my living room. I felt relieved. It took a few seconds to collect my thoughts and get rid of my fears.

It was 3:13 in the morning. Exhausted, I walked toward my bedroom for a good rest. I remembered once Ziba had told me that when you decide to travel into outer space, you never know where you are going to end up. There are so many terrifying and horrifying places in space and there is always a chance that you may end up in one of those. However, if you continue the experiment and you reach some desirable or fascinating place, then you have a destination to aim for in your next meditation and have a good chance to avoid straying into unknown wilderness, unless you desire to seek places beyond what you already have discovered. She had told me that this is what most people in her planet do every night and that is why they have discovered so many planets with life and civilization, some even more advanced than theirs.

As any teacher, that is who I am, I would like some feedback from those who decide to experiment with my proposed form. You can place a comment on my website or e-mail me getting my e-mail address on the opening page.


1. For details, see my book Passage to the Heaven, pp.18-36 by visiting my website

2. Ibid.; see also some of my writings on the subject by visiting

3. To understand the secular nature of the Creator see “The Universe Long Before the Big Bang” and other relevant articles by visiting Ezine Articles cited above.

4. Passage to the Heaven: Secrets of the Universe, Leisure and Happiness; and Passage to a Just Society: Secrets of Democratic Life, Leisure and Happiness. Visit my website:

6. Passage to the Heaven, op. cit., pp.359-376.

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House of Meditation and Ideas

A place for thinkers and persons of ideas to gather together from every walk of life, to present, debate, and analyze new ways of life and processes which would help to bring about a fair and just society under which people could live in peace, harmony, extended freedom, and protected from government intervention and suppression.

This is a place one could come to attain solitude within the crowd by concentrating within himself, seeing and hearing nothing but his own inner voices, extending his consciousness beyond his surrounding to faraway places where the environment is pure and ideas are all good and beneficial. He has been able to locate his mind outside the limits of material world into what is the center of full knowledge, pertaining to the past and future. In reality, this is the process of transcending; when it takes place, one enters the environment where there is no time or space because there is no matter the way we know it. He finds himself weightless, ascending with joy in his heart, shine in his eyes and free in his soul and mind. For learning how to meditate see “Meditation Made Easy” in my website.

The essential subjects for conversation and debate

Since the main mission of the House is to seek a democratic, just and fair society, debate it, analyze and approve it; and then create a movement to materialize it, the brief presentation of my theory of “technological democracy,” appears necessary since it is the only democratic theory in existence in modern history after Karl Marx’s theory of communism which is a perfect democracy but utopian and not applicable in practice.

True Democracy in Technological Age

There is no true democracy anywhere. What we have is a polluted democracy, a deluded democracy, a deceitful democracy, an artificial democracy which in reality amounts to no democracy but only to a democratic appearance. It fools the public while supporting the interest of the economic elite. Through my publications you are going to be exposed to this reality through extensive documentation. But more importantly you will be presented a concept of a true democracy and how to go about to achieve it to the benefit of all the people. This is a pragmatic concept and can be used as an essential guide to social activists and reformers. You will be also introduced to a new but extremely important concept of neosecularism with a scientific approach to the nature and essence of God, Universe, Creation and Evolution, and to an immense wealth of knowledge and original thoughts not found in any other writing. After enriching yourself, you will likely be pleased that you run into this essay. It may change your whole vision of yourself, life and humanity.

Let me briefly introduce myself. Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin System and a Fulbright Scholar, I am a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural and multi-lingual scholar with three doctoral titles (J.D., Ph.D., S.J.D.) in political science, law (American, continental, comparative and Islamic), administrative sciences and economics; I have also a post-doctoral title in international law and international economics. I am fluent in five languages (English, French, Spanish, Persian and Azeri Turkish) and have the elementary knowledge of three more. I am also a technologist, with background in mechanical engineering with patented inventions. In addition of being the author of eight books and several scholarly articles, I have also background in music (classical), art and poetry, with many years of research and travel experience in many countries in Central and South America, Europe including Russia, Middle-East, and North Africa.

Despite my unique educational and scientific background and fully adventurous life experiences, I believe that my most important achievement has been my success in transcendental meditation. It was achieved after some 25 years of hard, disciplined, and unrelenting experimentation and repeated failures. This is a science unknown to our scientists at this time. What a pity that it is so. Since my success is a century or so ahead of its time to be accepted as a scientific endeavor, and the level of the scientific knowledge is still in its primitive stages by being concerned only with material and tangible things, it has been hard for me to convince the scientific community that there is an immense body of knowledge concerning the matterless world compared to which our present body of knowledge is just like a feeble star in the limitless sky. This is the knowledge of everything which a small portion of it has been discovered but its main body remains there to be discovered.

The Nature of my studies and Writings

The subject matter of my main studies can be roughly divided into two general categories while the second is inevitably related to the first.

The first is a scientific presentation of the universe which is divided into three distinguished parts. Matterless Universe, which is boundless and limitless, composed of what we may label Super-energy or Pure Energy, with enormous intelligence, power, and creativity, totally dominating the other two which are the Material Universe as we know today, and the Non-Material Universe which is several times larger than the former. For more about this subject, see Passage to the Heaven: Secrets of the Universe, Life and Happiness.

The second category is a scientific presentation of a just and democratic society through the application of the principle of equality of opportunity. As I have stated before, there is not a truly democratic and just society in any country in the world. For more on this subject, see Passage to a Just Society: Secrets of Democratic Life Leisure and Happiness. This is an indispensible guide book for social activists and serious reformers. A highly simplified and brief presentation of this theory is recently published titled We the People: Democracy as a System; A Humanistic Philosophy of the Future Society, for the general public and as a guide for creating a movement foe transformation to a just and fair society. See also Techno democratic Economic Theory: From Capitalism and Socialism to Democracy; and Technological Democracy: A Humanistic Philosophy of the Future Society. The following are short remarks regarding some of the topics mentioned above.

The Matterless Universe

Being matterless, this universe is not subject to time and space, therefore, it has existed irrespective of time, meaning forever and perpetual, with no beginning or end, at least, under our present standards of measurement. Also, since it is not subject to space, it extends into infinity, again at least within our conception of space. It consists of pure energy, I call it super-energy. Since energy is the source of life, it would be proper to assume that the matterless universe is alive, super-intelligent and super-creative, limitless in space and perpetual in time.

Then, we could rationally assume that the Material Universe is an ongoing process of experimentation initiated by its Creator (Matterless Universe) through an intelligent design as presented in details in my publication, Passage to the Heaven: Secrets of the Universe, Life and Happiness. This means that the Creator, by Its super-intelligence, as a super-scientist, designed the creation and evolution of the Material Universe assuming to follow a set course of progress and a process of development, reach its maturity and then decay and return to its original matterless state. Matterless being equal to nothing under the present scientific descriptions, it seems rational to assume that the Material Universe with all its components was created from nothing and will end in nothing.

We don't know yet, but if we consider the Matterless Universe as a super-intelligent and super-energy, interested in experimentation, there may not be only one Material Universe as we know it but, more likely, several, each likely for different purpose of experimentation.

The important fact is that this Matterless Universe which is the Creator of our Material Universe has been presented to us through different religions as God, a holy spiritual being in different forms depending on each religion's definition. The fact of the matter is that this Matterless Universe or the Creator which we may correctly call It (because it has no gender), is not a holy being but a factual scientific existence which our scientific community has not been able to penetrate It's essence yet, though, recently it has been mentioned of some dark unknown energy which is exactly what the Matterless Universe is. It exist in absolute darkness since there cannot be light where there is no matter.. All Its essence, existence and operation, as far as the creation and evolution of the Material Universe are concerned are presented in the above stated publication. I have labeled the Creator "It" rather than He or She because it has non gender. There is a very interesting name for the Creator in the old Persian language. It is called Khodaa. It means, created by itself. This definition suggests that there must have been men with the knowledge of the Matterless Universe thousands of years ago who had discovered the true essence of the Creator. A similar reference appears in the Islamic holy book of Koran. "...It begets not nor was begotten..." (sura CXII).

The Material Universe

The Material Universe was initiated and the course of its process set up by the Creator or the Matterless Universe. It did not started by the Big Bang as it is assumed to be, but by the creation of a huge solid and transparent rock which we may call it the Pure Matter, size of which was determined by the Creator, very much like a super scientist, to suite the purpose and dimension of the experimentation. It possessed the character of continually absorbing and accumulating energy from the Super-energy of the Creator. In the course of several billion years on our standard of time, it became saturated with the energy creating an enormous explosion which it has been termed by our scientist as the Big Bang. It created an extremely violent environment with an incredible heat where everything which later on became solid or liquid was in gas form, moving outward with a lightning speed creating an enormous black hole in the center of explosion with an incredible concentration of energy, radiation, and electromagnetic gravity.

After quite an extended period of time, as temperatures receded, some matters liquefied and then took a solid form, some others took a liquid form, yet some others remained in more condensed gas form. Ultimately, the solar systems and planets were crystallized. Evolution of life in each planet depended on the material components of the planet and the environment within which it was situated. Evolution of each planet proceeded to its maturity, aging, decaying, and extinction. The nature of matters composing each planet determined the extent of its capability to absorb energy from the sun and other sources. The nature of accumulation of this energy allowed in some planets for the living organisms to be created. In certain planets the level of absorption reached a point known as the intelligence line. Beyond this line, intelligent creatures were created including human beings as the environment became favorable. It is important to note that these were not created directly by the Creator but they were created by themselves automatically according to the original design of the experimentation and expected ensuing conditions. The level of intelligence of the intelligent creatures advanced by the increase in the level of the planet's intelligence. So, the total process of the development of each planet, as that of the Material Universe, involved creation and evolution side by side at different levels of development. At one point, the consumption of energy by the planet reaches the level of its absorption of it. Here the evolution stops. Pursuant to this point, the absorption of energy gradually decreases, either as a result of decrease in the emission of the energy from its original source or certain transformations in the components and composition of the planet, the environment or other reasons. As a consequence, the planet receives less energy than it needs for its survival and starts an accelerated process of devolution and degeneration. As the level of intelligence of the planet is reduced, it causes decay on the level of intelligence of its intelligent creatures. When the decay reaches the level of intelligence line, no intelligent creature survives and the planet with increasing acceleration loses its gravity power to the point that its components cannot be held together by its weakened gravity and the planet meets its destruction. The majority of planets, in their process of development do not reach the line of intelligence or even the level of environment capable of producing any kind of creatures. The span of life of these planets is usually quite short.

Perhaps the most important subject to consider is the nature of the Creator itself. Being a matterless being, It extends to infinity; not being subject to space, It is present everywhere including within human beings. Being subject to no time, It has existed eternally with no beginning or end. Within the whole of Its creations, the human being stands out as the best perhaps the only one mentally attached to Its essence. It can be rationally assumed that the main purpose of the creation and experimentation could have been whether, the human being, the best of Its creations but a degraded material being, could develop and advance itself close to the Creator's own essence or matterless nature.

The Science of Transcendence

Despite all my unique educational and scientific background and fully adventurous life experiences, I believe that my most important achievement has been my success in transcendental meditation. It was achieved after some 25 years of hard, disciplined, and unrelenting experimentation and repeated failures. This is a science unknown to our scientists at this time. What a pity that it is so. Since my success is a century or so ahead of its time to be accepted as a scientific endeavor, and the level of the scientific knowledge is still in its primitive stages by being concerned only with material and tangible things, it has been hard for me to convince the scientific community that there is an immense body of knowledge concerning the matterless world compared to which our present body of knowledge is just like a feeble star in the limitless sky. This is the knowledge of everything which a small portion of it has been discovered but its main body remains there to be discovered.

The fascinating story of my successes and unbelievable knowledge gained through transcendence is presented in detail in my recent writings: Passage to the Heaven: Secrets of the Universe, life and Happiness, and Passage to a Just Society: Secrets of a Democratic Life, Leisure and Happiness. In my opinion, the discovery and establishment of the "science of transcendence," as I have labeled it, through investigation of the non-material and matterless universe is still some two-hundred years away. Because of this total ignorance about matterless world, in nearly all scientific circles I am considered to be nuts and my claims simply nonsense. These attributes do not bother me at all. Those who claimed the world was round rather than flat, those who introduced the theory of evolution and many others faced the same state of ridicule, even animosity, from the so-called men of knowledge of the day until their claims were substantiated and proved to be valid years later. If the subject of my discoveries, theories, and concepts are seriously examined, a reasonable man of knowledge will arrive, more likely, to a definite conclusion that they make sense rather than being nonsense. A fascinating and enormous source of knowledge awaits those who can transcend beyond the material world, compared to which the present scientific and technological knowledge appears primitive. It may be interesting to know that I am not alone in this world with attainment of such transcendental magnitude. Though the exact number is not known, there have been and are at the present time, men of this sort of knowledge which extends beyond the material world into the immense matterless universe. There is no question that the number is very small. The main reason the exact numbers are not known, is that many of these, known in the East as "fakirs" and in the West, improperly, as "psychics" have not been and are not willing to disclose their knowledge to the public because of the same response that I have been facing, and sometimes even worse. There is a wealth of literature and documentation regarding such individuals. See bibliography sections in my books.

As I have presented in my writings, I was privileged to meet some of these fakirs, mainly from India, during my childhood when, now and then, they visited my father who was an intellectual and a strong believer in transcendental knowledge. One of them, when my mother had sent me with the breakfast tray to our reception room to serve them, after pointedly looking at me and examining me, told my father that I will reach the level of his knowledge and beyond. I was only nine years old at the time, but he was so insistent and assured that I have always remembered that remark. Neither my father nor I believed him at the time, but I have no doubt now and am amazed of his foresight.

Technological Democracy

We the People: Toward a Just and Fair Society and How to Get There

In 1991, after over 30 years of research and original thinking, I published my theory of the future democratic society titled “Technological Democracy: A Humanistic Philosophy of the Future Society”, and presented its more refined structure in my later publications cited below. The global economic crises, political uprisings and recent revolutions have been forcing people to look for a new, just and fair societal system to replace the existing corporate dominated representative system as well as political dictatorships. To assist those seeking freedom and democracy, I decided to publish a simplified and short version of my theory, in a manifesto form of only 64 pages for general public as a guide for taking action toward changing the existing corrupt, suppressive authoritarian systems, including that of ours, to a just and fair way of life. I firmly believe the theory presented below is the system of the future world which will materialize within this century. It will save many lives and opportunities if we understand it now and take action to materialize it before it gets too late to stop wide-spread violence and bloodshed.

As a whole, in a technological democracy, the social goal and common purpose, for which society is to be organized, concern itself in providing equality of opportunity for everyone in every aspect of life. Here is some characteristic of such technological democratic society:

  1. The term worker refers to anyone working in an institution from its directors, top officials to its least qualified. The operation of societal system as a whole --- economic, political and social--- is under private control. Government, highly reduced in size and bureaucratic functions, it has only supervisory authority as far as the application of equality of opportunity is concerned.
  2. Everyone starts an adult and independent working life from the scratch at the age 15. There are neither rich nor poor under the present meaning of the terms though some may accumulate a million dollars or so more than others.
  3. Everyone receives 12 years of free general education by the age of 15. Not only it is totally free but no obstacle can be created to hinder it. This is a substantially new system of education in content and process.
  4. Everyone starts to work part-time at age 15, starts full-time at the age 22, works for 30 years, and retires in his or her early 50s. Employment being an individual right is guaranteed by production firms for anyone seeking work.
  5. Everyone his/her higher education full-time after the age of 15, while working part-time, and continues studying part-time after the age of 22 when he or she starts full-time work, as a part from his/her work program, until retirement. Such education consists of a balanced combination of technical-professional, liberal arts, and humanities subjects. This part-time education consists of two courses on each subject per year after the age 22, when the worker assumes full-time position.
  6. Everyone receives free health and preventive care for life.
  7. Everyone, starting from zero, gradually becomes a part owner of production of goods and services. These ownership shares, which replace the present Social Security system but fully privatized, are destined for the support of the owner after his/her retirement, and thus are not transferable.
  8. Equivalent to one-fifth of the working hours is allocated to education. Accordingly, for a 40-hours-per-week work, the person works for 32 hours and studies for 8 hours.
  9. The work and pay system are classified nationwide. At every level of work, the worker gets the same responsibility and pay as prescribed regardless where he or she works. Promotion is based on the level of education and years of experience, liberal art education having the same importance as the technical or professional.
  10. To guarantee a comfortable retirement life, no capable person works for less than 30 years full-time before retirement. The general retirement occurs after 30 years of full-time work.
  11. After retirement, which more likely occurs when an individual is in his early 50s, he or she has enough non-transferable assets accumulated to bring him or her returns sufficient for a simple but comfortable living standard. In addition, through his or her personal savings, he or she has other substantial transferable assets under his or her full control.
  12. All elective public positions:
    1. Require very high qualifications relating to education and experience.
    2. Are temporary and no one is elected for the same office for more than one term. Besides other benefits, this also allows opportunities to a greater number of well qualified retired citizens to hold public office and serve the people. These two requirements would allow a better chance of being elected to retired individuals since they are better educated and well experienced and are not looking for a permanent position. They are still young, but matured and capable of fruitful participation in the public policy-making process and public service.
  13. As a result of democratic norms and technological developments, family life is transformed from its traditional form into a democratic unit; parents being responsible, though in a different manner, for upbringing of the children up to the age of 15, after which the child, who is considered an adult, enters the labor market and is considered independent.
  14. By the time of retirement, the family, more likely, has no children to take care of; and free from this responsibility, has many years of economically secure, fruitful, still productive, dynamic, and enjoyable life.
  15. Since there is no taxation on individuals, after death, a substantial part of an individual’s wealth, according to the principle of equality of opportunity, is returned to society, through the Public Consumption Fund, to sustain free services such as health care and education for the new generation which is also to start from the scratch.
  16. Though some individuals accumulate more wealth than others, the difference is not so great to cause class distinction. Furthermore, such difference is only for the life of the person and disappears upon his death. In reality, this is a classless society with minor variations in material ownership.
  17. An individual’s obligatory relationship is within the family and the workplace. Outside these areas, the individual remains free to enjoy life with a great many things and means accessible to him or her in an infinite variety of combinations.
  18. In its narrow application, equality of opportunity does not allow individual competition where the intention is to take opportunity from someone against whom the individual is competing. However, equality of opportunity not only allows but encourages each individual to compete against his or her own self to become better than what he or she already is. This is quite different from competing against a designated person even it may cause the same result.
  19. Open competition is the backbone of the democratic market operation, but, it is free of fraudulence, propaganda, and false commercials. Self competition should be the motto of production here as well. It causes the production of better goods or services resulting in marketing success The exact specifications of the products are stated and left to the consumers to make the choice. Unlike the present situation where commercials are forced on the people by being inserted into TV , radio or other electronic programs, no one is forced, through any means, to watch or listen to commercials.
  20. The wealth of a society is the sum total of individual wealth plus all natural and other resources which belong to the society as a whole. However, the important part of the wealth of a society is not economic and material, but technological in the form of knowledge, experience, and means which is the way of doing things.
  21. More important than the production of wealth is its equitable distribution among the working class, subject only to the level of knowledge, and experience. Each worker starts with the minimum wage and gets more as he or she climbs the ladder to higher positions or becomes better educated and more experienced. By the time of retirement, each worker is a high ranking official in his or her firm regardless of type of work he or she is assigned to perform. Accordingly, every worker receives nearly the same amount of income in the full period of his or her work as the others. There will be some differentiation but it will not be so remarkable to upset equality of opportunity.
  22. In a democratic system, there is no class structure or class distinction. Differentiation is only at the work place, based on the level of knowledge, experience, and expertise. Working class refers to all working individuals including members of the board of directors, chief executives down to the lowest level.
  23. The proper function of government is to establish, maintain and periodically revise the standards required by the principle of equality of opportunity, particularly relating to division of labor and compensation. The national government has no domestic line functions except some supervisory authority in the areas relating to the national consumption fund such as education, healthcare, and corresponding standards. Government is reduced to its minimum functional size.
  24. Private wealth totally belongs to the individual for life. It is a wealth initiated, created, and accumulated through his/her own labor, use of his/her assets and not through profits by exploiting others.
  25. Public wealth mainly constitutes of the society’s natural resources. They belong to the society as a whole, and therefore, net proceeds created by its use belong to the people. Equality of opportunity does not allow any private ownership of natural resources such as oil, gas, minerals, and forests. Such resources may be leased to specific firms to operate. Whatever is left after paying for all expenditures, goes to Public Consumption Fund and used for public benefit.
  26. The electoral system is managed by the electoral website, which is a self controlled electronic system supervising the whole operation of electoral system. Each voter selects his or her candidate from the list of qualified candidates for national, state or local offices and votes for him or her, through the electoral website, on the elections day.
  27. Political parties as we know of them today are eliminated since there is no need or justification for their existence. The same applies to hundreds of other organizations working for electoral purposes. The electoral process is electronic, simple, and abuse free; during the election day, each qualified individual opens the electoral website, inserts his or her electronic ID card into the computer, it is checked against his or her background. If qualified he or she votes from anyplace in the world for the candidate of his or her choice for the national, state or local office.
  28. There is a total private ownership of the means of production of goods and services. This ownership is highly dispersed with no concentration of any kind in the hands of a few.
  29. Giant corporations are automatically disintegrated into several smaller institutions once the workers who are also members of the board of directors take over the management, and divide the corporation into smaller entities for better and closer management. Huge overhead expenditures are saved.
  30. A new free market economy is established with fair and open competition based on equality of opportunity.
  31. No individual taxes, no property taxes, and no social security taxes. All taxes are paid by production firms.
  32. There is protection of environment, preservation of natural resources, and meaningful use of them for public benefit and keeping them in proper shape for the future generations as the principle of equality of opportunity requires.
  33. A marvelous outcome of this system is the disappearance of all economic, political and social interest groups. There won’t be any need or requirement for their existence. People, for the first time become free of all pressures, demands, and restrictions of thousands of such organizations that exist today including all charitable organizations. What a wonderful freedom this alone would bring.

Morality Under Technological Democracy

The moral boundaries of technological democracy are very broad based on the principle of equality of opportunity. No conceivable common ethical code can be comprehensive enough to cover nearly boundless domain of these moral possibilities relating to such values as honesty, integrity, humility equality and freedom. It is impossible for any mind to comprehend the infinite variety of individual freedoms and good deeds ensuing from this foundation of morality. Whether one’s interests center around his or her own well-being, or the welfare of others, regardless how broad and expanded these interests may be, the end that the individual may be concerned with, is always only an infinitesimal fraction of what could be possible under this democratic system. It is within these nearly limitless confines that the individual strives for his life liberty and pursuit of happiness.

The Theory of Technological Democracy

The economic concept presented here is a part from a new scientific theory of technological democratic society which is thought, sooner or later but ultimately, to replace the present two centuries old chaotic and outdated system of, so called, representative democracy. People in nearly all developed and some developing countries are earnestly looking for a modern but just and fair system to replace it. The total and detail structure of this new societal system, which is presented in three books (over 1000 pages), obviously cannot be properly presented here. The reader needs to have this in mind when some questions arise. However, understanding it with a little use of logic and reasoning is quite simple, since the scientific base of the theory rests on the application of a single principle of equality of opportunity.

Our Constitution literally covers the principle of equality of opportunity but suppose, to clarify it, we pass an amendment to our constitution recognizing equality of opportunity as an individual right in every aspect of daily life. This immediately expands democracy to cover the whole system of the societal life: economic, political, as well as social. Let’s see what happens to the economy of the country and along with it to individual liberties, political process, social order, employment rights, and equality in life, regardless of race, gender, culture, and religion. Here is a very brief account of it..

The Economy Under Technological Democracy

The manner by which property is produced, owned, and used, determines the economic structure of a society and, to a substantial degree, its social and political characteristics. A necessary condition for economic democracy is the equitable distribution of capital among the people and dispersed control over its use.

The Principle of Unjust Enrichment

The principle of equality of opportunity prescribes that every person has full authority of control and management of whatever he or she owns during his lifetime, but no one in a technological democratic society is allowed to gain opportunity over others through accumulation of wealth by profits achieved by exploitation and subjugation of others, or by free transfer of assets. This principle is known as “prohibition of unjust enrichment.” Such accumulation is allowed only through individual’s own labor. Thus, no one can be enriched through inheritance or receiving property or assets without a comparable compensation. The reason is that such enrichment will disturb equality of opportunity by increasing one’s opportunity, without his personal efforts, over those of others. Inheritance is allowed only to the extent that it does not affect equality of opportunity. Profit is another form of unjust enrichment since the capitalist receives it through exploitation of workers as well as consumers. It unjustly enhances the opportunity of the capitalist against workers and others. However, a nationally specified amount of return from the use of capital is justified. (See Figure 3, p. 47, We the People cited below).

Capital and Capital Accumulation

While capital is still one of the main forces of production, its characteristics is quite different with that under capitalism or socialism. Besides the capital accumulated through savings from a worker’s own earnings, in order to attain equality of opportunity, each worker has also another source of capital accumulation. It is a determined number of shares of his employer’s firm he receives every month along with and as a part from his salary. This process gradually and peacefully transfers capital from the capitalist to the worker allowing him or her increasing voice in the operation of the firm. A unique and fantastic result is attained by this process of transition; the distinction between the capitalist and working class disappears and both join together into one. It is important to note that the working class under this theory embodies anyone working in any production process from its top managers to its least qualified one.

The accumulated capital by the workers under this stocks acquisition program is non-transferable, but it remains under the ownership and control of the worker. It replaces the present Social Security system, providing him or her with income sufficient for a modest but comfortable living standard after retirement. Like Social Security, after the death of the owner, this non-transferable capital reverts to a public organization known as the Public Consumption Fund responsible for providing free health care and free education for all. However, in order to diversify his or her non-transferable holdings, the worker may exchange part of his or her firm’s non-transferable stocks with non-transferable stocks of other companies in the stock market. In reality, these stocks are a part from the social capital in circulation providing a variety of beneficial functions, all under individual and private control. In addition, of course, the worker has capital accumulation by savings from the salary, income from capital investments in production firms, income from nontransferable stocks, and inheritance. The worker has full control over all these assets during his or her lifetime.

The Working Class, Shared Opportunity and Employment Right

The application of equality of opportunity creates a new mode of production eliminating exploitation and gradually making the worker a full participant in production and distribution process. At the workplace, it creates different opportunity levels based on each individual’s education and experience.

Under equality of opportunity, employment is an individual right because there is no such equality present between those employed with those unemployed within the same level of competence. Each institution must provide employment for any applicant corresponding to his or her level of competency through the use of the principle of “shared opportunity” derived from the equality of opportunity principle. It requires that each employed person within the firm at the same level of competency as those unemployed applicants, to give up a small portion of his employment opportunity (e.g. 1-4 hours out of 40 hours per week) to provide the same employment opportunity for the applicants. The concept of supply and demand at each level of opportunity stabilizes the employment market for this and any other level of work nationwide. Shared opportunity causes full employment and lifetime job security for anyone desiring to work.

Work, Education, and Pay System

The general level of compensation is determined by a general position classification at the national level calculated and established by the National Economic and Production Council (NEPC) by the assistance of the Technodem, which is a national independent, self controlled electronic system and indispensable instrument in proper application of equality of opportunity, also known as the people’s best and trusted friend. (See Fig. 4, p. 47, We the People ).The Technodem by having access to prices of all goods and services and the cost of living, calculates and reports to NEPC the amount of minimum wage required for a minimum living standard. The NEPC designs a model position classification and pay system accordingly. This is fed to the Technodem equipped to supervise its application in every institution hiring workers. Each production firm then, following the national model, establishes its own position classification and pay system and feeds it into the Technodem which instantly compares it with the national model, and reports back discrepancies, if any, to be corrected. The position classification within each firm does not have to be exactly the same as the national model but it has to fit into the range specified by that model.


In technological democracy, after twelve years of general education, the work system and education merge together. ( See Fig. 6, p. 49, We the People) Everyone is required to complete the general education program. It consists of four years of preschool education starting at age three up to seven; four years of elementary and four years of secondary education. It contains a condensed curriculum from grade one through twelve. After completing this educational program, the person who is about fifteen years old, begins to work part-time while starting his higher education full-time. His study program is equally divided between general-humanistic and professional-technical parts. The first, develops him as a democratic person, deeply devoted and committed to the principle of equality of opportunity. However, the core part of his humanistic education is achieved through his or her 12-year of general education. By the age of 22, he or she achieves the knowledge level over an MA degree under our present system, and starts to work full-time and continues his studies part time for the rest of his working years. Every worker at the time of retirement, which arrives at his early 50s after 30 years of work, accumulates knowledge, far beyond the Ph.D. level, the highest degree in higher education offered today. This higher level of knowledge is required and necessary, 4-5 decades from now, in a highly scientific and technological and ever-changing life environment at work as well as at home. This part-time education is a part from the worker’s required working hours; for a 40 hour-per-week work program, he works 32 hours and studies 8 hours. Everyone starts the life from scratch at the age 15 and gradually moves to a high position and high income by the time of official retirement. There remains still two or more decades of active life left for each individual after retirement to enjoy life without worry spending it in leisure, art, music, travel or other creative and desired ventures.

The Government

The technological democratic society is based on the concept of the least government being the best. Accordingly, the national government has no domestic line functions. All national departments except for defense and State, all regulatory agencies and welfare programs are discarded. ( See Fig. 5, p. 49 and Fig 7, p.51, We the People). The state governments are down-sized by about 40 percent ( See Fig.8, p. 51); while the size and responsibilities of local governments are increased by about 20 percent (See Fig.9, p. 51). The Technodem, production firms and local social organizations carry out most of the needed public functions. Under this system there is an incredible expansion of individual rights and freedoms, free education, fee health care, employment rights, and old age benefits all full individual and private control.

The Transition Process

The transition has to be through a peaceful process, thus, it needs to be gradual stretching from three to five decades. The following is the process proposed here subject to replacement or modification if better ways are found.

The first and immediate step is to legalize the principle of equality of opportunity through a constitutional amendment, if it fails, then through a national constitutional convention. Immediately after its passage, establish a temporary National Economic and Production Council(NEPC) ( See We the People, Fig. 5, p.49). Its first task is to create a temporary national position classification and pay system based on a minimum wage calculated by the Technodem. For example, at $8.00 per hour minimum wage and 5 percent annual increase, the minimum annual pay will start from $16640 at the age 15 rising to about $100,000 at the age of retirement at 53. This is the highest executive pay any worker may receive at the time of retirement. It must be noted that under the new system there is no individual income tax, or other taxes such as Social Security and Medicare. Thus, these incomes are equivalent to the real income at the present after all deductions for taxes.

All employers are required to classify their employment and pay system according to the national model established, and feed it into the National Economic and Production Council’s computer. This is the initial creation of the Technodem which plays essential role in supervising and sustaining the democratic system. As the production firms prepare their own position classification and pay system, following the national model and feed them into the NEOC computer, the Technodem progresses in its information storage and capability in taking over the supervision of the application of the principle of equality of opportunity at the workplace and ultimately its application in political and social aspects of daily life.

The period of transition will not be an easy one. There will be a need for good and sharp thinkers to smooth out the process. If Congress refuses to propose the equal opportunity amendment to the Constitution or obstacles are created by the national and state governments in calling for a National Constitutional Convention, the people will have no choice but resort to a general strike, as defined by the French philosopher George Sorel, until it succeeds. The nation may need a temporary commission composed of highly qualified individuals to put into effect the new system, supervise its progress, make necessary adjustments for its proper operation, and eliminate the old departments and agencies when they become irrelevant, including the Congress and presidency when it becomes appropriate to install the new National Legislative and Coordination Assembly and the National Executive Council. This must be the people’s commission and its members chosen by the people or their chosen representatives.

Meditation for Sex in the House of Meditation

This is possible in some advanced stages of meditation. It may take years to develop such capability and accumulate enough knowledge and experience in this area. It is not theoretical or spiritual but practical and functional. I have done it repeatedly. It will be much easier if you have some real person in mind. Such person may not be even alive, but you must be able to have a silhouette of her in mind. Does not matter whether you are meditating within a crowd or alone; within a crowd, you could imagine holding her hand in a party or other crowded place dancing or just walking around seeking a cozy secluded place to become more intimate and have some privacy. She might resist your intent to touch her, you must be softly and affectionately insistent, attempt to touch outside of her arms moving your hands slowly up and down. Women are usually highly sensitive when their arms are tenderly caressed. Nothing more can be said here. You should use your mind and intuition, acting as being in love with her. Bring up past memories if there are some. Don’t talk about future; women are mostly interested on what is going on now at the present rather than tomorrow. For some of my experiences in this regard and my mode of meditation, see Passage to the Heaven: Secrets of the Universe, Life and happiness. Chapter 14.


The following books and articles explain in detail a somehow complex theory of a humanistic future society. Some 30 years of the author’s time has been spent in its development. The readers are requested to be patient and deeply conscious in its comprehension and interpretation. After Karl Marx’s theory of communism which ended up be utopian and not actually applicable, this is the second scientific societal theory based on reason and logic; it is also pragmatic and practical. For the author’s> biography and books cited below and some relevant articles his website and

Technological Democracy: A Humanistic Philosophy of the Future Society, 1990, pp.365.

Technodemocratic Economic Theory: From Capitalism and Socialism to Democracy, 1991. pp.359.

Passage to a Just Society: Secrets of Democratic Life, Leisure and Happiness. 2003. pp. 374.

We the People: Democracy as a System, a Humanistic Philosophy of the Future Society, (Frederick, Maryland: Publish America, 2010). pp. 64.

This book is a very brief and simple presentation of the theory to the general public and a guide for a national movement and action including the general strike. For those interested in forming a successful movement or action, reading the author’s article about the General Strike and some writings from the French philosopher George Sorel concerning his theory of general strike is recommended.

It must be noted that when the first two books were published in early 1990s, Vice President Al Gore had not yet invented the Internet. The Technodem which was invented at the time by the author, is still more advanced than all electronic technologies developed up to the present.

Dr. Reza Rezazadeh (B.S.M.E., LL.B., J.D., LL.M., Ph.D., S.J.D.)

Professor Emeritus and Fulbright Scholar

University of Wisconsin

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