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More About Me

I have years of academic career, research and travel experience in many countries in Central and South America, Europe including Russia, Middle-East, and North Africa.

Despite all my unique educational and scientific background and fully adventurous life experiences, I believe that my most important achievement has been my success in transcendental meditation. It was achieved after some 25 years of hard, disciplined, and unrelenting experimentation and repeated failures. This is a science unknown to our scientists at this time. What a pity that it is so. Since this success is a century or so ahead of its time to be accepted as a scientific endeavor, and the level of the scientific knowledge is still in its primitive stages by being concerned only with material and tangible things, it has been hard for me to convince the scientific community that there is an immense body of knowledge concerning the matterless world compared to which our present body of knowledge is just like a feable star in the limitless sky. This is the knowledge of everything which a small portion of it has been discovered but its main body remains there to be discovered.

The fascinating story of my successes and unbelievable knowledge attained through transcendence have been presented in detail in my recent writings: Passage to the Heaven: Secrets of the Universe, Life and Happiness, and Passage to a Just Society: Secrets of a Democratic Life, Leisure and Happiness. In my opinion, the discovery and establishment of the "science of transcendence," as I have labeled it, through entrance to and investigation of the non-material and matterless universe is still some two-hundred years away. Because of this total ignorance about matterless world, in nearly all scientific circles I am considered to be nuts and my claims simply nonsense. These attributes do not bother me at all. Those who claimed the world was round rather than flat, those who introduced the theory of evolution and many others faced the same state of ridicule, even animosity, from the so-called men of knowledge of the day until their claims were substantiated and proved to be valid years later. If the subject of my discoveries, theories, and concepts are seriously examined, a reasonable man of knowledge will arrive, more likely, to a definite conclusion that they make sense rather than being nonsense. A fascinating and enormous source of knowledge awaits those who can transcend beyond the material world, compared to which the present scientific and technological knowledge appears primitive. It may be interesting to know that I am not alone in this world with attainment of such transcendental magnitude. Though the exact number is not known, there have been and are at the present time, men of this sort of knowledge which extends beyond the material world into the immense matterless universe. There is no question that the number is very small. The main reason the exact number is not known, is that many of these, known in the East as "fakirs" and in the West,improperly, as "psychics" have not been and are not willing to disclose their knowledge to the public because of the same response that I have been facing, and sometimes even worse. There is a wealth of literature and documentation regarding such individuals. See bibliography sections in my books.

As I have presented in my writings, I was privileged to meet some of these fakirs, mainly from India, during my childhood when, now and then, they visited my father who was an intellectual and a strong believer in transcendental knowledge. One of them, when my mother had sent me with the breakfast tray to our reception room to serve them, after pointedly looking at me and examining me, told my father that I will reach the level of his knowledge and beyond. I was only nine years old at the time, but he was so insistent and assured that I have always remembered that remark. Neither my father nor I believed him at the time, but I have no doubt now and am amazed of his foresight.

About My Writings

The subject matter of my main studies can be roughly divided into two general categories while the second is inevitably related to the first.

The first is a scientific presentation of the universe which is divided into three distinguished parts. Matterless Universe, which is boundless and limitless, composed of what we may label Super-energy, with enormous intelligence, power, and creativity, totally dominating the other two which are the Material Universe as we know today, and the non-material universe which is several times larger than the former. For more about this subject, see Passage to the Heaven: Secrets of the Universe, Life and Happiness.

The second category is a scientific presentation of a just and democratic society through the application of the principle of equality of opportunity. As I have stated bedore, there is not a truly democratic and just society in any country in the world. For more on this subject, see Passage to a Just Society: Secrets of Democratic Life Leisure and Happiness. This is an indispensible guide book for social activists and serious reformers. A highly simplified and brief presentation of this theory is recently published titled We the people: Democracy as a System; A Humanistic Philosophy of the Future Society, for the general public and as a guide for crating a movement foe transformation to a just and fair society. See also Technodemocratic Economic Theory: From Capitalism and Socialism to Democracy; and Technological Democracy: A Humanistic Philosophy of the Future Society.

The following is a short notes regarding some of the topics metioned above.

The Matterless Universe

Being matterless, this universe is not subject to time and space, therefore, it has existed irrespective of time, meaning forever and perpetual, with no beginning or end, at least, under our present standards of measurement. Also, since it is not subject to space, it extends into infinity, again at least within our conception of space. It consists of pure energy, I call it super-energy. Since energy is the source of life, it would be proper to assume that the matterless universe is alive, super-intelligent and super-creative, limitless in space and perpetual in time.

Then, we could rationally assume that the Material Universe, is an ongoing process of experimentation initiated by its Creator (Matterless Universe) through an intelligent design as presented in details in my publication, Passage to the Heaven: Secrets of the Universe, Life and Happiness. This means that the Creator, by It's super-intelligence,as a super-scientist, designed the creation and evolution of the Material Universe assuming to follow a set course of progress and a process of development, reach its maturity and ten decay and return to its original matterless state. Matterless being equal to nothing under the present scientific descriptions, it seems rational to assume that the Material Universe with with all its components was created from nothing and will end in nothing.

We don't know yet, but if we consider the Matterless Universe as a super-intelligent and super-energy, interested in experimentation, there may not be only one Material Universe as we know it but, more likely, several, each, likely, for different purpose of experimentation.

The important fact is that this Matterless Universe which is the Creator of our Material Universe has been presented to us through different religions as God, a holy spiritual being in different forms depending on each religion's definition. The fact of the matter is that this Matterless Universe or the Creator which we may correctly call It (because it has no gender), is not a holy being but a factual scientific existence which our scientific community has not been able to penetrate It's essence yet, though, recently it has been mentioned of some dark unknown energy which is exactly what the Matterless Universe is. It exist in absolute darkness since It has no need for light for Its existance. All Its essence, existence and operation, as far as the creation and evolution of the Material Universe are concerned are presented in the above stated publication. I have labeled the Creator "It" rather than He or She because it has non gender. There is a very interesting name for the Creator in the old Persian language. It is called Khodaa. It means, created by itself. This definition suggests that there must have been men with the knowledge of the Matterless Universe thousands of years ago who had discovered the true essence of the Creator. A similar reference appears in the Islamic holy book of Koran. "...It begets not nor was begotten..." (sura CXII).

The Material Universe

The Material Universe was initiated and the course of its process set up by the Creator or the Matterless Universe. It did not started by the Big Bang as it is assumed to be, but by the creation of a huge solid and transparent rock which we may call it the Pure Matter. the size of which was determined by the Creator, very much like a super scientist, to suite the purpose and dimension of the experimentation. It possessed the character of continually absorbing and accumulating energy from the Super-energy of the Creator. In the course of several billion years on our standard of time, it becomes saturated with the energy creating an enormous explosion which if has been termed by our scientist as the Big Bang. It created an extremely violent environment with an incredible heat where everything which later on became solid or liquid was in gas form, moving outward with a lightening speed creating an enormous black hole in the center of explosion with an incredible concentration of energy, radiation, and electromagnetic gravity.

After quite an extended period of time, as temperatures receded, some matters liquefied and then took a solid form, some others took a liquid form, yet some others remained in more condensed gas form. Ultimately, the solar systems and planets were crystallized. Evolution of life in each planet depended on the material components of the planet and the environment within which it was situated. Evolution of each planet proceeded to its maturity, aging, decaying, and extinction. The nature of matters composing each planet determined the extend of its capability to absorb energy from the sun and other sources. The nature of accumulation of this energy allowed in some planets for the living organisms to be created. In certain planets the level of absorption reached a point known as the intelligence line. Beyond this line, intelligent creatures were created including human beings as the environment became favorable. It is important to note that these were not created directly by the Creator but they were created by themselves automatically according to the original design of the experimentation and expected ensuing conditions. The level of intelligence of the intelligent creatures advanced by the increase in the level of the planet's intelligence. So, the total process of the development of each planet, as that of the Material Universe, involved creation and evolution side by side at different levels of development. At one point, the consumption of energy by the planet reaches the level of its absorption of it. Here the evolution stops. Pursuant to this point, the absorption of energy gradually decreases, either as a result of decrease in the emission of the energy from its original source or certain transformations in the components and composition of the planet, the environment or other reasons. As a consequence, the planet receives less energy than it needs for its survival and starts an accelerated process of devolution and degeneration. As the level of intelligence of the planet is reduced, it causes decay on the level of intelligence of its intelligent creatures. When the decay reaches the level of intelligence line, no intelligent creature survives and the planet with increasing acceleration loses its gravity power to the point that its components cannot be held together by its weakened gravity and the planet meets its destruction. The majority of planets, in their process of development do not reach the line of intelligence or even the level of environment capable of producing any kind of creatures. The span of life of these planets are usually quite short.

Perhaps the most important subject to consider is the nature of the Creator itself. Being a matterless being, It extends to infinity; not being subject to space, It is present everywhere including within human beings; being subject to no time, It has existed eternally with no beginning or end. Within the whole of Its creation, the human being stands out as the best of Its experimental creations perhaps the only one mentally attached to Its essence. It can be rationally assumed that the main purpose of the creation and experimentation could have been whether, the human being, the best of Its creations but a degraded material being, could develop and advance itself close to the Creator's own essence.


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